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Thabitha Khumalo's attack - 'Same Old Story!'

10 Mar 2021 at 15:40hrs | Views
It is very unfortunate, according to press reports, that Thabitha Khumalo (59) was caught in a politically set up violence which resulted in her many injuries she sustained recently at her home in Saurcetown in Bulawayo.

To me - this is just the same old story.

Zimbabwe African Union (ZANU) have been using this since time immemorial to silence any form of opposition.
No arrests of these unidentified assailants have come to our attention as yet.

Similar reports have been published by Human Rights Watch where even police in their full gear are identified using government vehicles. Many incidents have been reported in Glen-View, Highfields, Mufakose, Warren Park and many other places in Harare.

Generally the victims are those who support/suspected supporters of opposition political parts especially Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDCA).

This is unacceptable in a government which claims to have the majority vote of the electorate. Overall concern for a government in power is to protect its citizens including all those belonging to the opposition.

Reports were made by Human Rights Watch where police were seen beating unarmed civilians randomly in shopping malls, beer halls and beating  even passers by in the streets.

Police should be used to protect the citizens but the Zimbabwe situation is portraying the opposite. It appears the police and army are out to safeguard the interest of those in power. Lack of police protection on the civilians means government failure on its main duty for its citizens.

The case for Thabitha Khumalo and many others should call for impartial investigations into such uncalled for abuses and the culprits brought to book.

We may waste our precious time trying to think who is behind all these human rights abuses when alleged CIO agents, Youth Militia and ZANU-PF supporters are seen involved in harassing, intimidating, assaulting and abducting members of the opposition as well as civil society activists.

All these brutal acts take place, reported and yet no arrests are enforced. A culture of impunity prevails above board and no wonder why political violence does not come to an end.

It is common knowledge now in Zimbabwe that politically motivated violence is used to punish those who hold different political views.

In some cases perpetrators even spell out why they are doing whatever they do.

Thabitha was asked the whereabouts of Honourable Khumalo.
In another incident where a crackdown in Harare's high - density suburb, the police officer clearly said, "You are the people who support the opposition and therefore you deserve to be beaten,"

Redress, on Torture in Zimbabwe, Past and Present report recommend that no person, male or female should ever be subjected to torture or cruel and inhuman or degrading treatment. They also call for serious protections and safeguarding for women in times of political disturbances.

The Ministry of Health and Child Welfare including Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development should be seen investigating these incidents. To add on to this The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare - Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs - should also take to a large scale.

If there are no actions from these respective ministries then the blame is entirely on the government.

I just feel that Thabitha Khumalo's attack is politically motivated unless otherwise proofed wrong.

Source - Pythias Makonese
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