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Where is Dr. Masimba Mavaza? A story worthy-Amai Merry Chiwenga is left in the mud and mire

15 Mar 2021 at 07:31hrs | Views
This is exactly what we mean when we say tribalism is giving a bad smell at every corner of Zimbabwe. Tribalism is raw and present, not even possible to conceal it because it appears to be the lifeline from the top government, political parties, in churches, even in institutions of learning and in homes. Zimbabwe is known for its tribalism the entire region of SADC. It did not mean that it is the lower social class that practice tribalism: even the educated elite thrive on tribalism. Tribal thinking is in the vein-running of every Zimbabwean born: to be precise: Shona/Ndebele tribal scenarios playing out daily in our lives. Mavaza is not different from all of us hence he overlooks a story worthy about Mrs Merry Mubayiwa for fear.

But Dr. Mavaza does not fear Mohadi, a non-Shona. Reading the today's online news about Mrs. Merry Mubayiwa, I would have thought we were going to read the story loudly written by none either than Dr. Masimba Mavaza. We have been saying it that this learned Dr. Mavaza is a whistle blower on contract from the powers that be. To get the story from Gambakwe Media escaping the Dr. Mavaza's pen is obvious: it is even embarrassing. I counted to about four blown out of proportion articles written by Mavaza splitting the scandals that Mohadi left in the government. Nor did we read Mavaza's articles telling us how the president broke the law by withholding information relating to the time when Mohadi resigned from government.

This month of Match is the women's month globally: However, African women have no reason to go out and celebrate the international women's day. How do we? In our midst is a poor woman who appears to have been used and abused by the top people in the party and government. Merry is fighting a bitter and painful battle with a whole General of Zimbabwe Armed Forces: Constantine Guvheya Chiwenga. To be lucid, the treatment Merry Mubayiwa is getting is not only cruel but shows all signs of barbarism, uncouth, cruel, and uncivilized. An animal would ferry better than Chiwenga in dealing with divorce: animals just ignore and move on. This philosophy of UBUNTU/HUNHU: supposed to be virtuous, exists on paper in Zimbabwe to show the Caucasians that we have morals too. This is another classic example that shows we do not need to pedestalize our values of Ubuntu/Hunhu having such cases in our midst; Merry Chiwenga who was ferried in court in a stretcher with journalist cameras moving. I want to know which civilized country can do this to a chronically ill woman.

Let us put the story of Merry and her cruel, borderline deranged husband Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga starting from the time of the coup in Zimbabwe in November 2017. He was the strongest man in Zimbabwe together with Moyo. Both were the authors of the coup that was successfully hatched, and the international community gave its blessing. (the world was tired of a nonagenarian) Zanu being the party we know before independence and after, we watched how both Generals Chiwenga and Sibusiso Moyo got ill almost at the same time immediately after the November 2017 coup: were sent to hospitals abroad, back, and forth. The rumour was, they have been poisoned. Rumour said Chiwenga was poisoned hence his oesophagus needed repair by Chinese top notch medical institutions paid by our diamond revenues, a medical treatment not available in Zimbabwe. Rumour again said they were poisoned by the top civil servant. Rumour said Chiwenga was poisoned by the top civil servant using Merry in most cases.

The truth and not rumour is that the two men got ill immediately after the coup possibly due to poisoning. Now to say Merry is the culprit and not the higher powers than Merry Chiwenga is not only silliness of the highest order but cowardice. The rumour circulated again that the moment the General arrives in Zimbabwe he was going to take overpower from Mnangagwa: it did not happen. Mnangagwa did his homework and outsmarted a dull and sick General. The second coup did not take place. Chiwenga was no longer in the army making it difficult to use the army to topple Dambudzo. The power struggles between the two; Mnangagwa and Chiwenga, the playground is Merry. Merry Mubayiwa is accused of all sorts of things about Chiwenga's illness. This whole general cannot confront Mnangagwa for fear: fearful of the President he stupidly gave him the presidency on a silver plate after the coup; curiously want him dead.

In all these divorce shenanigans between Mr and Mrs. Chiwenga, the absolute victim is Mrs. Merry Chiwenga. The woman was used and abused left right and centre. It is not possible to say exactly what did Merry physically do to harm the General at the behest of the top civil servant because these truthful rumours do not give adequate and accurate information for us the lesser mortals. However, it is true that the General accused his wife of attempting to murder him. In this case misogyny is evident. Women are disposables: Whereas Sibusiso Moyo is dead; one down so to speak; it was the intention to eliminate them both after the coup, VP Chiwenga is causing havoc on his estranged wife and not the top civil servant, the main culprit. Chiwenga fears Mnangagwa now. He has dismally failed to take overpower from Mnangagwa. His vindication is given to Merry to be her daily doses. Merry: being a woman is a softer target and not Mnangagwa his match, his compatriot.

General Chiwenga is extremely ill, he knows this. His life expectancy is the same with us lesser mortals; he knows this. He is saying before he can depart from this earth he needed to revenge and Merry is victim nearer to him. Mnangagwa is out of his reach, Merry is to taste thunder and lightning if he, Chiwenga cannot become president of Zimbabwe. The price Merry is paying, no woman would want to be in her shoes: the price is remarkably high. She cannot see her children with the General, her property is getting destroyed by part of the army chiwenga still controls. Merry is not supposed to go for treatment to South Africa, whereas the General would fly to China at the slightest coughing, blood-pressure checks and mild fever. It is inconceivable how she is surviving if she cannot even access her finances at the Bank. The Bank in question is withholding her cashflows. The today's online newspaper reports that doctors are not allowed to treat Merry. Merry cannot pay school fees for her children of her first marriage. Merry asked Mnangagwa to give orders to the bank to access her funds: no answer from the president. She asks Mnangagwa to pressure the authorities withholding her passport; no answer from him either. It appears he has used her enough and she is of no use to him anymore. Politics is indeed a dirty game and its evident. We must remember too that Merry was a victim of White City bombings: had injures on her hands. This evidence to assist Merry to get treatment is not used because she is disposable: used by both powerful men in the country and then discarded and forgotten.

It is the month of Match; a month all women globally are celebrating the holy month, but we women in Zimbabwe, we have no reason whatsoever to celebrate. Celebrate what if Merry, our daughter is abused in the most barbaric manner: no traces of humanness. This happens in Harare at the glare of international diplomatic missions from across the globe. What are they saying about us Zimbabweans? Is Chiwenga fit to be near the office of the president? Is he fit to hold the portfolio of health ministry if he refuses his wife to be treated by local Harare doctors if she cannot go abroad for treatment? What kind of a health minister is Chiwenga if he has no respect for life of his former wife and mother to his children?

Africans are a laughingstock globally. To be safe let me say Zimbabweans are uncivilized if they cannot respect life. What Chiwenga is doing is not an isolated case at all: women are bearing the brunt of domestic violence. The economic hardships Zimbabweans go through daily removes that what is human in us and we act like savages. Chiwenga is a savage no less.

We want to extend our sincere condolences to Merry for the horrendous life she must cope with. We are indeed powerless. We wish you better because you deserve better. Your life is precious just like all of us. We want to tell you that you are a victim of circumstances. You have been used right left and centre and you are left on your own without the two presidents who put you in this mess you are in. They have used you and are done with you now. I wish you get the energy to cope despite all bitterness of life. Think about 50 years from now dear Merry: General Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga and Immersen Dambudzo Mnangagwa will be gone from this earth. Nobody lives forever. Chimwe ne chimwe chinenguva yacho mwana wa mai. Okunga pheliyo kuyahlola. Akusoka lingela sici.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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