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Solutions to eliminating the demon of tribalism

02 May 2021 at 12:51hrs | Views
The demon of tribalism that has affected the Ndebele nation since 1980 can be eliminated from Zimbabwean society. Hate and resentment between the Ndebele and Shona will not solve any challenges faced by the Ndebele tribe in gaining access to the lucrative State government posts and tenders.The Ndebele tribe need to be also promoted on merit to top government posts by the current Zanu PF government in line with the 1987 Unity Accord eg ministerial positions ,ambassadors, head of government parastatals.

The President of Zimbabwe must give opportunities  to the Ndebele tribe as a way of compensation for the discrimination and marginalisation they have suffered under the Zanu Pf government  since 1980 as well as compensate them for the Gukurahundi massacres.The Zanu PF government is mandated by the Constitution of Zimbabwe 2013 in terms of Section 56 provisions to uplift and provide the Ndebele tribe with equal access to Zimbabwe's resources.

The fair equal access and distribution of resources to the Ndebele tribe in Zimbabwe by the Zimbabwe government will probably ensure peace and co existence among the Ndebele tribe and Shona tribe.I propose further a guideline to the current of Zimbabwe government  of how to appease the the Ndebele tribe as a way of ensuring political peace and stability in Matebeleland and Zimbabwe .

1. The current government of Zimbabwe must hire  Ndebele tribesman to all top government posts and departments in Matebeleland eg Bulawayo government posts and departments must be filled with 99% Ndebele and 1 % with people from outside Bulawayo.For example Plumtree government departments such as immigration,police ,hospitals, veterinary,army bases,schools,vehicle inspection department etc must be 99% occupied by the Kalanga/Tswana tribe and 1% people from outside.Hwange must be occupied by the Nambiya and Tonga tribe 100% and 1% people from outside the region.Beitbridge must 100% occupied by Vendas and 1% people from outside the region.The town of Victoria Falls must be allowed to be dominated in all government posts by the Tonga/Nambiya tribe 99% and 1% people from other regions.

2.Give complete free access to tertiary institutions to Ndebele students from Matebeleland  ie 99% composition and 1% composition of students from other regions children.Give 100% scholarships to Ndebele students from Matebeleland without having to compete for scholarships to students from Mashonaland who are provided with international government scholarships under the cover of darkness in Harare.

3.The current government of Zimbabwe and ZanuPf party must compensate the victims of the Gukurahundi massacre with a financial package estimated at USD$ 20 Billion negotiable.If the current Zanu Pf government is willing to compensate the white farmers whose wealth in Zimbabwe was acquired under questionable circumstances ,what more of their own fellow tribesman the Ndebele tribe who were killed at the hands of their own Zanu Pf Black government purely based on hate emanating from tribalism?

4.The current President of Zimbabwe ED Mnangagwa must issue a public apology to the victims of the Gukurahundi massacre and the Ndebele tribe for the discrimination and marginalisation that occured to the Ndebele people of Matebeleland since 1980.

These are  some of my proposals to the current government of Zimbabwe if they want to promote true,sincere and genuine peace and harmony among the Ndebele tribe although there is more that can be done.It would not be wise for the current government of Zimbabwe to ignore the simmering tensions in Zimbabwe caused by this demon of tribalism that has resulted in the Ndebele tribe seeking greener pastures in South Africa for jobs,education and other life opportunities offered by a welcoming neighbour. In Ndebele there is saying that says  "it is better to fix your house roof now before the rain comes as at times the rain may turn out to be a hailstorm, floods which can result in a lot of damage than anticipated".

Mzilikazi Zwane

Source - Mzilikazi Zwane
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