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Its not sanctions but corruption hitting Zimbabwe

22 Jul 2021 at 15:47hrs | Views
The 2017 Coup was for ZANU PF political bigwigs who felt that they were being outclassed in joining the gravy train of looting the country dry.

The coup was just like fielding a reserve side of the same team in order to see which players to position in critical areas of a looting tournament in order to enrich themselves.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has dismally failed to clean up the Zimbabwe's image.

A once vibrant Zimbabwean economy has been ruined. A lot of Zimbabweans have fled the country to seek refugee in other countries as the economy continue to bite the ordinary people.

Corruption has become another pandemic hitting this Southern African nation which has been ranked 160/180 by Transparency International

His anti-corruption drive is not yielding any fruits. President Mnangagwa is pretending as if he is fighting corruption but deep in his heart he knows that he lacks the stamina to eradicate it.

He is actually surrounded by vultures who are always circling around him with an insatiable appetite to loot and are not taking any chances.

Corruption is driving the prices of basic commodities up and sending the Zimbabwean dollar tumbling.

Due to corruption, some international organisations are cutting engagement ties with the government.

The mantra Zimbabwe is open for business is dying a silent death. There is need for integrity, transparency and accountability in order to achieve the goals.

A lot of people are living in abject poverty and the government is struggling and  failing to build critical infrastructure such as hospitals and clinics.

It is so disturbing that in some revealed audited statements about US$24,4 Billion was lost/stolen through Treasury since 2015 and we still blame sanctions.

The scourge of corruption in Zimbabwe has caused even the most ethical, religious and morally astute societies be vulnerable or have been infested with this corruption virus.

Corruption starts eating the moral fibre of the state and then it cascades down the lowest rungs of the society.

Most of these so called revolutionary ruling parties masquerading as peoples' governments are a replica of former governments who have continuously looted the country's resources.

It is just a change of looting methods and their faces.We need accountability, transparency and   people oriented governments.

Some government officials have found it justifiable to be lavishing themselves when the whole nation is in languishing in poverty.

Whenever money is diverted from a private credit to one man then its the society that will always suffer.
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