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We remain behind the leadership elected in Gweru in 2019-South Africa MDC Alliance Secretary

11 Mar 2021 at 20:29hrs | Views
MDC Alliance South Africa Provincial Secretary Nhamo Chikoworo issued a statement on Thursday vowing  to jealously guard MDC Alliance  zones of autonomous from Zanu pf and MDC T led by Douglas Mwonzora.

In his statement Chikowero added that they remain behind the leadership elected in Gweru in 2019 where Nelson Chamisa is the President. 

Below is a full statement by MDC Alliance South Africa Provincial Secretary Nhamo

"MDC Alliance South Africa External Assembly welcomes President Advocate Nelson Chamisa's vision for this year titled "Zimbabwe Agenda 2021" which he presented in a virtual address on the 9th of March.

"President Chamisa's agenda for 2021 is an especially welcome tonic for our party which is facing relentless onslaught from the regime back home and bogged down by the covid-19 pandemic which has wrought untold suffering around the world. It goes without saying that, 2020 has been a bad year for us, as the regime employed means from both the book and bush but largely from the bush to try and decimate the MDC to further their odious one-party-state agenda. 

"Under the cloak of lockdown the courts passed very controversial judgements handing over our party to the regime's lackeys and decoys , unelected individuals have turned up in parliament as replacements to our MPs who were unceremoniously ejected without constitutional rhyme or reason. 

"Our party members were routinely arrested and detained some abducted by the regime's fetch and catch boys, while others are being cajoled behind closed with both sweeteners and sticks to dump our party and make ZANU PF their new home. 

"President Chamisa's timely 'Zimbabwe Agenda 2021' which is premised on key pillars of Citizens Convergence Change (CCC), is meant to rejig the struggle for democratisation in Zimbabwe, currently bogged by a host of draconian lockdown regulations. 

"He also outlined the five important fights for 2021, thus the fight for a people's constitution and constitutionalism, the fight for livelihoods, the fight against corruption, fight for a people's government and reforms and the fight for rule of law, human rights and freedoms. 

"MDC Alliance South Africa External Assembly heeds the President's call to guard our zones of autonomies , as a province we promise to jealously guard our zones of autonomies from the shenanigans of the enemies and or their proxies. 

"We remain resolute behind the leadership elected in Gweru in 2019.


Source - Fanuel Chinowaita
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