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Who are Matabeles?

01 Apr 2021 at 16:13hrs | Views
The Matabele were once feared, adored and hated and now they are discriminated against. Why are they hated so? They are hated by the west as the Jews whom Constantine described as "odious people", so by extension are also odious people to the west and its allies and the west's proxies in Africa and elsewhere. What is common between the Matabele and the Hebrew that inspires hatred from other people? The world sat in comfortable silence while the Matabele suffered genocide at the hands of the British her allies and her proxy the Zimbabwe government. The world led by the former colonial power and perennial war enemy Britain, continues to block efforts at obtaining justice for the Matabele as if it is the right thing to do. No censure has come from the world community to the perpetrators, instigators, supporters and financers of the genocide program that has assumed a covert nature since the end of the overt phase in 1988 to date. The world continues as if there never was such a catastrophic genocide. Even Prince Charles heir to the British throne when the plight of the Matabele was put to him, he replied with obvious relish "Let them damn the Matabele ". When the 'Jews" suffered in Hitler's Germany and elsewhere in the world, the west led by Britain led in the "re-establishment of Israel", which came through in 1948. Today the "Jews" are no longer an odious people, they are a people the whole world is falling over itself to please; the Matabele continue to be an odious people. Who are these people the Matabele?

We must go into history to discover who these people are. The north of Africa and the south of Europe around the Mediterranean basin was peopled by black people. If we go back into the story of origins as told by the bible, we are to understand that Adam was not a white man but a black person or colour of earth as he was formed, out of the dust of the earth. Just by examining the earth we see that it varies from dark to light which shades of colour you find among the so called black people. At the destruction of the world by water one of the sons of Adam was told to build an ark to preserve himself and animal species. Noah being a descendent of Adam was the same colour as his progenitor which was earth coloured. Adam means ground or earth. Science proves this point for in black people is found melanin the same component found in the soil. Other people, the white people have no melanin, clear testimony that they are not descendent of Adam and Noah who came from the soil. At the end of the flood the ark of Noah docked or rested in the mountains of Ararat, which is in the area of the Middle East. Noah's posterity occupied that area and spread to the south, north, west and east from that point to fill the whole earth. They were especially concentrated in the Mediterranean Basin.

The White men where did they come from? Their origin becomes a mystery when we know that the father of the human race was black. It is a mystery why Black people produce a melanin-less child called an albino. In the Matabele language an Albino is called INKAWU meaning Monkey. White folks through the writings of one Charles Darwin claim Humanity is evolved from monkeys. There is a type of monkey/ ape creature called a Neanderthal. A study has been made of these apes and DNA analysis shows that the White men have more of the same DNA as these apes, which would authenticate Darwin's assertion that humans (read white men) evolved from apes. All bona fide Africans believe they were created. The Matabele have a song that testifies to that it goes " Inkosi yasidabula ngamandla" meaning " The Most High created us by His power" , it is sung in an kuhaya tune.
These monkeys /apes were prevalent in the north of the Caucasus Mountains from where the white men came from, hence his calling himself Caucasian, fanning southward towards the Mediterranean basin and into Africa. These white men had now domesticated the horse and were using advanced weapons of the time. The black man who did not have the horse and the weapons the white men were using had to move southward into Africa in what has come down in history as the Bantu Migrations. The Matabele were part of the Nguni group led by Mnguni. This Mnguni it is not known who he was descendent from among the sons of Noah. By studying the characteristics of the Bible characters we can decipher his ancestry. When Jacob and his sons went into Egypt, they were asked what was their profession they, replied that they were shepherds, which means they owned cattle, sheep, goats and asses, (Please note the Hebrew did not have horses and the Matabele also did not have horses) which made them excellent stockmen. The Matabele were and are excellent cattlemen. This would mean that the Matabele and their kind are descendent from Shem the oldest son of Noah, from whom the Hebrews and Jews are descendent.

In their worship they adore one supreme deity whom they call by various names denoting His attributes namely MENZI for Maker, MDALI for Creator SOMANDLA for Almighty SIMAKADE for Eternal one, MVELINGQANGI for First Appearing one. The white men when he brought his Christianity, in trying to explain the deity he worshipped coined the term NKULUNKULU. It is widely used today as if it is original, which a careful study of the Nguni language and grammar, would reveal that it emanates from ukunkiliza a way of speaking by people not familiar with a language. We believe that this deity is the one who created everything by his power. We believe He is a single being. The Hebrew also believe in a single deity, who created everything including humans. This is corroborated by the bible.

Several writers and travelers have observed that the Matabele have Hebraic manners and ways, such as New moon festival, first fruits festival and reconciliation festival, which are also mentioned as being practiced by the Hebrew in the Bible. The Hebrew are descendent from Shem.

In their language they have words whose origin is not clear. Words originate from an action, a sound, a situation, an object etc. the Matabele greeting is Sabona ; there is no action from which the word comes , nor is there as sound, nor an object from which it is derived, meaning that it is foreign. An example of this is Nkulumane which is the name of the heir of the Matabele throne. It is a word that has no meaning in the Matabele language, because it comes from a foreign language and is properly Kuruman, it has been Nguninized and has no meaning it is an adopted sound. So looking at the Matabele greeting one concludes that it is in the same class as Nkulumane coming from a language that is little used or is extinct. The Hebrew greeting is Shalom which has a close sound to Sabona. It is my conclusion that the greeting is of Hebrew origin either corrupted by the Matabele or the present Hebrew has corrupted Sabona to Shalom. Another word that needs looking at is Gadadi. This is the name of the place of the major battle against the White intruders where many of our forefathers died defending their country and way of life. So where does the name Gadadi come from? There is no sound from which this name is coined, no object either. It is foreign. In the bible there is talk of the Battle of Armageddon which is the mountain of Megiddo. The word Megiddo is listed as meaning Meeting place or rendezvous which comes from gadad meaning a gash caused by pressing in, this gadad is related to guwd meaning to crowd upon in attack. The battle of Gadadi would be the battle of a gash caused by pressing in, crowding in to attack. In this battle the Matabele did just that they attacked by pressing in and were mowed down by the Maxim gun, creating a gash, each time they attacked. These examples are enough to link the Matabele to Shem.

Other melanin rich people come from Ham and Japheth. The traditional belief that the melanin challenged people are from Japheth is without merit. The writer is aware of a DNA analysis performed in 2013 by the Israeli government, in an effort to keep out black people who were going to Israel claiming to be Hebrew, therefore claiming Israeli citizenship. The Israeli government because it is basically racist devised this scheme in the hope of turning the black people away on the basis of DNA evidence that they were not Hebrew. The result of this analysis showed the black people with more Abrahamic DNA than the white folk calling themselves Jews. The white men claim to be from Japheth cannot be at the same time be from Shem from whom Abraham came, so the Jews in Israel if they are that at all, by being white, if we accept that white folk came from Japheth, can only be Japhites not Shemites, which one must be if he is descendant from Abraham.

The white systems now ruling the world are basically anti people of melanin. There has been efforts to eradicate the dark pigmented people and these still continue covertly. Witness the murder of dark skinned people by the white Americans in the USA and the subjection of all dark skinned people to slavery, genocide and other adverse conditions. Many nefarious experiments were conducted with the intention of exterminating the melanin rich people of the world. In the present world they use dark skinned people against other dark skinned people, in genocide programs devised by them, example Rwanda genocide on the Tutsi masterminded by the French and overseen by the United Nations; the Zimbabwe genocide on the Matabele planned, abated, and financed by Britain and her Allies against the Matabele. Evidence is come through that the British planned this genocide between 1968 and 1979. They produced what has come down infamously as the Grand Plan which they gave to the Shona led by Robert Mugabe at Chatham House in 1979 for implementation, after he had agreed to do their bidding. On assuming power he wasted no time in implementing the program that needed creating a tribal army, the infamous GUKURAHUNDI. This army was for one purpose only to kill the civilian Matabele. To create a cussus bell, a group christened Dissidents was created, and to win international support the pseudo abduction of tourists was staged. Because of this abduction the world feels justified to ignore this injustice perpetrated against unarmed Matabele men, women and children, and continue to ignore their cry for justice. The United Nations at the behest of Britain and her allies who have permanent membership of the Security Council continue to block any efforts to deal with the situation of the Matabele.

I remember talking to Inkosi Mangosuthu Buthelezi, after looking at what the Nguni have suffered under white systems and the successor black systems, he remarked "Angazi yini amaZulu sizondwa kanje?" We speculated that it was because of ISADLWANA and IPHUPHU, but now I have a definite answer, we are SHEMITES and the world of the white man and his black proxies hates Shemites. Matabele know where you come from, it is only then you will understand the present and see the possibilities for tomorrow. All other strategies devised without a clear knowledge of our history would make us sink further. It would be like a man struggling to get out of quick sand whose effort would make him sink deeper.

Source - T D Mkwananzi
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