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Go to Harare and arrest Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa

24 May 2021 at 14:51hrs | Views
For someone who studied chemistry, I know that a chain of reactions has a lot to do with the heat that produces those reactions. Chain reactions can be a sequence of reactions where a reactive product or by-products cause additional reactions to take place: it means the chain reactions are not in thermodynamic equilibrium but release energy to reach a state of higher entropy.

However, this article is not reacting to previous articles I wrote but a response to desperate thinking processes of some Ndebele reactionaries in our midst: some Mthwakazi parties in Matabeleland. It is pathetic to realize that some peoples of Ndebele are wholly incapable of dissemination simple written articles about political developments in this region. They read the article, deliberately escape facts and instead, opinions are twisted to suit them at that given place and time.

There is nothing as exciting in Matabeleland as to label a Ndebele person Zanu sympathizer or on Zanu payroll. It arouses those emotions of hate and helplessness against anything that exposes the weaknesses in their desperate struggle to cessed from Zimbabwe. There is no reasoning discourses respected in Mthwakazi parties or a platform of airing views congruent with their own agenda. We are force-fed of their limited thought processes and they demand total obedience and subjugation to their cause from everyone in the region including me.

If I were to react to their articles, it will mean there are "two". I will not dignify it by another reaction producing another chain reaction: I will respond to glaringly pathetic and desperate articles of those who reacted and the comments extensively exposing stupidity, their inability to open a civilized debate about challenges in Matabeleland, but instead are demanding and coercing entitled masculinity over me.

My first response is never to defend myself unnecessarily to thought processes below the belt but to tell those Mthwakazi people that Nomazulu Thata is a political activist who fights for the gender causes in Zimbabwe, in Germany and elsewhere. I am known for unwavering gender views here in Germany where I am actively into mainline politics to bring change to women's lives globally including Zimbabwe.

I enjoy the territory I find myself in as it gives me the golden opportunity to fight for gender cause actively and effectively. Hence the chain of reactions that heated up about strong views in my articles is evidence of the strength of the message: deeply proud about me: I cannot be modest enough.

My strong message openly exposing what might happen if there was independence in this region is gaining traction. The pen has finally dropped. The MLF-MLO got sleepless nights and must have developed stomach muscle relaxation, visiting the toilet very often because of the effects Nomazulu Thata's articles have done to them. Their reactions give me courage and strength to fight gender issues even harder than before. I challenged Israel Dube and his lot to come to Germany and arrest me, tie my hands and feet douse me with paraffin and set me alight; I said this a long time ago, but it seems to me "Zizi harina nyanga". If by any means their wishes were to be fulfilled, I will die once and not many times before my death. Toothless dogs back with other dogs with teeth to conceal shameless weaknesses of their inability to bite: what remained intact is the backing in the absence of teeth.
Their reaction to my articles also exposes Mthwakazi chauvinistic and hatred for female gender. They were out of your breaths in telling THIS WOMAN who dares Ndebele men outrightly and without mincing her words. Nomazulu Thata went further, told the Mthwakazi parties that they have fascist intentions in their cause. God this is unheard of in Mthwakazi, Nomazulu must be punished and threatened with gruesome death: a Winnie Mandela Necklace. Some of the Ndebele men hate women who have the courage to speak out against injustices.
The male Mthwakazi parties have no respect for women. A "crazy" woman like Nomazulu must be cut to size zero and be made to realize her place in the Mthwakazi society. If indeed I were weak and was a coward, I would fart on myself out for fear of what might happen to me if I were caught by CK Nyoni or Israel Dube. I am safe in Germany and on my firm feet.

The real enemy here is Mnangagwa and his Zanu party and government. But because he is out of their reach, Nomazulu Thata becomes the easy outlet. How many times did we hear about independence of Matabeleland and that Lupane is now a liberated zone? If I can recall properly, it is about 7 years ago. Nothing has happened because most of these Mthwakazi outfits are known cowards. We are in the middle of another year waiting for independence, but we harvest hundreds of threats on cyber space threatening the supposed weaker niche in the society: women and children. Women and children are buckets where these frustrated Mthwakazi men vomit on because they cannot reach the real enemy: Mnangagwa and Zanu.

It would make a lot of sense to demonstrate courage by going to Harare, arrest Mnangagwa and his henchmen: tie their arms and feet and douse them with paraffin and set them alight. If they demonstrated this act of bravery, only then will I know that I am talking with men with b*lls and not uncircumcised men who never went to the mountains for a real men-ritual.
Women in Zimbabwe are deemed the weaker gender: How do you exercise your courage, demonstrate bravery by attacking the niche perceived weaker and you are proud to have insulted Nomazulu Thata by calling her a Zanu sympathizer, an accusation deliberately twisted to arouse emotions in the region and the Ndebele people will react by insulting this rebel Ndebele called Nomazulu Thata. What a cheap way of politicking? It also exposes Dr. Churchill Guduza, a man who has died many times in his life, is still waiting to die the last death.

I almost feel pity for your inability to engage simple and straightforward articles that I write on social media. My articles are meant to reach out to all classes in the societies because I take my activism profoundly serious. Twisting my articles to your lower denominations is an act of desperation evident in your loss of breaths, timbre, and fire culminating from messages of my activism. Remember too that I engage daily with several people in Matabeleland, I know exactly what they think about me. I do not lose sleep because I have been threatened by CK Nyoni or/and Israel Dube: I am safe 24/7 here in Germany.

In my two previous articles I wrote about numerous numbers of Mthwakazi parties that I can not count and that it is challenging to separate them apart: Who is MLO or MRP or MLP? I have never read an article from Mthwakazi parties condemning Israel Dube for his lack of respect for life; condemning him for using threats against the people he purports to liberate. Are they complicit with his views on murder to "traitors" of Mthwakazi?

It is at if they are saying: "we cannot reach Mnangagwa, the next we can vent our anger on, is Nomazulu Thata". It is easy to pick on female Nomazulu and deal with her sarcastically. Tiri pama one. Violence with the same set of murderous intents as Zanu and Mnangagwa, is inherently present in some Mthwakazi parties. Are we fighting murderous Zanu to replace it with murderous Mthwakazi party MLO? Ndo anonzi ma one ka aya!

I am sorry you cannot control me CK Nyoni, your threats are redundant. Uthinte umfazi, uthinte imbokodho: I cannot be modest. You have this nostalgic reconstruction of the past that if you insult a woman, she will retreat and subject herself, submit herself because she fears Winnie Mandela necklace: stuff and nonsense. This power matrix that when a male speaks and make threats, a woman should be petrified with fear, is a thing of the past. Much as courage is not the absence of fear, I stand up against stupid male acts of violence that puts women and children at risk. There is no rational in threats of violence unimaginable by global civilized population. WE categorically say no violence; WE unequivocally refused to subject ourselves to Mthwakazi agenda.

My article is not complete if I do not mention Mr. Razi Emile, a man who supports and sees rational in my activism. I thank him, salute, to stand up against those male chauvinists who are hell bent to insult because they cannot speak is not a mean feat. I equally respect Raze Emile's views on gender issues too: we differ but remain respectful of each other. Gender emancipation will not take place overnight but are a long revolutionary process.

I pen off by saying to CK Nyoni, my activism is here to stay for many reasons the last colony of African is not yet liberated: the women are the last colony in Africa to gain independence from African masculinity, male dominance, and African male chauvinism. Lastly, CK Nyoni, my name is Nomazulu Thata and not Nomagugu. Do not behave like a British Conservative Bencher who used to call all Labour MPs Betty, Betty to annoy them.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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