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Not yet Uhuru @41

18 Apr 2021 at 12:17hrs | Views
As Zimbabwe celebrate her birthday today 18 April 2021, we are going to hear empty prepared speeches from those who killed this nation pontificating on her 41st independence.

They will shy away from interrogating the question why most of the people are still jobless, living under the poverty datum line and in abject poverty serve for a few who are politically connected.

Independence celebration in Zimbabwe has lost its meaning. During the early 80's and late 90's celebratiing the country's independence was not an event to miss. 

Programmes were lined up in each province particularly in major towns and cities. Cows were slaughtered and there was plenty of beer served and entertainment from football, displays and cultural dancing troupes.

Celebrating independence in Zimbabwe came with a sense of true patriotism, national identity and pride among Zimbabweans.

We salute the gallant sons and daughters of Zimbabwe who  sacrificed their precious lives and died to liberate this country. 

Their sacrifices were priceless and we should remind those in the corridors of power that these brave sons and daughters did not die so that they keep on looting and bleeding the country dry. They fought for economic and political freedom regardless of race, political ideology colour and skin pigmentation.

I remember in 1987, when I was selected to be part and parcel of a drama group which was supposed to perform at an independence celebration in Chinhoyi in Mashonaland West Province, I was so much impressed by the youth brigade clad in their red and green regalia which carried a badge if honour.

It was really a national service not this Border Gezi which has been politicised by the ruling party.

During our time independence was a national event which everybody participated and contributed with cash and kind from church organisations, cultural groups, white community and business organisations.

Today celebrating independence has been politicised and  turned into a Zanu PF event by a cartel of politician who think they own title deeds of the country.

It has become a Zanu PF celebration event where the country's looters gather to share the spoils.

We cannot say people are independent, when the country has become a bedrock of political activists being harassed, incarcerated , abducted, tortured and murdered.

The country is so divided on poltical, tribal and social grounds. There is no purpose of unity. Even the unity accord has lost its relevance.

Independence today means crossing the crocodile infested river Limpopo for most of the people and women strapping their babies at their backs to South Africa or any other country to seek for greener pastures. Cry the beloved country.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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