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Zimbabwean secrets leaked to a high profile sexivist

28 Apr 2021 at 07:04hrs | Views
Zimbabwe has once again woken up to some Twitter messages sent by the ever attention seeking Susa Mutami. It is important to understand who Susan Mutami is. She is if you remember the official mistress of high profile people in Zimbabwean parliament. Her latest boyfriend was Temba Bhuru Mliswa.

Susan Vivian Mutami is a Zimbabwean philanthropist and health care professional otherwise known as a professional carer in Australia.

She was born in Kwekwe but is now an Australian citizen. Mutami was born in 1988. She came to the public domain In February 2021, when she told a publication that she was battling to end a three-month relationship with Temba Mliswa. She said she regretted meeting the politician whom she accused of turning her life upside down and soiling her image. She met Mliswa in October 2020 during a ceremony in which she was donating medical suppliers in Norton.  Mutami is accused of collecting medical supplies from Australia then she donates them in Zimbabwe without acknowledging that she is only an agent. It was during these donations that she started dating every MP who she donated to.

She also revealed she was pregnant with twins for Mliswa.
It was in her public singing that she made very significant allegations which could not be ignored by any reasonable security agency.

Mutami claimed that she knows the person who threw a freebase at President Mnangagwa in Bulawayo White City stadium in 2018 This bombing has never been resolved yet.

Susan Mutami made sensational revelations that Mliswa wanted to kill Minister July Moyo using witchcraft and that in the death list of Mliswa there was Minister Muda NCUBE  and a list of top officials.
Seemingly enjoying the new found publicity Susan made allegations that she has a baby with the late Minister SB Moyo.
When the list of the men who leaked her hairy cake was revealed it showed that Susan was a Parliamentary sexual activist as all her boyfriends where members of parliament.

The issue came to a climax when the ministerial mistress or is parliamentary mistress was stopped from boarding a flight by the airport officials. The security officers grew a high interest in the presidential sex activist not for her talented use of her bottom but for the Knowlledge she confessed to have had regarding many acts of terrorism in Zimbabwe.

Obviously Susan became a person of interest and she needed to be interviewed so that she will help the police to finalise their investigations in several cases mentioned by Susan.
Surely any reasonable officer would have wanted to know more of what Mutami claimed to know in the terrorists activities in Zimbabwe.

All countries oils not have allowed her to go without assisting in the cases she had raised. Terrorism is the use or threat of action, both in and outside of the Zimbabwe,designed to influence any international government organisation or to intimidate the public.  It must also be for the purpose of advancing a political, religious, racial or ideological cause.

Examples include: serious violence against a person or damage to property, endangering a person's life (other than that of the person committing the action),creating a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or a section of the public.

Terrorism crimes and terrorist-related offences are subject to the criminal justice system in the same way as all other crimes. However, terrorism offences are distinct from other types of crime in that individuals who commit terrorism-related offences have political, religious racial and/or ideological motivations, unlike typical criminal motivations, which may be personal gain or revenge, for example. The Zimbabwean security officials then took interest in Susan because of what she had said.

In terrorism cases it is wise to consider every information provided so that you will never regret ignoring information which might turn to be credible.

So as expected Mutami could not be allowed to leave the country without giving enough information she claimed to know. It is therefore normal to request the law to allow a foreign national to enter or remain in Zimbabwe to give evidence in court should the evidence become credible.

Due to the international element of serious and organised crime, it may be necessary for a foreign national to come to Zimbabwe or for their departure to be deferred to enable them to give evidence in court or until such a tome that the information is fully collected. In most cases the foreign national will be a witness giving evidence in a criminal case on behalf of the prosecution, including for example where they have been involved in a covert policing operation. There may also be occasions where a foreign national is required to give evidence as a witness for the defence in a criminal case or as a witness in a civil case,

It is essential that the integrity of Zimbabwe's security and immigration control and border security is maintained. The final decision about whether a person is allowed into the UK, or whether departure from the UK is deferred, will be made by the Security officers with ministers being consulted if necessary.
A request for a foreign national to enter for their stay to be extended or for their departure to be deferred for the purpose of giving evidence, may be made at the port of entry or departure in the case of Mutami at the airport.

It must be known that a witness is one  who, being sworn or affirmed, according to law, deposes as to his knowledge of facts in issue between the parties in a cause.

 The testimony of witnesses can never have the effect of a demonstration, because it is not impossible, indeed it frequently happens, that they are mistaken, or wish themselves to deceive. There can, therefore, result no other certainty from their testimony than what arises from analogy. When in the calm of the passions, we listen only to the voice of reason and the impulse of nature we feel in ourselves a great repugnance to betray the truth, to the prejudice of another, and we have observes that honest, intelligent and disinterested persons never combine to deceive others by a falsehood. We conclude then, by analogy, with a sort of moral certainty, that a fact attested by several witnesses, worthy of credit, is true. This proof derives its whole force from a double presumption. We presume, in the first place, on the good sense of the witnesses that they have not been mistaken; and, secondly, we presume on their probity that they wish not to deceive. To be certain that they have not been deceived, and that they do not wish to mislead, we must ascertain, as far as possible, the nature and the quality of the facts proved; the quality and the person of the witness; and the testimony itself, by comparing it with the deposition of other witnesses, or with known facts.

It is to this end that Suzan Mutami was politely asked to stay a little longer and to give more information on the issues she has professed her Knowlledge.

What happened in Bulawayo white City stadium was pure terrorism. In the 2005 World Summit Declaration, world leaders condemned terrorism in all its forms, committed by whomever, wherever and for whatever purposes — the first such high-level consensus. One year later, the unanimous adoption of the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy represented a milestone in the multilateral counter- terrorism domain that laid the foundations for a comprehensive and integrated response to terrorism at the national, regional and international levels.

So Zimbabwe acts with the full blessings of the world in fighting terrorism.  So by stoping Suzan from departing was actually

Following the adoption of the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, the United Nations which has intensified system-wide efforts to foster multilateral action to prevent and combat terrorism. The Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy also reaffirmed the crucial role of respect for human rights and the rule of law as the fundamental basis of the fight against terrorism and stressed, in particular, the need to promote and protect the rights of victims of terrorism.

Over the last two decades, Zimbabwe has seen a rise in transnational security threats, including domestic terrorism perpetuated by the opposition. This presents a growing concern for the region and the European Union and other stakeholders on the ground and outside the region are working in partnership with governments. To meet this challenge, criminal justice institutions in the region recognize that developing more robust and efficient mechanisms for handling terrorism cases would benefit long-term efforts Currently, trial court judges often handle tremendous caseloads resulting from case management workloads, delay tactics by advocates, insufficient eye-witness evidence and little to no forensic evidence Additionally, judges handling terrorism cases experience serious threats to life and are often targets of terrorist attacks Judges from all courts are being exposed to more complex transnational cases requiring knowledge of international legal principles and mechanisms These challenges will benefit from appropriate strategies in line with human rights and rule of law principles.

Now despite boasting that she has Knowlledge of the attacks on the president and that she is aware of plots to kill some ministers Susan Mutamiri sends a Twitter below
Replying to
"Anything to do w abductions and torture it's Isaac Moyo. I see u people accusing Mudha kuti mhondi do u know that being a minister is just a ceremonial post the day to day operations of the org are done by Isaac Moyo. Ndo Mhondi yenyika."

"he's a criminal and a murderer. Ma army General apedzwa na Isaac Moyo. Covid munoiziva imimi? What he did to my son is unforgivable kana 50k haiporesi ronda rangu riri mumoyo. I can't fight him back nezvibhakera bt nyaya dzake ndodzitaura dzese."

This is not only attention-seeking by a mentally deranged woman but it is dangerous smearing the security forces of the nation. Susan Mutami is now a best friend of Minister Muda's NCUBE and July Moyo the very ones she said were in the line of death under the jaws of Temba Mliswa's juju.

It is clear judging from Susan Mutani's behaviour that minister Muda NCUBE and July Moyo have found a person to use to settle their scores.  Muda's NCUBE and July Moyo are known of seriously messing up Midlands by their bully tactics and hiding behind their proximity to the head of state.

There is a lot of complaints from all over Zimbabwe that the two ministers have personalised the president of Zimbabwe. They have made the president their personal property. The question now is "Is Susan Mutami attacking Isaac Moyo because she is being used by the two ministers or it is her insanity again?"  The truth is not very far it will be revealed soon where Mutami is getting her power. If it is powered by her generous distribution of her dignity then she needs to come round and be a person again.

Zimbabwean authorities will not stop defending its people and its territory because there is a woman on Twitter. The barrage against Isaac Moyo and lies is not only reckless but it is malicious and seriously an assault on our security.
When it comes to Zimbabwe we can not hesitate to throw the knobkerie. Susan is being used to tarnish the image of the country and that of Moyo whom she lambasted and accused of being a killer. Such accusations are the ones which are believed by the West when the start imposing sanctions.

Now true to her handlers who are in the government Susan Mutami has slapped Home Affairs Minister Kazembe Kazembe with a US$50 000 claim for unlawful arrest early this year.

Also being sued by Mutami are; Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga, the Director State Intelligence Services (Central Intelligence Organisation) Isaac Moyo, and Officer-in-Charge Law and Order, Harare.
She was requested to postpone her journey on 18 February 2021 at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport.
In a letter to Kazembe also copied to Matanga, the complainant's legal counsel Mbidzo Muchadehama and Makoni says the claim is arising from the events which transpired on February 18 2021 when Mutami and her son were detained by the state security agents and police details at the airport.

In the process of checking in, the letter said, the state agents prevented the complainant from boarding their flight to Dubai.

"They had no warrant of arrest for our clients. Our clients had not committed any offence. They were not about to commit any offence, neither were they committing any offence," the letter said.

The lawyers claim that despite the complainant's protestation, they were taken against their will to a police post at the airport where they were briefly detained before taken to Harare Central Police Station CID Law and Order section where they were kept against their will until Sunday 21 February 2021 when they were eventually allowed to depart.

The state security agents are being accused of claiming Mutami was a key state witness in a pending case without requesting her at any given time to act as such.

"The detention subjected her to psychological trauma as she was detained together with her four-year-old son. She was subjected to personal anguish, torment, pain, shock, and suffering particularly when state security agents barred her from using her inhaler," the lawyers said.

The legal practitioners said Mutami also lost several income-generating opportunities upon her arrest and detention especially when the purpose of her travel to Dubai was for business as she is the proprietor of S.V.M Health, registered in Australia.

"Should you be willing to settle this amount in full or intend to negotiate on the amount payable, kindly liaise with the writer of this notice for the possible settlement.

"Should we not hear from you, or should you be opposed to this claim we have further instructions to proceed and institute proceedings for the recovery of the above-stated damages without further notice to yourselves," the lawyers added.

These lawyers are not understanding that Susan is a vital witness in a case of  terrorism. Terrorism is a global phenomenon. Terrorists have the means and the determination to plan and carry out multiple attacks. They have done so in the past and at the White City stadium which Mutami clearly said had information about it.
The aim of security officers and investigators throughout the Zimbabwe is to ensure that such plans and events are detected, investigated and prosecuted swiftly and effectively to ensure that the safety and security of our citizens is protected and that offenders can be brought to justice in the courts.

The Intelligence and Police leaders in Zimbabwe have recognised that in terrorism cases with cross border elements there may be substantial benefits to the public interest in enabling vital witnesses to remain in the country.

As it is commonly understood, the concept of independence includes the duty and ability of a country to decide each case according to an objective evaluation of evidence that is presented and an impartial application of the law without the influence of outside factors.

The concepts of independence, impartiality, and fairness have both an objective and a subjective component. The authority of a judiciary to exercise its powers is frequently found in a given State's constitution or similar founding document and the enabling legislation that supports it. Additionally, national courts often adopt rules to further clarify their operating procedures. Taken as a whole, these laws and procedural rules should create a comprehensive framework that consistently protects and advances an independent and impartial judiciary which upholds the rule of law and engenders public confidence in the exercise of its authority. Nevertheless, the best constructed system on paper is not guaranteed to produce the legitimacy and trust that comes
If it was in America Mutami would not have been allowed to leave the country until she clarifies her Twitter.
Despite those ministers who are digging her her utterances constitutes a crime.
Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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