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Shameless ZANU PF silent on activist sexual assault

09 Apr 2021 at 18:47hrs | Views
The shameless ZANU PF led government have since turned deaf and dump after MDC Alliance activist, Vongai Tome was sexually assaulted by a police official during the Makomborero Haruziviishe solidarity gathering on Tuesday at  Harare Magistrate court which turned violent after police started beating activists.

Tome remains in police custody even after revealing that she was sexually violated  by one of the police officers on Tuesday.

No action has been take, in as far as investigating into the incident.

Violence broke out at the Harare Magistrates Court as police were beating up MDC Alliance supporters who were protesting against the 14-month sentence imposed on party executive Makomborero Haruziviishe.

Tome was arraigned before Harare Magistrate Richard Mangosi facing disorderly conduct charges and has been remanded in custody pending bail ruling.

MDC Alliance Women's assembly issued a statement condemning the abuse and arrest of Vongai and other leaders.

National Executive member Vongai Tome and Ngoni Mupfuma were arrested during the Tuesday court solidarity gathering for Makomborero Haruzivishe.

Tome is a victim of abuse by one of the police officials  and nothing has been done.

"Who is going to protect us? Who is going to listen to our cries?" said MDC Alliance Women Assembly Spokesperson Barbara Gwangwara Tanyanyiwa.

Tanyanyiwa said that the leadership crisis in the country was deeper and the government was resorting to violence as a means of silencing the citizens.

Haruzivishe's 14 months sentencing  for exercising his rights, has raised concerns on the state of affairs in the country as more and more activists are being put behind bars for speaking against ZANU PF.

"ZANU PF has no shame; when are they going to stop these human rights violations, are they going to put the whole country in jail since no one seems to agree  with their inhuman ways?" said activist Sandra Bvungidzire.

Tanyanyiwa encouraged people to converge for change and push to end this suffering.

"When the youthful generation of yesteryear made a decision to activate the liberation struggle, it was because of widespread injustice. 41 years after the so called independence, we still witness widespread injustice," said MDC Alliance Youth Assembly Chairperson Tererai Obey Sithole on his Twitter page.

For far too long Zimbabweans have been suffering under the ZANU PF regime, during the Robert Mugabe era and now under Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The political and economic crisis continues to cripple the Southern African country. The main opposition party MDC-A has said the countries vows can be blamed on poor governance and human rights violations.

"Mako is a prisoner of conscience who is being persecuted for speaking out against poverty, injustice & corruption," said MDC Alliance Spokesperson Fadzai Mahere on her Twitter page.

Activists and opposition political parties have been appealing for intervention from the international community.

"The police and courts in this country have been captured and they are under the control of ZANU PF," said Bvungidzire.

Activists and opposition political parties allege that the legal system and police force have been captured by ZANU PF as a means to advance a political agenda.

"The perpetuation of judiciary capture. Obviously the appointed won't disappoint the appointer," said MDC Alliance Youth Assembly Chairperson Tererai Obey Sithole on his Twitter page.

Source - Prince Njagu
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