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Demystifying COVID-19 Vaccines: The Truth

21 Feb 2021 at 08:22hrs | Views
We are consumed by the desire to herald the truth in the age of increased information and knowledge. For this reason, we would like to demystify some dangerous misinformation that is being peddled by certain people for overt sinister reasons.

Basically, infectious diseases are regarded as ailments caused by organisms, namely bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites. The mechanisms for the transmission of the infectious diseases vary. The common ones are person to person, insects or other animals and ingesting contaminated food or water, and inhalation. The practical ways to decrease the risk of infection include hands washing, getting vaccinated (this is known to considerably reduce chances of catching many diseases), staying home when unwell, preparing food safely, avoiding sharing personal items and travelling wisely.

From a Christian point of view there is some consensus that some of these diseases could be demonic oppressions or spiritually related.  Besides, it is also strongly believed that God can also send disasters as an awakening call for His people as He said in His Word in 2 Chronicle 7: 13, that "When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among…'  This scripture signal that God could be demanding humility from His people who might have defiled their bodies that He has declared to be His living temple.

In terms of the treatment of infectious diseases, this depends on the source species.  It is possible to treat bacterial and fungal infection using antibiotics and antifungals. However, a viral infection is obviously caused by a virus of a certain species and there is hardly any treatment for most of them. The body must quickly identify this alien substance and develop a specific antibody to fight it. We all now know that COVID-19 is a viral infection of the family of corona which includes influenza. However, this one is deadlier than the later. In fact, COVID 19 is more efficient in clinging to cells and with high probability of causing serious pneumonia which is far deadlier than flue. Let alone, if one has a compromised immune system, they run the risk of dying from the complications that are related to pneumonia where the body organs are starved of oxygen for example heart, kidney, and brains cells. Therefore, the hospital can only help the body through use of ventilators that take over the supply of oxygen.  Simultaneously, the health care workers tend to prescribe some remedies that calm the overreaction of the body as it attempts to fight back the disease. This over reaction of the body is deemed to contribute to death through inflammation hence the need for doctors to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs. Almost all these interventions do not treat the disease but give the body a chance to develop its own antibodies. If this is successful, the individual will recover, sometimes with a permanent organ damage. Some few people go on to fully recover from these secondary damages. For healthy and active individuals, the body can overcome this with minor resistance from the disease described as mild symptoms or with no symptoms where the individual presents as asymptomatic. Unfortunately, in both conditions the individual still spreads the disease.

The solution to a viral infection of a pandemic nature is mass vaccination. A vaccine is made from the same characteristics of the virus. Currently there are several methods used to develop the COVID-19 vaccine. The old, tried, and tested methods that usually take many years are inactive virus and viral protein vaccines whereas the viral vector (Oxford - AstraZeneca vaccine) and the messenger RiboNucleic Acid (mRNA) used by (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccine) are the modern ones, never used before. Using these two modern methods, admittedly untried methods which produced a vaccine in less than a year, have caused some discomfort to the few sceptics. Regardless, this is a great scientific development which should be viewed as God given and driven. We are reminded of God's instruction to Moses when there was an outbreak of deadly snakes: Numbers 21; 9 'So Moses made a bronze snake and put it up on a pole. Then when anyone was bitten by a snake and looked at the bronze snake, they lived'. We need our bronze snakes which could be God given vaccine. In the case of Moses and the children of Israel, God did not clear the snakes but connected the healing to something like their problem. This is where faith in God must be applied in accordance with his commandment and knowledge already released to mankind.

God commanded knowledge to mankind for survival in various circumstances, including taming natural conditions or overcoming some natural laws such as gravity through flying machines, inventing fast means of communication which in turn have made the world a global village. This awesome God has given mankind, among all living organism, creative power to solve encountered problems.  For instance, during the cholera pandemic of the 1820s in the UK, the bubonic plague, polio, measles the children killer diseases. All solutions came from science - institutionalised knowledge. Later, due to the vaccine, the unacceptable deaths of children under the age of 5 was addressed. Strange enough, people oppose the COVID 19 vaccine when they are sending their children to be immunised for 1st year, 3rd, and a booster at 5 years. How is it so that now they question the reason for phased vaccination of COVID 19 jabs.

It is important to explain briefly how a vaccine works albeit noting that current methods of making vaccines vary but the outcome is the same. When a person receives the jab made from genetically modified or RNA spike protein, typical of the virus COVID 19, the body is trained to attack this spike protein. The body training is key in allowing the development of the antibodies to fight this pseudo virus hence giving the body essential recruitment of the specialised army (antibodies) and internalised body memory to fight this type of infection. Now, if the body gets exposed to the real virus in future, the body memory is already armed to destroy the invader. This is the top-notch reason why people must be vaccinated. Noteworthy, a vaccine does not treat the virus but teaches the body to learn to react to the actual virus.
The unfortunate part is that the pharmaceutical sector is a money-spinning industry with huge business competition both at regional and at individual company level. This has spurred the rise of propaganda and conspiracy theories that capitalises on the readily available social media. The other scenario is that the church has fallen for this trap, largely due to the lack of knowledge. This can be traced to the fact that; most believers are consumers of gospel products that are produced by their leaders or their prophets instead of being practicing Christians that read and understand the Word of God and more than anything else. This is part of the itching ear of some believers of the last days.

Subsequently, the propagandist together with the conspiracy theorist, have teamed up to advance antivirus and antivaccine hidden competitive agendas that ride on or exploit this loophole to the maximum, worse still among African countries with glaring inert superstition. Ironically, our African brothers and sisters have fallen easily into trusting information that is peddled mainly by 'Westerners' which is sometimes well-orchestrated to achieve other agendas.  Strange enough, similar lines of thought are entrenched among black, and to some extent Asian minorities in the western countries. Paradoxically, these groups are the ones that succumb to this disease more than their white counterparts when exposed to similar conditions. Relatives and friends (from the black and Asian ethnic background) that have succumbed to this disease have hardly lasted for a week after developing the symptoms. Either within that week they defeat it, or they are gone.

The spatial and demographic variation in morbidity and mortality among minority groups in Europe and short morbidity among those in Africa should be central question for scientists. For instance, why are black and people of Asian origin dying disproportionately in Europe and, in Africa, why are those who contract COVID 19 succumb to it quicker? In contrast, the focus among African groups relates to the origin or existence of COVID 19 and myths regarding the vaccine. We see the element of lulling Africans until severe damage has been done by the disease. We call upon Africans to wake up, smell the coffee and ask the right questions - right scientific questions.  We should avoid being blind folded by superstition, more unfortunate the prophets. These prophets want to find relevance NOW by disputing the existence of the virus let alone the vaccine erroneously associating it with the mark of the beast, the 5G cellular network that will allegedly control people and the new world order.

We want to end by declaring again that, we are saved, practicing Christians that read the Word of God thoroughly 'precept by precept and line by line'. We made a choice to receive Christ as our personal saviour and Lord. In all honesty, the mark of the beast 666 cannot come in an extremely camouflaged manner. Scriptures are clear where the mark will be. God knows these body parts and cannot call a shoulder a hand. More importantly, it is clear from scriptures that the mark of the beast shall not come before the Church is raptured. If one is worried about 666, it is time that they check their salvation. It is true that Christians suffer tribulation already here on earth but not that of the period of 666. That tribulation is clearly not for the saved ones. The Bible is clear on that matter.  It is time that we wake up and see what was said by the prophet that "my people perish due to lack of knowledge". Daniel 12.4 also said 'But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased'. Both bad and good knowledge shall increase, and we have the choice to dissect the packaging and find the true content whether online or from the church leader's messages. Be alert. Finally, Christ also warned that; 'And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened' Mathew 24;22. Stay alive get the RIGHT knowledge!!

About the Authors
Mr Oliver Dube is an Environmental Scientist and Spatial Analyst based in the United Kingdom and Dr Stanley Maphosa is a Social Scientist and Pastor based in South Africa.

Source - Oliver Dube and Dr Stanley Maphosa
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