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Nyikayaramba Zvechokwadi

25 Feb 2021 at 12:53hrs | Views
The Editor,

To the youth of Zimbabwe, please read carefully:

SB Moyo, Nyikayaramba, Mnangagwa, Muchinguri, Chiwenga; all the so-called comrades joined the war between the ages of 15 and 20. They knew exactly the people who were causing their suffering in the country.

These people are what were called Magandanga or terrorists. They knew the farmer commanded tremendous power in Rhodesia therefore their first order of business was to terrorize the farmers. They also knew that the chiefs were puppets of the Rhodesians therefore they were fair targets.

The terrorists did not resort into petty thefts like we see happening today. They rather protected the people (povo) because the povo had nothing to do with their suffering. In fact they were suffering together just like what is happening today.

Young girls did not resort to prostitution. Rather they encouraged young boys to go fight for their liberation—phrases like, "Ndoda une ghidi" were now more common.

The youth of today must wise up and stop stealing from the communities they live in. The povo is not causing today's suffering. These geriatrics who went to war as teenagers and are refusing to retire are the main culprits. The youth must target their anger to these sekurus and stop stealing from povo.

The geriatrics are not as brave as they pretend. Confront them at their farms, at their homes, at their offices and they will run for dear life. Slash their tires and ask them to walk home like everyone else. Ban them from visiting their farms; these are evil people but they can only be as evil as we allow them.

Sam Wezhira

Source - Sam Wezhira
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