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Mnangagwa very weak in fighting corruption

16 May 2021 at 06:52hrs | Views
The recent appointment of controversial Delish Nguwaya at AAG is a very sad development in the history of fighting corruption. Even those who thought President Emmerson Mnangagwa was serious in fighting graft are burying their heads in sand.

It looks like the Affirmative Action Group  is a recently overhauled machine to fund, sponsor and oil the 2023 harmonised election. It is a vital cog meant to drive the mission of Zanu PF not the whole country.

The controversy is beyond imagination. Last year after being arrested for corruption charges involving Covid19 US$60 million PPE supply scandal, Nguwaya has miraculously landed a top post and escaping a jail term by a whisker.

One who has been implicated in a corrupt procurement is appointed an adviser.
These are the type of people who are being  elevated by this regime.

All the efforts of fighting corruption in the country are being thwarted and flashed in the drain by this kind of double standards behaviour of this new dispensation which rewards people of dubious and crooked character.

The captured courts have failed to prove the gross abuse of Covid19 funds by Drax International.

On another disappointing development Henrietta Rushwaya who was arrested at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport last year in October with six kilograms of gold worth $US 400 000 which she wanted to smuggle to Dubai was caught red handed but instead of facing a jail term, she also managed to retain her post as the President of Zimbabwe Miners Federation. Henrietta Rushwaya had no supporting documents that allowed her to export gold.

Rushwaya is connected to Zanu PF and a very powerful cartel. They preach of shunning corruption during the day but embrace it during the day.

To add insult to an injury, we recently witnessed Minister of Home Affairs Kazembe Kazembe joining a queue at Harare passport offices to effect a citizen arrest of a man who was believed to be asking for bribes to jump a queue.

The man was attested and the story was quickly published in the state controlled mouthpiece saying they were fighting corruption and leaving organised looters plundering the country's resources and smuggling  our natural resources through Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport. Its unfortunate that the airport has become a sophisticated hub of smuggling precious minerals.

Another arrest of Tashinga Masinire who was nabbed by Hawks at OR Tambo International Airport in South Africa over smuggled contraband of 23 pieces of gold worth US$ 800 000 shows how corruption is being oiled by state agents. Masinire did not have any permit to possess such gold. He was former Zimbabwe Miners Federation President Henrieta Rushwaya's driver. The corruption is well encrypted.

Ironically the CCTV cameras used to record Joana Mamombe and her colleagues were functioning very well and the clip was broadcasted on national TV for everyone to see but the same cameras were switched off during the time Henrietta Rushwaya and Tashinga Masinire were about to smuggle gold out the country.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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