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MDC violence a threat to national peace

01 Jun 2021 at 07:01hrs | Views
TIME and again many have inked articles articulating how the MDC-Alliance is wired in violence, with the streak running so deep that removing it simply means an end to the political outfit that was formed to push the whiteman's agenda.

That of course cannot stop us today to pause and reflect on the damage these pseudo democrats have brought to the country's body politic.

Just last week the MDC-A yobs were on each other throats, in a self-disembowelling exercise that simply demonstrates to the world and yonder that this political outfit, with no clear policy definition, direction and gravitas is now gravitating towards the end.

For now, the MDC-A, which was formed in 1999 at the behest of a few angry and privileged whites, resembles a beheaded chicken, walking in circles. It will be only a matter of time before the electorate consigns it into memory dustbins.

Zanu-PF, the political juggernaut, that is in power is implementing far-reaching economic reforms that have found resonance with the broader masses, will win the 2023 elections by an even bigger margin.

The reason is simple, dams are being constructed, roads are being rehabilitated, and development is permeating to all districts thanks to the devolution programme that empowers communities.

On top of that, Zimbabwe is sitting on a bumper harvest.

For the first time in many years, Zimbabwe will not import food and therefore save over US$300 million, a handsome amount which will be channelled to the productive sector.

As of now jobs are being created, houses are being built as part of the National Development Strategy 1 which is targeting an over 5 percent annual growth for the next five years.

This will be done through the creation of a thriving private sector-led competitive economy, implementation of sound macroeconomic policies anchored on fiscal discipline, monetary and financial sector stability, including an open business-friendly environment, which promotes both foreign and domestic investment.

All these are in place and investors, even those from America, who could miss the bus are showing interest.

Consequently, thousands of people are joining the ruling party attracted to its magnetic orbit of development that is premised on sound economic policies well as President Mnangagwa's mantra that "no place will be left behind" as the Second Republic brick-by-brick rebuilds Zimbabwe.

While the Zanu-PF Government is building dams in Buhera, Gwai, Chivhu and Marondera, just to mention but a few, rehabilitating major roads including those that have fallen into a state of disrepair under the MDC councils, the opposition is consumed in its hara-kiri fighting for remnants of a party that is in death throes.

What happened in Masvingo over the weekend is a classical case in point, it has all the genome of the violence that the country has for long associated with the opposition, a gang of gangsters who cannot and will not remove their student activism violence gowns and don robes of wisdom befitting those who aspire to govern Zimbabwe.

They desecrate on peace, and live by violence, forgetting the ancient wisdom that those who live by the sword will fall by the sword. They are falling.

It is now clear as daylight that the MDC Alliance is a menace to society and a threat to national peace and security.

Their dastardly deeds as despicable as they are, being on display in Masvingo when the inebriated yobs exchanged blows, leaving many injured.

This shows that these are not democrats but behave more like demons-cast from the pits of hell.

There is no need to plumb into the latrines of their violence, suffice to say that these vicious fights are a manifestation of the festering wounds, self-inflicted wounds, that have been woefully covered since 2018 electoral rout in the hands of Zanu-PF.

Mr Chamisa, who betrayed Mr Biti in 2014, earning himself the moniker Cobra, for his ophidian behaviour, is now discarding his former allies like Mr Hwende, as he surrounds himself more with lawyers and less with the trade unionists, the students activists, and the women's assembly of the party.

All the while, Mr Biti, a darling of the West, is rubbing his hands gleefully, waiting for the opportune time to wrest power from Chamisa, in this battle for the throne, there are no scruples, no morals only selfish pursuits where the youths are used as the pawns.

In their frustrations, the young MDC supporters have turned on each other. They have been used as a tool of violence, their comrades have been arrested and jailed because of violence, yet they find themselves side-lined cast in the periphery because they do not have the wherewithal to support the fancy lives of those in leadership.

This is now the emerging threat that threatens the peace that the country enjoys today, the violence that was witnessed in the MDC corridors might have been intra-party but these merchants of violence have a perchance to export their pent up anger to ordinary Zimbabweans who are focused on bread and butter issues, production and productivity.

What the skirmishes in Masvingo teach us is that there is never a need to guess who are the real repositories of violence in the country.

The MDC and its activists, who are shrinking by way of desertion to Zanu-PF, are instigators of violence.

It is little surprising that there is no condemnation from the party's leadership, there are no statements from some Western embassies. This is a madness that has a method to it, ensconced in their ivory towers, the MDC so-called leaders appear nonchalant, but soon the whole party will crumble as a result of the violence they will have themselves to blame.

We have an opposition that is in a crisis, a crisis of thought, a crisis of expectation, and a crisis of violence.

By now, any ordinary person would have sobered up from the 2018 election thumping.

Some self-introspection and policy formulation to counter those of the governing party Zanu-PF but alas they are trapped in eternal violence.

Mr Chamisa and his kindergarten bandwagon are locked in bitter factional fights, fighting for crumbs, crumbs that will not satiate the appetites of the greedy lot.

As all this takes place Zimbabwe is on a recovery trajectory, with the economy estimated to grow by over 7 percent, notwithstanding the Covid-19 pandemic, this development cannot be derailed by shrill voices of clueless men and women who are being led down a precipice by a leader who is self-absorbed and suffers from perpetual hubris.

In the MDC-A, we have an organisation that is a constant threat to the prevailing peace, when youths in the MDC-A, obviously at the behest of their godless leaders, are in a disconcerting habit of championing acts of terror that threaten the people, there is need to put a stop to this, once and for all.

Source - the herald
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