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Names can influence one's circumstances

08 Apr 2021 at 06:52hrs | Views
What's in a name, one may ask but surely some traits have a lot reflecting on it.

A guy called Nhamo may find it hard to excell in school, let alone prosper in life whilst Millionaire has coins for toys and bank notes for stuffing the pillow.

Reminds me of Hardlife and Hapanamunhu, the two were bossom buddies at boarding school and they always came last come end of term. Laughter from the pair was only heard when we all trooped to the Dining Hall for 'Spoil' on Fridays when rice and chicken were served.

The last time I met Hardlife, he was a no-nonsense security guard at a busy shop in downtown Harare. The man almost roughed me up as I tried to elbow my way in, on second glance his lips arched a broad smile and waved me to proceed. A replay of old memories at work. Well, I returned the favour and smiled back whispering "Hardlife".

So there is a lot to a name which brings me to regional names in our beautiful motherland. Manicaland, Mashonaland and Matebeleland are names with innuendos of regionalism, something that does not help cementing the unity and peace we enjoy today.

Midlands sounds okay and same for Masvingo but for some, a revisit would show otherwise. Regionalism 'decorated' with provincial names pronouncing tribal identity may not be in anyone's interest.

Rather Manicaland becomes the Eastern Province (Samaz may not be amused), hear, hear. Mash. Central morphs to Northern Province and Matebeleland South changes to Southern Province.

Our children will grow and interact as one people from the House of Stones. Both major indegenous languages Isindebele and Shona could be taught from kindergarten up to say fifth grade, this would help break language barriers within and without the provinces.

Intermarriages have helped with unity but more can be done, love can do the unfathomable, remember Romeo and Juliet. Multilingual educators would be comfortable to work anywhere in Zimbabwe.

Tondo Mash Central.

Source - Tondo Mash Central
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