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What I learnt from Bruno

19 Jul 2021 at 11:26hrs | Views
(Warning: The following article may change your life)

One day I went on a trip with my uncle, who held his vicious dog by a leash. On the way, Bruno was in a no nonsense mood, hyperactive and looking very sharp, strong and deadly. He kept trying to attack everything and everyone he saw, but my uncle would have none of it. Bruno would attempt to drag my uncle as he wanted to attack some ducks. He would be restrained from doing so. He raised his tail up, snarled and a certain big dog which actually tried to attack him; but my uncle pulled Bruno back by the leash, restraining Bruno from the potential deadly fight.

Not only was Bruno frustrated this time, but so was I. How I wished to see the grand match between the two powerful beasts, it would have been a dog's Champions League or World  Cup Final. Though we had no cellphones at that time, I would have lived to tell my grandchildren the tale of the titanic battles between two of the most fierce beasts of Lupane (my mom's place of birth). Nothing of that sort happened.  Well, let's blame it on my uncle.  

Just a few seconds later, my uncle almost fell from the ground.  Bruno was in no compromising mood this time. He pulled my uncle with a devastating force towards the trees.
This time my  uncle finally agreed, he gave in; cutting off Bruno's string with his extremely sharp Okapi knife. He released Bruno to a group of impalas or kudus (I am embarrassed I don't know the difference). Bruno's rival, that had tried to fight Bruno a few moments earlier joined in the party.  Now the two rival extremely mighty fierce dogs were buddies.

It was super spectacular.
They picked one prey from the herd and systematically separated it from the rest of the impalas, or is it kudus, that had already scattered into the forest anyway. The two beasts went after their prey like well aimed two arrows from skillful hunters. My uncle went after the mighty dogs like a rocket. I went after my uncle pregnant with wonder. What happened a few moments later was intriguing, spectacular and unforgettable.

Now listen.

I would like to point out with some great conviction that it's not every duck you are to chase. Sometimes we get frustrated when we are held back by a leash, stopped right on our tracks from catching some cute looking ducks along our paths.  We grow more and more frustrated, not understanding why The Master is not releasing us to pursue our prey. Not every seemingly good idea is a God-idea. The Master knows better. It's not every leash that is of the devil. You are prepared and kept on a leash to Bruno grand occasion!!! Matthew 21:2 *"Go to the village and you will fight and donkey tied and a colt with him. Untie him and bring him to me."* It's not every shut door that calls for a breakthrough.

At times the master sets up a supernatural roadblock, because he has a better assignment for you than the one which appeals to you. But what do we do? We keep on barking and dragging the master to our most appealing targets, we even beat donkeys until they speak, trying to force our way to where we prefer going. *(And the donkey said to Baalam, "Why are you beating me. And he said, Because you are refusing to move...." Numbers22:22-39)* The Master knows that cute as they are, pursuing after ducks would be a waste of your energy, time and resources.  He has not given you the grace to fly on their flight.  Stay on your leash even when provoked by your rival dog, it's useless spending your energy trying to prove to anyone or rivals that you are also a top dog. Reserve your strength and kills for the Master's grand finale! When the time is right, even the rival dog that tried to destroy can become your helper as you pursue your kudus! When the time is right, the string or leash will be cut off in a split second. When the opportunity is the God given one, the master will unleash you with great joy. May the Lord grant us the grace to discern between his leash and the enemy's leash, lest we spend years frustratingly unsuccessfully banging one the wrong doors.

By Mthokozisi Gwizi akaGwiziMotivator.(Kindly send your feedback to

Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi akaGwiziMotivator
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