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Khaliphani Phugheni pounces on the smaller fish but exonerates the mighty crocodile

25 Jun 2021 at 14:16hrs | Views
It is not different: the modus operandi is the same: Phugheni sees no evil in Mnangagwa but sees loads of evil in Obert Gutu. This is the same with Jonathan who blamed Gukurahundi to Mnangagwa and less on Robert Mugabe, the Commander-in-Chief: Mugabe gave military orders to train the Fifth Brigade that was assigned to decimate the tribes of Matabeleland.

His interview of yesterday on Gambakwe media was intriguing because he appeared to pounce heavily on Obert Gutu, which was politically correct on one hand, but politically wrong to exonerate his "HE" on other hand. Khaliphani Phugheni knows where his bread is buttered; he will not dare to critique Mnangagwa openly. His "HE" is his oxygen to feed his family, I curiously looked at the way he carefully mere mentions his HE with total reverence; at best Khaliphani wants all criminal actions of genocide be heaped on Gutu more than Mnangagwa. What Gutu uttered on Gukurahundi atrocities genocide is not anywhere nearer to what Mnangagwa did; his insults and hate speeches: cockroaches and lice: Mnangagwa's language at his best.  

We all know that Mnangagwa was part of the architects of the grand plan to annihilate a tribe: Khaliphani, by his own account has relatives who perished in genocide atrocities. But his party MDC-T is deep into Zanu politics destroying the opposition; MDC-A, the hand that fed them; gave them a political lifeline. Khaliphani Phugheni is called Senator Phugheni: did his party win the 2018 elections to command such respect addressing him as "Honourable Senator?" Politics is a trade like no other: dirty.
Ngixolelani ngemibuzo; sengingoba bengingekho. Senator Phugheni is a devout SDA: he is supposed to have a conscience to argument his honesty in oneself, the people, and his God. Phugheni realizes that Jonathan Moyo's script pays off even if its short-term. Jonathan Moyo was deep into Zanu PF politics; was even member of the Polite Buro, the highest position one can get in the Zanu party: at government level he was a Minister of several portfolios. How do we explain this: uBaba u Mlevu, Jonathan Moyo's father perished in the genocide atrocities of the 1983 - 1987.

After the coup, Jonathan had to flee Zimbabwe: but before he left, he went to Mugabe and saluted him for giving him the opportunity to serve under his administration: likened Mugabe with the global revolutionary Comrade Fidel Castro. Is it possible to salute a criminal who planned to eliminate a whole people including his father? Several thousands of people met gruesome deaths in his command as Commander-in-Chief-of -Armed -Forces? It could be that there is a relationship we really do not know between Jonathan and Robert Mugabe; so many things do not add up to full total when I put together Jonathan Moyo and his close association with Mugabe into a closer perspective.

We believed Jonathan when he gave us reasons why he was in Zanu politics; to destroy it from within, was his answer. We are a gullible electorate, and we are stupid to think that this overreaction of Khaliphani Phugheni about what Obert Gutu uttered is genuinely supporting the Ndebele masses especially those who are victims of Matabeleland genocide. There were no signs whatsoever that Jonathan was preparing for a total Zanu destruction. He lived well and he invested in Mashonaland by buying a multi-hectare's farm in the best prime areas of Central Mashonaland. That farm was a retirement place for Jonathan and his family and was never a place or a position he was setting up for a fight with Gukurahundi perpetuators.

Obert Gutu's utterances were insensitive to the victims of Gukurahundi genocide. Senator Khaliphani Phugheni has no moral ground to reprimand Obert Gutu whatsoever; he dines with Mnangagwa at every opportunity and gives Mnangagwa appraisals to keep his job and he feeds his family. I doubt if these are Christian values and virtues he purports to uphold. I would believe Christian values they are higher than the politics of the stomach. It is becoming increasingly challenging to put Phugheni's virtues of Christianity (SDA for that matter) together with his insincerity in his political career.

You cannot be part of a criminal government like Mnangagwa's and continues to claim high Christian morals: Phugheni does not see any evil in Mnangagwa but sees all evil in Obert Gutu. According to me, Khaliphani Phugheni is disingenuous, dishonest, deceitful, unfair, and perfidious. Both Khaliphani Phugheni and Obert Gutu are exclusively pursuing the politics of the stomach and never that to serve the nation. Kuthiwa indwangu zihlekana iziphongo: this is wholly befitting.    

Looking at them at a distance, Jonathan had a casual relationship with Mnangagwa evident in their meetings: they hung out together: he has knowledge of some Mnangagwa's secrets. There were no signs of grudges of his father's death of the past and revenge intents in the future. However, Moyo did not want Mnangagwa as successor to Mugabe. He, however, realized he did not have a chance to be president, but he wanted a continuation of affluent living under a Zanu leadership of stalwart possibly Sydney Sekeramayi and not Mnangagwa. That was his bone of contention only, hence the creation of a G-40; I believe him when he says so.

Khaliphani Phugheni must be told that he is not fooling anyone by his overreacting to Gutu's utterances. Gutu is a small fry when it came to acts of genocide perpetrated by "HE" the man Khaliphani worships at every angle. Phugheni must face Mnangagwa and use the timbre he used to castigate Gutu. Then we shall know that Khaliphani is in the opposition, and is not in bed with Zanu PF. If he were Christian, he would know that his political lifeline is temporal.

It exposes shallowness to go so heavy on Gutu but will not go so heavy on Mnangagwa. At last Phugheni got a bucket to vomit on that was turning his stomach to the point of throwing up. That bucket is Gutu. This is how subconsciousness works: it picks on always on lesser evils and out loud that is burning because the biggest evil itself is out of reach: Mnangagwa.

Khaliphani and MDC-T are living a borrowed political life and the end is nigh. If one is living in the bubble you are tempted to think that change will never happen in a lifetime. There is a twist of political events awaiting us politically. I am afraid Khaliphani, and MDC-T are on the wrong side of nation's historicity's: regrettably. A rude awakening is coming and will come without warning. That politics will change for better or for worse in Zimbabwe is as sure as the day following the night.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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