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A man does not cry

04 Jul 2021 at 18:54hrs | Views
The wave of cattle deaths is not relenting, farmers' tears have since stopped falling in acceptance to their glaring losses. Only the symptomatic bovine tears continue trickling down their fury cheeks, a good indication of imminent death to those affected.

Cattle owners who used to beat their chests boasting of a good healthy herd have since put down their hands in surrender, defeat and dismay. What more can they do, the wise ones say a man does not cry but sniffs and sobs sell them away, after all, they cry too. Even the rich men cry, the disease must just go away.

No need for cheerios and  good byes, what's good about the livestock pandemic anyway? A word of advice, those with pending cases of recompense for avenging spirits, the time to give away cows is now when prices are near zilch. Because, as sure as the sun rises, prices for beats shall skyrocket come restocking time.

Lobola (dzinotsika), give them ten because some may drop dead enroute to in-laws stead. Whenever and wherever cows are needed as payment, why wait. Five cows for the price of one, Persian peanuts! Covid has spread its deadly tentacles over humanity at a time cattle are dying, conspiracy or ecosystem? What coincidence? How about one big beast for a family braai?

Ten per cent of an elephant is far much better than 100% of a rat. Get the elephant, my God! Looks like the chickens have been spared but for how long? Then the swine, good Lord, probably put aside for protein after cattle have become extinct. The clever goats, darting from rock to rock as if out to shame gymnasts, indeed these do not fall sick easily.

No wonder it's the trending money spinning project in currency. Be prayer warriors, our God is a faithful God. This Covid you see today will be no more. Mask up.

 Thomas Tondo Murisa. Vaccinated.


Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa.
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