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Mass UK deportations exposes MDC's double standards

20 Jul 2021 at 05:16hrs | Views
The news which has gripped the Zimbabwean community in the UK about the chartered flights of loads of Zimbabwean criminals has shaken the community with mixed feelings. But the most surprising wailers in this case is the MDC UK, one wonders if they are reflecting their party policies. The MDC has generated a petition urging the parliament of the UK to force the secretary of Home Affairs known in in the UK as the Home Office to cancel the flight of convicted criminals to Zimbabwe. The MDC has become vocal in defending our compatriots who have been convicted of drug related cases, rape , murder and violent cases and have served over twelve months in prison. One wonders what exactly is the message the MDC is spreading. This comes on a day MDC Chamisa has through its deputy president Tendai Biti has castigated corruption and all forms of criminality.  

The MDC Chamisa and some chancers masquerading as human rights organisations have endeavoured to incite people to revolt against the plans to remove all convicted criminals from the United Kingdom to Zimbabwe using a chartered flight.

The behaviour of the MDC is best described as double standard.
A double standard is the application of different sets of principles for situations that are, in principle, the same.It is often used to describe treatment whereby one group is given more latitude than another. If the criminal is an MDC member he or she must be protected and portrayed as human tights activist. It must be noted that a double-standard arises when two or more people, groups, organizations, circumstances, or events are treated differently even though they should be treated the same way. A criminal must be treated the same even though he belongs to MDC Chamisa.

Common Sense explains that a double standard "implies that two things which are the same are measured by different standards.

The MDC had requested Zimbabweans to come out and demonstrate at the Zimbabwe High Commission against the removals. The removals are not engineered by the embassy nor by Zimbabwe government. The world over nations reserve the right to remove or deport unwanted foreign criminals. Yet the MDC condones the criminals as long as they support Chamisa. This explains why the opposition is blessed with looters and antidisestablishmentarianism fagots.

Most critics in the media did not attend the demo at embassy but their white handlers led the demonstrations labelling Zimbabwe a human rights abuser.  These are the people who were asked to share the land with the majority black people of Zimbabwe obviously not happy with the land redistribution programme they now use the MDC Chamisa in the UK to attack Zimbabwe even when there is no reason to attack the good nation of Zimbabwe.  They lost land and here they demonise Zimbabwe through by usingZimbabwean citizens prepared to do anything for the right to stay. These Zimbabweans ma square ding as  civic groups collect loads of money  from racists and farmers that lost land and only use a few pennies to pay for train fare for innocent un suspecting asylum seekers to make noise at the embassy. The idea is to hurt Zimbabwe and its people and make a case for more sanctions.

The one point which remains a mystery is why they demonstrate against deportations at the Zimbabwean High Commission. Zimbabwe is not deporting any one. They are simply accepting its citizens back home once they are removed from the UK.

The facts which are not told the people are that the UK pays for the ticket and gives over two thousand pounds as a token to help such criminals start a day back home.. those who leave without wasting further of British tax money are rewarded more.
Zimbabwe deports unwanted persons back to their countries. Each country has a right to remove rotten apples from their society to protect its people.
The Zimbabweans who are being deported officially became felons on conviction. Of course, most of them have been felons for many years. What happened  was merely that they were, finally, held accountable for their crimes.

It can be easy to lose the central thread of the current
MDC , amid the barrage of cynical distractions and childish feuds. But that thread is now obvious to anyone with a functioning frontal lobe: corruption. Corruption of every conceivable stripe — financial, civic and moral.

Chamisa himself is best understood as a career criminal whose superpower is a preternatural capacity to dodge accountability, by exploiting our country's  lenient approach to MDC and opposition criminals.
Not surprisingly, the MDC and the so called civic organisations in the UK and Zimbabwe is staffed with feckless plutocrats who robbed the public rape the women and children and abused the public trust, while advocating for sanctions against their own country.

It's tempting to blame all this on Chamisa but the fact is that the MDC has been eagerly enabling corruption for decades and advocating for sanctions thereby causing untold suffering of the citizens. Now they are urging for more sanctions simply because the criminals are coming home.

We must not forget that the Revolution" was all about turning the nation  into an ad hoc corporation, where all worked together to service special interests and enrich the nation. All MDC did was to bring this shameless for-profit model to the diaspora and protect their criminals while soiling the good name of Zimbabwe.

The solution to this crisis of corruption isn't terribly complex. But Zimbabwe is so tolerant.

If you were to put up all names and identifying characteristics and simply outline the crimes criminal charges, and investigations and convictions of those being deported the inescapable conclusion would be that you were describing a crime syndicate, and you wil be surprised why is MDC inciting people to make such noise in protection of those queuing for removal.

It's shocking to blame all this on Zimbabwean government, a maestro of mendacity, but the fact is that the British government is doing what it's people expect them to do.

None of these deportations are radical in the least. They are merely common-sense efforts to  Reed society of foreign criminals. This will close the loopholes that have allowed the criminals  and the opposition  powerful to infiltrate and dominate our immigration system.

MDC must aim "to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics,to "defend the right minded Zimbabweans from those who are bent on soiling the wonderful name of Zimbabwe. At every stage, and under all circumstances, the essence of the struggle is to equalize opportunity, destroy privilege, and give to the life and citizenship of every individual the highest possible value both to himself and to the commonwealth."

Despite the partisan divide in this country, Zimbabweans of good faith should be able to agree on one thing. Let's uphold the ethics and values of Zimbabwe.

The life in diaspora offers us a stark choice, and a long overdue opportunity. We can either make or break. Let us not just follow the petitioners who are have no interest of our country at heart. We can not be misled to support criminals. Not in your name. We must expose and repudiate opposition leaders who use their public office for private gain, or we continue to enable criminals masquerading as politicians.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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