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Godwin Matanga lifts the police bar higher as the the new dispensation shines

06 Jun 2021 at 13:49hrs | Views
Since the second republic ED has brought in faces which change things. ED has allied people in different aspects of economy to hit the ground running. One department he made a difference is the Police department. By appointing Police Commissioner General Goodwin Matanga the Police Force became a different department. Despite people trying to undermine the new commissioner General he taught the Police to be the police. The Zimbabwe Republic Police play a critical front-line role in the prevention and detection of crime and the criminal justice system. Matanga taught the police to work in partnership  on a day-to-day basis with local communities, stakeholders and colleagues in order to promote  law and order, reduce the fear of crime, provide reassurance and build confidence to improve the quality of life for citizens.
This role carries legal powers to enable the maintenance of law and order and bears responsibility for making autonomous decisions in accordance with the rule of law and natural justice. Under the new dispensation the police are able to exercise professional discretion, as appropriate to the role, in line with legal frameworks and policy guidelines.

The Commissioner General Matanga required the police to meet and maintain the highest professional standards required of their role, by conducting all actions in a legal, balanced, proportionate and justifiable manner to uphold the law and achieve the best outcomes in a wide range of situations/incidents and under immense pressure.
The police has managed to steer clear from bias and served the nation without political bias.

Under the new dispensation the police has been able to provide appropriate initial and ongoing frontline response to a wide range of incidents that included complex and confrontational situations, assessing immediate risk, threat and harm to determine a proportionate response in line with the law, policy and guidance. The police has taken  a leading role in establishing effective localised partnerships to problem solve, engage with, reassure and support organisations, groups and individuals across communities in line with the Force's planned approach.

In a direct departure from the previous police governance Matanga has effectively
engaged with victims, witnesses, suspects and the vulnerable, in accordance with equality, diversity and human rights considerations, to provide initial support, direct towards relevant services, establish relationships and gather information that prevents and reduces crimes.

Matanga has shown great understanding of the police and he has instilled the sense to maintain awareness of potential and actual risks to individuals, taking appropriate action to protect and support those in need of public protection to pre-empt or effectively address safety and vulnerability issues.

The Police we have now is not a monstrous outfit but a friendly service. Matanga is steering the police from a force to a service.

The police conduct effective and efficient priority and high-volume investigations as requested in line with standards of investigation to inform the development of high quality case files and initiation of criminal justice proceedings.
As a result only in one week the police managed to arrest notorious armed robbers.  They showed the ability to gather and handle information, intelligence, and evidence, from a variety of sources, in line with legislation, policies and guidance, taking the appropriate action to support investigations, law enforcement and criminal justice proceedings.
This led to the arrest of six armed robbers and carjackers, despite a shoot out at close range only one of the suspects was shot and injured on the left knee as he tried to flee the scene after detectives had cornered the gang. In accordance with the human rights ethos the armed robber was taken to Sally Mugabe Central Hospital for treatment and is reported to be in stable condition. Unlike the days when there would be a massacre at the scene of arrest the police have stopped the system of being judge and jury.

The arrested suspects are: Isaac Kufa (36) of Hatfield, Tonderai Murupiri (28), Patrick Mbundire (21), Casper Chigariro (42), all of Epworth, Hardlife Steven Makwarimba alias Stavo (45) of Goromonzi and Charles Yekeye (47) of Unit O in Chitungwiza.

All roles are expected to know, understand and act within the ethics and values of the Police Service.
Despite the Unprecedented budget cuts which have caused waves of change throughout the Police Force the successes have shown that the police is part of life not only a job. Financial constrains have caused increased pressure at an organisational level that will only be passed on to individual officers as they race to cover the gaps.
Doing more with less has become the new norm for officers across the country. The police do anything to deliver justice peace and tranquility.  

Matanga has taught his officers innovation skills.
Innovation systems offer an avenue to think of a way around resource deficits, opening up new opportunities for collaboration, automation and streamlining. Innovation-focused technology and systems allow for not only top-down, leadership-led approaches but also facilitate grass-roots innovation by those closest to the challenges that austerity creates. This helped the police to build viable, nationwide solutions using the critical insight of the police workforce that can save hundreds of thousands. Through Matanga's style of leadership which consolidates ED's open for business policy police in Harare have arrested nine suspects, two of them foreigners, believed to be part of a vehicle smuggling and carjacking syndicate operating in the Sadc region.

Of the nine, three were arrested in Mainway Meadows in southern Harare after they were found in possession of two cars — a Range Rover Evoque (registration number HZ 33CN GP) and a Toyota Fortuner (JH 81 HR GP), worth nearly R1 million together.

The vehicles are suspected to have been stolen in Namibia before being smuggled to South Africa and then Zimbabwe.
It is believed the suspects wanted to eventually smuggle the two cars into Zambia.
The suspects are a South African, Mpswati Obed Lucar (33), a Zimbabwean living in South Africa Brian Mabika (29) and a Zambian identified as SA Kalengo (36).

Investigations revealed that the trio were allegedly part of a syndicate that had been robbing people of vehicles in the region before smuggling them to other countries for resale using fake documents.
Both Namibia and South Africa could not stop them until they encountered cyclone Matanga.
Detectives discovered that the cars were stolen in Namibia before they were smuggled into South Africa where fake documents and registration numbers were manufactured. They were then smuggled into Zimbabwe en route to Zambia using the fake documents.

Both the engine and chassis numbers were tampered with and police have since engaged Interpol to assist with investigations.

The transformation of the Police force has shown that Zimbabwe is open for business and those who want to use Zimbabwe as a passage for criminal activities the Police are in the new dispensation.
Zimbabwe will have a first class police service come 2023.
If you want this to happen vote ED. 2023. ED PFEEEEEEEE.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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