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Chebundo in the eye of a storm as Corruption and Abuse of power exposed

02 May 2021 at 15:18hrs | Views
The 2023 campaign begins for Blessing Chebundo with his campaign manager Trythings Mutyandasvika who is a manager at Rainbow Towers.  Using his influence at work Trythings Mutyandasvika who bribe Chiefs and government t officials by getting the rooms at his hotel was installed village head in Gutu despite not living there nor being a member of the village.  

Mr Trythings and his siblings left Gutu for Gomwe in 1982 but because his brother Blessing Chebundo whom he is campaigning for to take the constituency in 2023 has abandoned Kwekwe and is now focusing  to stand in Gutu Trythings used his office at work to convince Chief Chitsa to install him a headman and a village head in order to master the campaign from the village levels. Trythings Mutyandasvika  who had relocated to Hurungwe in 1982  has managed to force himself  onto Chebundo village in Gutu North.

Mutyandasvika and Chebundo are brothers and the Chebundos are Mutyandasvika so the plot to unseat the sitting MP is planned on more family grounds as Chief Chitsa is  the matronal uncle of Chebundo and Mutyandasvika.

The advent of Blessing Chebundo in Zanu PF is a seismic shift  and a well calculated move to thrust him ahead to snatch the Seat regardless of the fact that he has not spent the required period in ZANU PF. after crossing the table between two political parties Chebundo's plan is to get support from the grassroots one headman at a time. This scandal has embarrassed chief Chitsa who is now caught in between principles and money and luxury Sheraton hotel rooms from Trythings Mutyandasvika Chebundo. "Barely three months after crossing the table from MDCA, Blessing Chebundo has moved quickly to takeover the Gutu North constituency. With Chief Chitsa thrusting his weight behind a powerful campaign team championed by Tariro Mutyandasvika and Trythings Mutyandasvika there are unprecedented moves to win village heads in Chitsa area of Gutu North and create a nucleus of political influence. " said Mr Dunira of Gutu. Asked for comment a Gutu ZANU PF official who spoke on condition of anonymity said "These are notorious characters who will do anything to meet their selfish ends" Previous newspaper reports pointed at Blessing Chebundo's ambition to establish a political base in Gutu North having been discarded in Kwekwe. The bizarre aspect of Chebundo's political prostitution has seen him claim allegiance to Nelson Chamisa, then Dr Khupe and now to President Mnangagwa in under six months. At the same time he remains a key cog in the underhand manoeuvrings of G40.
Recently he has been singing praises of the first lady hoping to endear himself with president Mnangagwa in his quest to bounce back as an MP in 2023. Another Official who commented on the ground of anonymity  said

"Well, the speed and the level of desperation does not seem a healthy move for a newcomer into a political party especially having crossed the line recently. The person of Blessing Chebundo is a poisoned chalice in Chebundo village and remains a traitor within the MDCA fraternity."

"Chebundo does not have the blessings of his own village except Chief Chitsa, Trythings and Tariro Mutyandasvika who is in Ireland and is an active bank roller for the project. In order to achieve their plans they are starting from controlling the village heads to the traditional chiefs." Said Mark Mbhasera a member of ZANU PF and close to the matter.
After winning Chief Chitsa to his stable, Blessing Chebundo is on a warpath to remove village heads who are not loyal to him. That process has been swift and is picking up. On 1 May 2021, Chief Chitsa calendestinely installed Trythings Mutyandasvika, the General Manager of Rainbow Towers a nephew of Blessing Chebundo and campaign manager as village head for Chebundo village. The former village head was de-registered at the Gutu DA's office to pave way for the installation of Trythings as village head. That move is the start of a sustained campaign to make Chitsa area a no-go area for prospective contestants. Trythings Mutyandasvika and Blessing Chebundo are no longer resident in Chitsa, Gutu North as their parents moved to Hurungwe in 1982 but that was not a hindrance to their aspiration to control the constituency as they have managed to pay wards of cash to chief Chitsa"

How Trythings a GM at a prestigious hotel would choose to be a village head where he does not reside nor is known is a mystery. Tariro Mutyandasvika the campaign treasurer and fundraiser based in Ireland has been hosting the campaign team at her rural home which has been setup as a campaign base. Chief Chitsa has received funding for building his house from the team as part of the deal to whip all village heads into supporting Blessing Chebundo.  Sources close to the case have confirmed that Chief Chitsa has been awarded a stand in ChristonBank  where he is already building a house.
Since March 2020 Blessing and his brothers have caused havoc in the village and a peace order against Blessing Chebundo and his notorious campaign team was granted by the courts. As if that was not enough, Blessing Chebundo impersonated his cousin brother who was the village head in court papers in a bid to have his way. That act forms part of an ongoing criminal case which is before the courts. Gutu police have confirmed that a case of forgery and uttering was opened against a male and the investigations are on going.  Under the pressure from Chebundo' Mutyandasvika the disposed village Head Resenia Chebundo has gone into hiding.  Blessing Chebundo the aspiring Gutu North MP is not a stranger to crime as he had a rape case against him. Clearly, Blessing Chebundo is never far from crime and what a shame he would wish to poison the atmosphere in Gutu North. Wondered another bewildered Gutu North resident.
"Zanu PF must be careful not to allow itself to be penetrated by through subversive elements pretending to cross the floor from the opposition." Commented Mr Chitsa a cousin brother to chief Chitsa. Chebundo is a spent force.

This kind of politician must be left to depreciate and expire without spoiling the party. His campaign manager, Trythings Mutyandasvika who gives multiple allegiance to Zanu PF, MDCA and G40 abusing his position at Rainbow Towers is equally dangerous.

The secretary for Administration In ZANU PF was not available for comment and efforts to contact Masvingo Provincial  Affairs Minister Mr Ezra Chadzamira were not successful.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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