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Writing my suicide note: Dambudzo Mnangagwa is inside us!

02 Jun 2021 at 08:51hrs | Views
It is suicidal to critique the Mthwakazi parties in as much as to condemn infiltration by the Mnangagwa CIOs in Matabeleland. What I read in New causes concern to those who are carefully following developments in this region. Mthwakazi (MRP) I hope this time around I am talking about the right party, is decrying lack of loyalty of the people of Matabeleland and Midlands to MRP. Reading this article today, I was as sure as a cock I was going to respond as early as today. It is unbelievable to realize that Mqondisi Moyo and the rest in the party think that the people of this region are stupid; they will subscribe to their agenda without thinking but blindly follow because they are THE PARTY IN THE REGION.

Mqondisi Moyo, with all due respect I have for you, you cannot force the people of this region to be blind followers of your party. MRP party has been in existence in the region for some time now. You lack everything that has to do with leadership of a political party. I did not need to tell you that you lack charisma, that is out of the discussion. Your agenda is not appealing to the people of this region and it is for this reason they do not have confidence in your leadership and a political ideology that is evidently missing.

To begin with the reasons about your social and political grievances, I do support you 100% the people of Matabeleland are convinced about absent progress and development in the region. People from all tribal divides have spoken openly about marginalization deliberately perpetuated by the government. There is discrimination in education, health, infrastructure development, jobs: The import of schoolteachers and several other jobs from Mashonaland to Matabeleland region is real, hence Ndebeles are forced to emigrate to South Africa to find employment that is not available for them in Matabeleland.

These arguments are sounds and worth supporting. I have supported your cause for a long time until you started talking about cessation of Matabeleland from the mainland Zimbabwe. I realized too that the Mthwakazi parties started splitting without convincing reasons, instead of hitting out at the Ndebele people and those in Midlands why they do not support MRP, it is better to make introspection as to why we shun your party. The people in Matabeleland are asking themselves questions about your numerous Mthwakazi parties and whose agenda do you represent really.
There is no seriousness in your parties: why do you not unite all seven political parties and show us responsibility, care, empathy, commitment to developing our lives by going to rural villages and assist in poverty reduction and food insecurities. Instead you are fly by the night politicians known to go to rural areas and the villagers will slaughter the goat in your honour, give a higher sit to sit on; no eye-level contact with humble villagers. Sorry Mqondisi that is not leadership; At best you are fake revolutionaries. You lack sound, glass clear ideas about your political agenda. The population in the region have seen through you long back they are not as gullible as you may think; shouting Ndebele slogans will not attract crowds at your rallies and vote for you enmasse. Something bigger than those generic meetings must happen.

You lost the game long back when you started splitting into several political groupings, you are posing a dangerous situation in this region I must say. Having split, some of Mthwakazi parties are coercing the Ndebele people to accept their cause. Your Mthwakazi leaders that have joined Zanu: Secretary general Ackim Mhlanga and Matabeleland North Provincial Secretary have strong reasons why they left because there is no leadership to talk about in your MRP Mthwakazi party, loyalty is not leadership. You are competing among yourselves who is a better Mthwakazi than the other.

Dear Mqondisi, it is not enough to tell us that you are the only political party organisation that had stood with the people of Matabeleland and Midlands that were affected by Gukurahundi atrocities. Show leadership abilities and capabilities to the people you want to liberate. Show something tangible to the rural population by committing to development and not by word of mouth. Go and live with rural populations and facilitate development together with available resources in the region. "Vietnam did; why can't you did it"?

"Our biggest enemies are ourselves because the people of Matabeleland are the ones who are selling out each other instead of uniting all under MRP since it is the only party that has stood for the people of Midlands and Matabeleland," You said talking to New It is easy to talk about selling one another: you cannot express yourself in absolute terms or  can you prove it that people are selling out, unless if you are diverting the focus from your leadership discrepancies. Even in my maddest senses I can never be a member of MRP: Many people in the region of Matabeleland and Midlands are saying the same.

"They don't even ask (why), but they run nicodemously for the love of money." I have heard this cheap accusation of Mkhwanazi's to label anyone who does own up to your agenda as potential traitors. This statement defeats your leadership ability and capability. Anyone has the right to chose her/his own party of choice. Somehow you think it is given that if you are a Ndebele, you are automatically a member of Mthwakazi, a party struggling to come up with a clear political ideology and conviction. Ask Nkosana Moyo: he can assist you perfectly on formulating sound and genuine policies and a viable manifesto.

Does it surprise then that Israel's MLO is threatening Ndebele people: if we do not subscribe to their agenda we are deemed as traitors and therefore we must be murdered: a necklace is waiting for all of us they deem traitors. It means 80% of the population of Matabeleland will be burnt to death because they refuse blind loyalty to Mthwakazi parties. You have evidence on the ground now that the people of Matabeleland refuse to be members of your MRP and many other Mthwakazi parties. I communicate with several people and I know exactly what they think about Mthwakazi hence you will never succeed until you change your leadership strategies.

To sum up the inward-looking approach to your Matabeleland politics, Mqondisi; in 2018 your party participated in the harmonized elections. Your inability to gauge Zimbabwean politics is your demise: your political weakness and an inward-looking leadership. Mthwakazi party especially should not have taken part in the 2018 elections because you gave Zanu a clean legitimacy. Mnangagwa and his government were able to argue their legitimacy by citing Mthwakazi party MRP, a radical regional party, was even given space to participate in the elections. Therefore the 2018 elections were free and fair: said Zanu PF to the world. You sincerely thought you were ging to win a seat in 2018 elections?

There is no Zanu under Mnangagwa that will allow a single parliamentary seat for Mthwakazi in the region, not even Zapu, not even ANSA. The MDC-Alliance are made to win elections for strategic reasons to give some semblance of democracy that is not existent. You came out of those elections with laughable results. Several people warned you never to give the Zanu government legitimacy by taking part in the elections, you did not heed the advice, a poor political judgement of your leadership. The people in Matabeleland can see through your short-comings and they will not take you seriously let alone voting for you.

In your last sentence in the interview with New you said: "Stop dividing us and come to MRP". To me this statement is a sign of desperation. The Mthwakazi parties are too many for the region. Please remember this Mqondisi, I bet with my last coin, one of Mthwakazi parties in the region belongs to Mnangagwa's CIO. But we shall know this later.

Ask yourself why you are always quarrelling inside your party leadership? There is one party that is an implant of the Zanu CIO hell bent to provoke the masses and those who react can be fished out easily. This Mthwakazi implant is a trap to rouse the people in the region for action. The call to declare Lupane a liberated zone was a clear strategy to make those who would have reacted to be fished out by CIO. Mnangagwa's CIO want to know who in Matabeleland has cessationist intentions? Remember too how we learnt later that Pastor Evan Mawarire was an implant of Mnangagwa, told by Jonathan Moyo. Mr. Mawarire never disputed this openly.

To conclude this dear Mqondisi. It would be good if we form organisations that will focus on development only and not politics. Our region is in dire straits and politics is not the route to development but to organise forces at home and abroad and we strategize development seriously. There is an organisation already in Matabeleland that has started this approach: they are inventing the wheel by strategizing development and not politics. It is joining such efforts together with the diaspora to bring change in the region. If not, the future for the coming generation in this region is at stake.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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