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Violent storms in South Africa will not stop: a chance for new Zimbabwe Republic

18 Jul 2021 at 18:37hrs | Views
A new republic we are talking about is not renewing Zanu or does it mean placing our hope and aspirations on MDC-Alliance, currently the only viable opposition, as the hope for our future. In any misfortunes a golden opportunity can image and become solutions to countries north of South Africa. The recent spate of violent events in South Africa will repeat itself. We can honestly say we have not seen it yet what lies ahead in this region. Poverty, destitution, and staggering unemployment is crying out for attention: decades of social, economic, and political negligence remained unattended for decades by most African governments.

However, poverty of this magnitude, destitution and rising unemployment is longitudinal, it did not happen a month ago and it is not South Africa specific but a pattern of development in most African countries. The price of social, economic, and political neglect is too great to eradicate them in a matter of days and weeks by foot soldiers and vigilantes. Governments that release an army to deal with hungry population will soon learn that it is not the correct modus operandi of the moment but lethal to their political existence.

Zimbabweans at home and in the Diaspora should start reimagining the future we want and what kind of society do we want to be, amid tensions in the region that suggest that a lot is at stake. We must seek an alternative of political social and economic trajectory different from the terrain dominated by Zanu PF and MDC-Alliance both of which, two graves must be dug and buried forever. The first question will be what constitutes a new republic: a renewal that demands a total shift from the current neo-liberal trajectory to one that will robustly address social, economic, and political issues; chronic poverty, destitution, unemployment, and short-term mobilization of food insecurities from international bodies.
We lack revolutionary leadership in Zimbabwe and in the region to organize the masses and give them a golden chance currently unveiling itself. This moment should be the beginning of a new revolution replacing the old Zanu PF inept, corrupt, uncaring regime that has declined and regressed thereby culling of its people to remain submissive becomes the only weapon on their hands. On the other hand, MDC-alliance aspiration and those of Zanu PF converge, there are no ideological difference whatsoever between Zanu and MDC-Alliance except only in names.

A classic example of Chamisa's MDC-Alliance display as an appendage of globalization is his excitable moments were when he came back from USA hallucinating about the 15 billion-dollars promised to him by former president Donald Trump. An astute African Politian would never even merely mention Trump as donor funder to his future regime if MDC-Alliance party won the elections in 2018. But for not clear reason, the voters never understood the danger of aligning African development with external global forces. These institutions are never about the fate of millions of young Africans who are to be reduced to slavery by globalized economies openly using African resources to amess wealth. African leaders, including young Chamisa are ignorant about the term economic neo-liberalism and globalisation, a new world order never about African economic development.

Globalization is affecting the lives of workers in developed countries too hence we see a rise of a new world order. Socialist parties are emerging in Europe; they have rudely realized the economic power and globalisation in the hands of less than 1% of the global populations. In Europe there is a powerful DiEM 25, an international organisation campaigning for a swift, just, and democratic transition to a sustainable Europe under the leadership of one of the leaders, the Greek politician and activist Janis Varoufakis. Founded in April 2019, the party DiEM25, the Green New Deal for Europe aims to unite Europe's communities, unions, parties, and activists behind a shared vision of environmental justice.
There is a similar movement brewing in America too: listening to Journalist Chris Hedges talking about the terminal decline of the empire of USA. Even in America there is a serious leadership crisis. According to Hedges: "These crisis cults, already well established among followers of the Christian Right and Donald Trump, peddle magical thinking and infantilism that promises in exchange for all autonomy, prosperity, a return to a mythical past, order and security". Said Hedges.

"The ruling elites, who first built a mafia economy and then built a mafia state, will continue under Biden, as they did under Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, to wantonly pillage and loot. The militarized police will not stop their lethal rampages in poor neighbourhoods. The endless wars will not end. The bloated military budget will not be reduced. The world's largest prison population will remain a stain upon the country. The manufacturing jobs shipped overseas will not return and the social inequality will grow. The for-profit health care system will gouge the public and price millions more out of the health care system. The language of hate and bigotry will be normalized as the primary form of communication". This is taken from Chris Hedges article: America's death march in August 2020.

Chris Hedges article brings us back to South Africa and how it handled Zuma incarceration thereby triggering the original source of disquiet about how the ANC handled the economy ever since it became independent in 1994. The aspiration of millions of people in the African continent believed SA was to be the modernizing force in the continent. However, right from its inception, SA was emblematic with corruption; it was a version of corruption: it became blind to poverty, hunger, and inequality. The black privileged elite became blind to daily realities of struggle to survive. The party ANC deviated from its original aspirations and those enshrines in the Freedom Charter; instead, adopting liberal democratic policies negotiated externally by global monopoly capitalists and not by the black majority people they liberated. President Cyril Ramaphosa is loyal to global capital than to victims of apartheid regime; these actions are reminiscent with social and economic developments is taking place in America today.

South Africa, just like America is in a state of decline. The riots have started and will not stop soon as they have a sustained liberal democratic model, ANC may not remain in power for long if they do not remove the liberal democratic model of governance and replacing it with pro-democratic home-grown policies that reflect the aspirations of the majority black people mostly languishing in dire poverty and destitution. That will need fresh quality leadership and not those corrupt ANC leaders including Ramaphosa himself, a caption of a sinking ship.

While we watch the dramatic political, social, and economic developments in southern Africa: there should never be complacency. Geopolitically Zimbabwe is going to be affected by political violence causes taking place in Eswatini, Mozambique and South Africa. The effects of social change will reach Zimbabwe sooner: the message for Zimbabwean people is, they should not be caught unprepared by the revolutionary changes because they are unavoidable; no gun will silence poverty, destitution, and hungry stomachs. Ramaphosa may have used the army to silence the hungry looters, he will realize sooner that it was not the solution after all but will exacerbate animosities further. 

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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