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'41 years of Independence or 41 years of ZANU PF Oppression?'

19 Apr 2021 at 07:14hrs | Views
As Zimbabwe celebrates 41 years of independence from British colonial rule on April 18, many Zimbabweans look back and question were everything went wrong. The once promising and flourishing Southern African country used to be the marvel of the continent; rich in natural resources and having the highest literacy in the continent, Zimbabwe had a promising future.

Zimbabwe, once the bread basket of Southern Africa, with a stable currency and stable economy has now been reduced to begging for food aid. Citizens had high hopes for the country and politicians made promises to the citizens, but 4 decades of ZANU PF rule has seen all these dreams shuttered.

All the promises made on attainment of independence were just but empty promises. Dreams and hopes have been shuttered in the past 41 years.

The economy has withered under the ZANU PF governance; unemployment is at an all time high in the country. Cases of political violence, human rights violations have been making headlines across the globe.

" Zimbabwe at 41 saluting our struggle veterans for the sacrifice.Independence was a product of citizens' convergence for a  liberation promise.Lets make the promise a reality. A great Zimbabwe is loading.The fight for freedom is continuous' " said President of MDC-A advocate Nelson Chamisa on his Twitter page.

 Chamisa congratulated Zimbabwe on turning 41 but still wanted to see Zimbabweans enjoy true independence.

ZANU PF leaders have been accused of stealing elections even long way before Emmerson Mnangagwa came into office.

"Is this 41 years of Independence or 41 years of ZANU PF Oppression?"said Sandra Bvungidzire, a social media activist.

41 years of agony and suffering for Zimbabweans as nothing has improved. Basic service delivery has shrivelled. Hospitals are ill-equipped, doctors are always on strike and there is no running water even in the capital, Harare.

"Our country is in the hands of the cruel. This must end! Together we must fix our broken politics, " said Chamisa.

The MDC-A passed these sentiments in response to the torture which Legwani Mavhunga experienced under police custody earlier in April. The youthful leader had been arrested during a solidarity gathering at the court for Job Sikhala and was tortured under police custody.

"Whatever my sentiments towards the present government, Independence Day remains important. I love this country. I look forward to the day when we can look on the nation we've built with pride. Let's fight for a united, prosperous and free Zimbabwe, " said MDC Alliance Spokesperson Fadzai Mahere on her Twitter page.

Road networks have been dilapidated, ZANU PF has seen the country crumple to its knees in the last 41 years.

"There is not much to celebrate during this independence holiday, our brothers and sisters are being arrested, service delivery is at its worst in the country, the government is not doing anything to improve the lives of the citizens, all they do is take from the poor and feed their bellies," said Sandra.

Celebrating Independence Day in a country were there are extreme cases of  human rights violations and political unrest is very ironic. True independence and democracy is were citizens can express themselves freely; without fear.

Reports of young men and women being arrested or tortured has become a daily norm in Zimbabwe. Anyone who rises to express discontent with the current government is silenced through imprisonment, torture or abduction.

Imprisonment is being  used as a tool to break the spirits of alternative, progressive voices in the country. Activists like Joana Mamombe and Cecilia Chimbiri are being denied bail, this is the regimes way of trying to silence the masses.

 The government is doing all this as a way to silence and avoid uprisings from the suffering citizens.

"They chain us torture us all in the hope of silencing us," said  Obert Masaraure

Electoral Resource Centre Africa had nothing positive to say about the state of affairs and the electoral system in Zimbabwe.

"Zimbabwe continues to confer this right to citizens ensuring that elections are religiously held as and when they are due. However, the role of elections in Zimbabwe has since deflated as electoral malpractices and grievances characterize the electoral environment," wrote Electoral Resource Centre Africa on their Twitter page.

Celebrating Independence Day in Zimbabwe is more or less celebrating the death of democracy in the country and the emergence of a new oppressor, in the form of ZANU PF.

Source - Prince Njagu
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