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Free the airwaves

22 Apr 2021 at 12:27hrs | Views
There are no limits to the depths this inept and rag tag regime is willing to sink.

On the 3rd of May 2021 the globe shall be commemorating the World Press Freedom Day and thus the time to reflect on how the media is functioning globally.

The Zimbabwe's media is under siege especially the state media which has been captured and we have noticed political vultures stampeding to constantly interfere with the editorial system.

Forty one years into independence Zimbabwe still boasts of one television station and ironically it is controlled by the state.

For many years the state media's role has been compromised to such an extent that about 80% of the content is either reporting on the President or the revolutionary party Zanu PF.

It is the duty of the public media to report responsibly and not to tow along political party lines.

The Herald newspaper and ZBC-TV have on several occasions used to propagate party politics thereby starving the majority on developmental stories.

It's a shame and tragic that some so called media personnel have been willing to prostitute the noble profession for a few crumbs of bread falling from the table of the tyranny's feeding trough.

I have been following the current political events in Zimbabwe from the interview President Emmerson Mnangagwa held with Voctoria Ruzvidzo and Merit Munzwewembiri when they called Nelson Chamisa the leader of the main opposition political party in Zimbabwe, a child standing aloof and who needed a sjambok to whip him into line.

Generally such statements are a very good breeding ground to fan violence amongst the people, are out of order and undermine the leader of the opposition and his millions of followers.

Like minded a lot of members of the opposition are
labelled puppets of the west by those who are bleeding and looting the country dry together with their brain washed journalists who always sing for their supper.

Surprisingly such a shoddy and boring interview came when people were celebrating the attainment of a protracted independence and Zimbabweans expected a more robust, unique and unifying interview.

One could notice that Robert Mugabe's independence interviews were sounding more intelligent and entertaining than what we have witnessed.

The trio Mnangagwa ,Ruzvidzo and Munzwewembiri failed to read the mood on the ground and were caught offside. They failed to live up the interview and to read between the lines. We know its a straitjacket to serve in such kind of an institution.

My view is that the pre- recorded interview was half baked and not up to scratch. It was actually in bad state and divided the nation on political and social grounds. Instead of uniting the nation, these two journalists actually connived to suppress democracy, individual freedoms and human rights.

Unfortunately the journalists failed to ask strong questions on matters affecting the country like corruption, harassment of political activists and grants for the people who have been adversely affected by the Covid19 virus.

Unfortunately the two political agents masquerading as journalists were both driven by insatiable appetite to bootlick the President.

Zimbabwe still have a very long way to  achieving an independent state of respecting each other's political ideologies and to live without racial and tribal divisions.

With such kind of journalists at the helm and their irresponsible statements they are likely to cause alarm and dispondency coups d'etat and civil strifes like what happened to the irresponsible Radio Rwanda which caused the 1993 genocide.

They must strive to report and ask questions to do with economical development, incarceration of members of the opposition and the level of oppression which is escalating in the country on daily basis.The mutilation and molestation of our constitution to further the selfish interests

At one time I thought President Mnangagwa was going to correct the journalist but he also lost the opportunity to preach unity and to respect his political opponent who gave him a good run for his money.

Its time for the government to free the air waves and register more media players to pave way for other competitors. It must stop monopolising the media. Competition is very health in the sense that it breeds quality and variety of products.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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