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Ngarivhume conflicted or split personality

08 Jun 2021 at 05:32hrs | Views
People are bound to ask the question whether the leader of Transform Zimbabwe, Jacob Ngarivhume, has a split personality or is just straight up conflicted and lacks a vision.

This follows messages that set social media platform,Twitter, ablaze recently with insinuations that Ngarivhume could replace the leader of the MDC Alliance (MDC-A) Nelson Chamisa.

Ngarivhume denied any covetous desire to take over the reins of the MDC-A student activist Nelson Chamisa, claiming a brotherhood of sorts.

It boggles the mind that even though he has no desire to fight his erstwhile "brother" for the MDC-A seat, he has a burning desire to see to it that he does not win the 2023 Presidential election as he intends to take the bread right out of Chamisa's mouth.

On several times, Ngarivhume has posted on his Twitter handle that he has no intention of merging his party with the MDC-A, as he intends to be a formidable stand-alone opposition party, with a desire to significantly reduce the chances for the MDC-A to win the 2023 elections, while increasing his chances of snatching the presidency of this country from Zanu-PF.

Surely, it is true that politics is a dirty game, Ngarivhume is exhibiting a split personality trait, massaging Nelson Chamisa's ego with false solidarity approbations.

Presenting himself as one who has no interest at all in the bigger political picture, whereas like a slithering snake he aims for the bullseye, by mesmerising and enchanting followers through clean-up campaign all across the country, conveniently painting an attractive picture for himself at the expense of his complacent "brother" Chamisa.

Much to the frustration of most members of the MDC-A, Ngarivhume recently took to his Twitter handle announcing that his party Transform Zimbabwe will stand alone during the 2023 elections.

This is not the first time Ngarivhume has pulled out of the alliance. He has not even once praised his association with the MDC-A.

Instead, he has always been quick to absolve himself of any associations with that party, choosing to go it alone.

The recent clean up campaigns that he has been spearheading across the City of Harare and now soon to be spread throughout the country, have gained him the support of some MDC-A urban dwellers who were now sick and tired of cohabiting with flies from dumpsters and from blocked sewer.

They began to view him as an alternative to Chamisa who had abandoned them in the slums and not doing anything to better their living conditions.

The MDC-A led City of Harare had since thrown in the towel and in no uncertain terms told people to adapt to a life in the squalid conditions.

Ngarivhume's clean up campaigns resulted in some MDC-A supporters voicing their preference of him as the leader of the opposition.

They blamed Chamisa for not even lifting a finger despite Government giving them money toward Harare clean up and upgrade.

Ngarivhume, they said, did not sling mud at the MDC-A, instead he picked up a broom and mobilised the urban dwellers and began cleaning up.

Chamisa on the other hand is good at the blame game, always cursing at Zanu-PF.

Some members of the MDC-A are now suggesting that Chamisa should be removed from the throne in that it has only served to enrich him.

Instead, he has made a name for himself as the sand that has brought all suffering to the people of Zimbabwe, by allowing himself to be used by the West as a conduit of instilling pain on the people.

Some have put down as outright immaturity and childishness, a blatant refusal by Chamisa to wean himself from student activism into mature people-centred politics.

Chamisa witnessing the support that Ngarivhume garnered for himself through the clean Harare campaign, being a copycat he is, also initiated his "tsvaira Zimbabwe".

Chamisa clearly lacks originality.

For example, when President Mnangagwa initiated the clean-up campaign for the entire nation every last Friday of the month, Chamisa tried to hijack the same programme and introduced his own clean-up campaign every first Friday of the month.

How totally insane is that?

When President Mnangagwa stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so did Chamisa.

Now that Ngarivhume seems to have gained traction due to his own clean-up campaign in Harare urban, Chamisa introduces his own "tsvaira Zimbabwe", no wonder people want him out of the MDC-A leadership.

Recent fights in Masvingo speak of growing divisions within the MDC-A and the desperation by Chamisa to hang on to power.

Nevertheless, once the ball starts rolling it never stops until someone is kicked out of the game.

Ngarivhume should be bold and stop this split personality behaviour and grab the opportunity that has presented itself in the MDC-A, or risk remaining irrelevant with no seat in Parliament.

Source - the herald
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