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Angela Merkel and Liz Cheney are conservatives, but their political values and principles are worth of gold!

13 May 2021 at 21:03hrs | Views
We are also called anarchists; our socialistic values about removing a capitalist world to an order that puts emphasis on humanity and not profit. Activists defy status core, demand a remake of our turbulent world. Singer Bob Marley's famous song: "remake the world" is the message that drives us to continue to fight for justice even in situations as hopeless as our politics in Zimbabwe. How do we keep candles burning, using distant social media means to bring about a revolutionary change in our lifetime? The American elections of 2020 put us in a desperate situation, it was not expected, it happened, telling, warning us that democracy is fragile even in the most powerful nation in the world.

The world has become a global village: we look to other countries to find strength to continue fighting for justice in our own countries. The 2020 US elections that saw the former president Donald Trump losing and the insurrection at the Capitol Hill sent bad messages to despotic countries who looked up to America; how terrorists trumped up democratic processes that are sacrosanct and exemplary world-wide.
How did that insurrection happen, taking place in America, in the second Millennium? Sh*t happens, was not expected, a shockwave of that magnitude! A German adage goes: "unter hohen Druck entstehen Diamanten". It means under extreme pressure there is goodness that can still develop. Liz Cheney could be the hopeful of America.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney appeared as if she lost her powerful position as leader of GOP yesterday 12.05. 2021: in retrospect that chaos in the US conservative party empowered her to become a hopeful female president of USA on a conservative ticket; a question of time. This political thinking may surprise many global progressives who are tirelessly fighting dominant globalist, capitalistic forces to be replaced with socialist progressive forces. Liz Cheney displayed courage under most excruciating circumstances as if Liz was the voice of wisdom in the wilderness. (I am not the only socialist to warm up to Congresswoman Liz Cheney, a conservative by birth)

In America, a country openly dominated by Donald Trump, Liz stood up against Trump and challenged him, how much of a liar he is, to still harbour thoughts of having won US 2020 elections, she will fight with all her might to make sure that Donald Trump does not come to power again and should never be near the oval office. She openly challenged all of them in the republican party who ousted her that they lacked courage to tell the truth about the election liars for fear of Donald Trump. Conservative as she may be, this is the courage we global women should emulate. Speaking the truth and standing against all odds in defending what you think is right is a rare trait, bold and enviable.
From the onset, Donald Trump has never been a conservative himself: he used the party to get what he wanted: POWER and he got it in 2016. After the elections of 2020, Donald Trump shifted away from the conservative party core values of free trade, balanced budgets, and a strong America, and, above all, upholding the values of the American constitution.

Trump drifted away from the conservative roots: his presidency was in reverse gear in all aspects of what is about conservativism in America.  "Let us make America great again" mantra misled the conservative supporters to suggest that Trump is a patriot who genuinely loves America. His failure to win the elections interfered with his inherent ambitions to turn America into some North Korean dictatorship or Russian autocratic regime.

The rest is history indeed, Trump stoked anger in the republican party and its members falsely claiming that the elections were rigged and stolen from him: he claims to have won the elections with a landslide, in retrospect he failed dismally to persuade governors in some swing states to reverse the elections in his favour.

On the 6th of January Donald Trump went for a kill. He tried to overthrow the constitution of the USA, again he failed. The issues about Congresswoman Cheney are symptoms of what happened, what is happening, and what will happen in future inside the republican party come 2024.
It is curious to note that the American people never noted or commented about Trump and his admiration of despots and authoritarian regimes around the world. When Trump met the North Korean Führer, he called him a "smart cook." Trump's comment had an undercurrent of envy for him and the absolute power the Führer enjoys in North Korea. This is exactly that what Trump wants America to be about him, rule it like Kim Jong-un in North Korea. Again, Trump has admiration for Vladimir Putin. Russia's interference in the 2016 elections results is still not clear how much Russian enabled Trump's election success.

Congress Liz Cheney was voted out quickly by a voice vote and never a democratic full tally. Bravely, Liz Cheney said: "We cannot let the former president drag us backward and make us complicit in his efforts to unravel our democracy. Down that path lies our destruction, and potentially the destruction of our country." "If you want leaders who will enable and spread his destructive lies, I'm not your person; you have plenty of others to choose from. That will be their legacy." Said Cheney.

"But I promise you this, after today, I will be leading the fight to restore our party and our nation to conservative principles, to defeating socialism, to defending our republic, to making the GOP worthy again of being the party of Lincoln. Cheney said. It takes absolute courage and boldness to go against the grain in defending what you believe in the way Liz chose and acted on the decision to out her from a number three position in the republican party.

We shall watch carefully what actions she will take to fight the almighty Trump and ground him down making him incapable of standing for the 2024 US elections. My wish and prayers.

Liz Cheney's actions and strong values are example to emulate, a bar too high given the fact that the forces she is standing up against are nourished with finance-capitalism: they are money driven organisations that have lost basic principles of democracy and values of the constitution that all Americans should uphold. Liz Cheney is making history. becoming a symbol of hope to millions of American from all sides of political divides. The world will be thankful to her for her exceedingly brave act.
How does Chancellor Angela Merkel come into this discourse? Interestingly to me perhaps, Angela Merkel is a conservative leader of the Christian Democratic Party. She took over from Chancellor Helmut Kohl and has been at the top of German politics for over 15 years. Her success in politics is wholly through her political astuteness, her strong values, authentic personality; her academic background to some extent make her unflappable and risk averse.

When she took over the leadership of the CDU, the party was in shambles, awash with party scandals of various degrees. Thanks to her East German upbringing, she understood the power of inclusivity and the purpose of trusting and motivating others around her political circles: those were her high guiding principles.

Merkel's background is in East of German although she was born in Hamburg, she grew up in the German Democratic Republic, could be understood as the socialist part of Germany, DDR. She was given a parliamentary mandate by the state of Vorpommern after the fall of Berlin Wall. Under Dr. Helmut Kohl government, she held several government portfolios, her eloquent ability to execute those government posts made her a remarkable person and was already marked as the successor of Chancellor Kohl.

Remarkably, Angela Merkel comes into this discourse not by default: It is my realization that women politics is somehow different from men. Merkel, having been the chancellor for so long, it is thanks to several attributes she exemplified in her leadership including courage and her true unssailable principles.

We all remember the recession Germany had to go through after the Berlin Wall. A woman with an East German background eschewed short-term popularity in pursuit of long-term long-lasting change. Cautiously and boldly she pedestalized Germany economy out of recession and it boosted. The class differences closed because she honestly believed in a fair society. (her socialist convictions) In 2008, Germany had the largest economy in Europe thanks to her reform path to combat unemployment.

It is not possible to detail the political successes of Chancellor Merkel in a single sentence. As a feminist I hasten to say that Markel's politics has a socialist element, however, was not visible. (her political astuteness) Her female qualities shaped politics for the betterment of the low-income groups inadvertently perhaps. (Any German who reads this article may differ sharply with this layman's analysis of Merkel politics) It was not easy to find a future CDU candidate to replace Merkel whose high bar measurement of her civil service is unparalleled. She is leaving politics this autumn: indeed she will be missed by many.

In conclusion I look at these two women with great awe, wonder, pride, and admiration even though they are conservative background, not me, a socialist. However, I see and recognize their courage, eloquence, astuteness, boldness, and pride in them by their political actions and performances in a man-dominated, chauvinistic societies and made remarkable act of bravery.

Liz Cheney can surprise us in American in as much as Angela Merkel did in Germany. Nobody expected Merkel to excel in her leadership. Merkel is internationally known for her good policies that made Germany a formidable European country to look up to globally. The name Merkel is respected widely across the globe. At home in Germany her service is recognised with respect. Yes, they do criticize her haircut, and her dress code.

Her admitting a million refugees from Syria into Germany showed us her connectedness, her humanitarian heart: we call her Mama-Merkel because we saw a mother in her actions – her heart for the othering placed her at the centre of the world-stage.

Coming from Zimbabwe, I am deeply concerned about the insurrection that took place at the Capitol Hill in America on the 6th of January 2021. The good question is: does Zidera still have its relevance in USA-Zimbabwe today? What values on democracy can America teach Zimbabwe? USA has opposition with 70 million people struggling to understand democratic values and the rule of law and that a constitution is sacrosanct? If Zimbabwe started culling people in 2023 elections, is big brother America going to say stop, citing what and which democratic principles they themselves are upholding?

The insurrection in America is a global mess and will impact emerging countries adversely the whole of this century: insurrections will take rounds globally repeating the Capitol Hill domestic terrorism knowing that a nation like USA has no moral rights to say stop it. America is the most powerful country in the world: Undermining democracy and disregarding of USA constitution means other countries will follow the big-brother America-Trump syndrome including President Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe; come 2023.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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