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Mnangagwa! Hands off Comrade Sydney Malunga's farm, Revenge of Zapu in graves is barbaric

15 Jun 2021 at 14:35hrs | Views
We have been saying for a long time now that that the evil in Mnangagwa is unimaginable by common sense. We can speculate what Mnangagwa and Robert Mugabe were smoking while he lived. Hon. Kate Hoey, the former Vauxhall Labour MP said Mnangagwa is Mugabe mark two. The coup that took place in 2017 concealed what was to come when Mnangagwa took office of presidency, a civil service he is struggling to cope. Mnangagwa is challenged as president; he cannot deliver just one promise. We do not know, we will never how many people perished after the coup: it was a bloody coup, and nobody knows WHO died.  

The whole president wants to revenge the dead: Comrade Sydney Malunga was a thorn in the flesh of Zanu PF back then. He was the voice in parliament right from the first days of independence in 1980: known for his courage that predicated his early death. Sydney died akayitiskwa na Mugabe, died early. He is not the only one who was killed by the notorious Zanu CIO but several including those in the echelons of Zanu perished when they showed signs of better leadership than Mugabe. Mugabe sent his dog Mnangagwa to do what he knows best: ELIMINATION; AND DECLARATION OF A HERO'S STATUS TO COVER UP.

Siphosami Malunga; the son of Comrade Sydney Malunga is doing exceptionally well in the farm his father left. Looking at the evident progress on his face book in the farm, this is what Mnangagwa does not want to see: a prosperous Ndebele in Matabeleland. Malunga bought the farm in the early hours' of 1980 independence. Sydney never grabbed a farm from white farmers like all of them. No need to ask a stupid question why Mnangagwa, his henchmen want that farm especially, grab it to give to their own Zanu PF criminals. (I bet with my last coin, some Zanu Ndebele wants the farm, but is using Mnangagwa's muscles to grab it)

Mnangagwa needed to punish Sydney even in his grave; humiliate his bones to quench his lust for revenge. To say Mnangagwa has a mammalian brain to openly insult human race. He is called crocodile because his actions resemble those of cruel crocodiles in the river. When we say the liberation struggle is a curse to some of us, it means that we never thought even in our maddest senses that the liberators of this country could this sink low, punish the generations of our children and deprive them of the land we passionately fought to get back.

Sydney Malunga's farm is grabbed by those without a single strand of conscience. It is those who think they are entitled to the country's resources: nobody else. Pseudo revolutionaries think that citizens are dispensable, reducing the nation to a proto state with jungle laws they crafted when they were in Mozambique. It is dawning late that the Zanu PF they supported is now devouring its own children because suddenly they smell like goats. Comrade Joshua Nkomo saw all this coming and he continuously warned the nation about Zanu that: "all this PASI NEWE; PASI NAYE will one day come back to haunt those who thought are above the semi-literate AND cheap revolutionary slogans of Zanu PF.

We demand that Mnangagwa leaves the property of Comrade Sydney Malunga untouched. He fought for this land to give his children inheritance, the land. The irony is that Mnangagwa thinks he will live forever, rule forever. He has not learnt anything from the fate of Mugabe, the fate whose destruction he is responsible. Chimwe nechimwe chinenguva yacho; the evil in Mnangagwa will continue to live beyond him in one way or the other. Remember he has 42 children aged between 40 and six. Mnangagwa's children will pay the consequences of their father's evil deeds and intentions.

Mnangagwa will be written in history books as a barbaric and cruel man who intended to decimate the entire ethnic group out of sheer hate and diabolic intents. That he is a genocide actor does not pelt his conscience because if it did, he would not be in power today. One day he will be tried at the international court of justice in living or in death, his name will be mentioned as one of them who perpetrated genocide on innocent civilians in Matabeleland and Midlands.

Mnangagwa please stop your callousness and stop sending CIOs to grab what does not belong to you by any stretch of your imagination. You are revenging your anger with Sydney on his children who have nothing to do with it. In terms of smartness and intellect you were no match with Sydney Malunga, you know this. You are failing dismally to rule Zimbabwe. You are not presidential by any stretch of your imagination. You cannot talk properly, you are clumsy in speech, and you cannot breathe properly, a breathing is supposed to be virtuous.

A nation cannot be ruled by the likes of General Constantine Chiwenga, an illiterate and can succeeded. You are failing to rule this nation at every turn, but killings and grabbing of mines and farms, this is what you are good at. Rumour has it that you clashed with Kembo Mohadi because of a gold mine you wanted, and you did what you know best, muscled him out of power. He must thank his gods he is still alive otherwise you will have devoured him long back by methods you know best. Mohadi should have learnt long back about the danger of a black mamba he is dealing with in the room. Or is it birds of the same feather?

Leave Sydney Malunga's property untouched, he worked hard, and the children are doing well in the farm. You are jealousy of progress done by your foes; you want them crushed by methods below the belt. Are you telling us you are revenging Sydney Malunga in his grave? Shem on you Mr President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. You must be told on your face that you will never live forever, you will die by the same sword you lived and cherished. What makes you think you need a farm in Nyamayendlovu if you have vast farms in Midlands and Masvingo?

After the grabbing of Sydney Malunga's farm in Matabeleland, who is next? Is Mnangagwa going to grab General Dumiso Dabengwa's farm. Is he going to grab Comrade Thenjiwe Lesabe's farm? He openly appears to be on a revenge mood starting with exhuming the remains of his mentor Mugabe to humiliate Grace the former First Lady, his adversary of the last years of Mugabe in power.

We are watching the last years of dictatorship of Zanu PF. Nothing is forever in this world. Dictators left, some died painfully; remember Mugabe's last days. It is Mnangagwa's stupidity to think that what happened to Mugabe cannot happen to him too even worse than that of Mugabe's humiliation. Remember Congo's Mobutu Sese Seko. Remember Idi Dada Amin and all those African dictators that left shame in the face of Africa. That departure is awaiting Mnangagwa too. Chisingaperi chinoshura. Musoro wegudo chichave chinokoro.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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