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In Zim, we need another dictionary to define the term 'Development'

07 May 2021 at 09:07hrs | Views
Zambian President, Edgar Lungu has Commissioned more than five hospitals in less than six months, apparently, he has decongested Lusaka city, by Commissioning four fly overs, in less than a year. Forget about the Karanda footbridge, it's none of your business, we have another footbridge around Inyathi area in Matebelaland, which was evaluated at around 2 Million USD, according to the former Vice President, Kembo Mohadi.

Previously, Edgar Lungu launched a 4000 network road project which was left by the late Michael Sata, and in the entire Zambia, their target is every road must be tarred. This is simple mathematics when we are talking of development.

What is Development? It is a process, that creates growth, progress and positive change or the additional physical, environmental, Economic, social and demographic components.

You don't need to search for development, it must speak for itself. If you begin to argue or search for development on social media platforms, then it ceases to be Development. It must be seen, it must speak for itself. How do you measure Development?

1. Is it through Newspapers, media outlets or national broadcaster?

2. Is it physical or tangible?

3. Is it an invisible object ?

4. Is it limited to few people for you to witness it, or everyone must see it?

5. Does it have some parameters, or guidelines for few individuals to witness or see development?

Today, Amendment Bill number 2 is hovering around town, with majority of Mps, senators, and briefcase outfits calling themselves opposition parties, putting a seal on the assault of the 2013 democratic gains of this country. Whilst other continents, regions, countries are competing for development, we are stuck with amendments, appointment of Chief Justice, judges, and eroding of the running mate clause.

I'm worried about the length of excuses in Zimbabwe? What is our problem? We have huge mineral deposits, we have alluvial diamonds, gold, we are the second largest platinum producer in the world, we have a highly competent Human Resource in Africa, we have natural resources related to Governance, we have land, we have tourism sector, we have everything, then what is our problem?

By now, we should be having, State of the Art of Hospital, state of the Art school of medicine etc.

At least by now, we must showing something !!!

We are stuck with power !!!

Stuck !!!

1. Power wrangles

2. Toxic politics

3. Greediness

4. No formula for Development

5. Popular contest

6. Election mode button remains on

7. Everyone wants to be a leader

8. Opposition is an enemy, ruling party is sinful

9. No appreciation, everyone is evil

10. We work on ZTV !!!

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is the Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking- ZIST, and he can be contacted at

Source - Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
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