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Constitutional amendments will haunt Zanu-PF

22 Apr 2021 at 06:18hrs | Views
OPPRESSORS do not care how much effort you put to make them accept and respect you. Oppressors will take everything from you until you are broken and desperate.

The Zimbabwean situation is reflective of how the powerful ruling elite will continue to tamper with the Constitution until it serves an individual.

The person who wields Executive authority should never assume that they will benefit from the constitutional changes for eternity.

One day, when the current oppressors are not in positions of authority, the bad laws they are pushing through today will haunt them.

Think of people like former Information minister Jonathan Moyo who was a strong advocate for media repression, how he ended up being bitter over the abuse of the same media that he brought about for his own selfish ends.

I have not forgotten that he made hundreds of people jobless. President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his advisors, who are pushing him to legislate the widely condemned constitutional amendments should realise that they will not be in charge of Zimbabwe forever. And no one will live forever. One day, a leader who has people at heart will run Zimbabwe and he will reverse these laws.

Some people will cry foul.

It is sad that as Zimbabweans, we have surrendered our fate in the hands of self-centred politicians. The ongoing changes to the Constitution are de-signed to benefit a few individuals and steer the Zanu-PF succession ship.

Fear of political competition is what motivates the proponents of the current constitutional amendments. Marxists assert that the ideas of the ruling elite determine the course of history.

Our society is divided be-tween the powerful and the weak. The weak must do some-thing for the restoration of their dignity.

Source - newsday
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