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MDC-Alliance not a terrorist organisation

14 Jun 2021 at 15:29hrs | Views
Zimbabwe needs to be liberated from these selfish and clueless wannabes. The brutal truth is MDC -Alliance just like Zanu PF is a political organisation and existing under the auspices of the constitution.

The crux of the matter remains that these leaders have ran out ideas and have become clueless and have lost control of the radar.

The Zanu PF government must concentrate more on building and revamping the battered economy than playing a watchdog role to the opposition. It must be result oriented.

The fear of Nelson Chamisa is haunting them. It is now crystal clear and showing who their real contender is.

The utterances of President Emmerson Mnangagwa speech when he was addressing war veterans at Harare International Conference Centre that the MDC Alliance "resembles a terrorist organisation" leaves a lot to be desired and it is out of order and unacceptable in a democratic country where there are multiple opposition political parties.

Mnangagwa must learn to embrace the presence and existence of multi party democracies so as to build very strong democratic pillars and good governance at this time when the country is seeking unity amongst different political identities across the nation.

He accused the opposition party of violence when in actual fact it is Zanu PF which promotes violence. This is evidenced by a video of a Zanu PF youth who was attending the inveiling of Mbuya Nehanda statue.

The video in which he was threatening   the Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa accusing him of being sponsored by the West. Apparently the video went viral but no arrest has been made so far.

Labelling the opposition terrorists when they are victims of state organised terror and violence is abuse of power.

This continued attack of the opposition will create a rift when people are trying  to close ranks.

President  Emmerson Mnangagwa should stop this dangerous hate speech. He once labelled opponents as "bad apples", "dark forces" and now they are "terrorists". This is intentionally and unlawfully inciting violence Mr President.

People are aware that and know that such labeling is meant to justify human rights abuses and targeting the voice of reason, political  activits and members of the MDC- Alliance including its leaders.

There are many opposition political parties in South Africa but I have not heard of President Cyril Ramaphosa calling EFF a terrorist organization.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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