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Insurrection! Sounds like copy and paste United State America's 6th of January 2021 - a global circus!!

25 Jul 2021 at 22:02hrs | Views
This is how low ANC has sunk to equate the last weeks violent events in South Africa as an insurrection. Again to term hungry population as criminals is a sign of a government that has lost authority of governance. Instead of accepting failure to delivering their election promises, they set up the army to deal with the looting of black shops in residences dominated by the black majority who traditionally vote for ANC come elections. Most politicians especially from the ANC party want to put their heads in the sand and shout insurrection to further punish the faction they are at loggerheads with. However, it is the black majority population they are short-changing supposedly they do not care about the black poor anymore.  

The ANC politicians want to continue to eat on the behalf of the starving black population. They are telling them to behave themselves and if not, they will send the army to deal with the so-called "insurrection". ANC wants to continue to be relevant in a political, economic, and social terrain unimaginable by common sense. What we have been believing to be ANC for the people, by the people is not so. We had this illusion about a 100-year-old seasoned socialist movement dominated by trade unions and Umkhonto we Sizwe and not forgetting the Freedom Charter, the cornerstone of the revolution, a document not only for South Africa but was to be a document supposed to free the entire continent of Africa from poverty.

Looking at South Africa today, it is a lost independence opportunity for the black people, and it will take yet another 100 years to eradicate the gross mistakes made by Mandela and ANC communicators for freedom for South Africa. So many mistakes were made in the processes leading to independence of SA. Several political analysists have alluded enough the causes and effect of violence in the recent weeks. Minister Mbalula embarrassed himself on BBC hardtack by collectively saying that the violence, looting, and killings were organised. BBC Stephen Sucker told him unequivocally that the actions did not have a face for the minister to say it was an insurrection.

The lost golden opportunity in South Africa implicates President Mandela to some extent. His connection with the Oppenheimer family was not transparent enough. Accepting trappings of privileges from corporate companies must have given lesser cadres like Cyril Ramaphosa in the ANC party that it's the game in town to accept a posh leafy Johannesburg home suburb  "without strings attached". Privileges parcelled to Mandela by corporate companies at home and abroad gave wrong messages inadvertently could have been the early beginnings of corruption.

 The "drunken moments" of the ANC party were processes leading to economic transfer to black majority. ANC had no idea about what they were agreeing into. The mysterious death of Thembisile Chris Hani was the demise of black SA people today and are paying the price of collaborating with Hani's enemies to eliminate him because he is one of the few who had genuine aspirations for the majority SA nation especially the poor and downtrodden.
If one went to a toilet of these big corporate companies in South Africa, one will be struck by the hanging Freedom charter decorating the toilets. They literally mock the Freedom Charter by displaying it in toilets as if to say this ANC "liberation document" is where it belongs: next to the toilet paper. What is the purpose of putting the Freedom Charter at Klipstown? There is not even one single policy in the Freedom Charter that is implemented by the government. Why did Mandela and all of them rot in prison for 27 years? Is this the black independence they hoped to get where millions of blacks' squat and squalor in their land?

There is however, one positive aspect of South African situation; unlike Zimbabwe, SA still has its intelligenzia inside South Africa. This is evident in the comments and analysis of their current situation. It appears stakeholders are regrouping to find solutions to current national challenges facing the nation. Even the people in corporate constituencies are realizing their discrepancies in the country's distribution of nations resources; the poor have become very poor exacerbated by the covid 19 pandemic, and the rich have amassed themselves with unimaginable riches, wholly taking advantage of free and independent South Africa without sanctions of the apartheid past.

Credible political analysts including Moeletsi Mbeki, Aubrey Matshiqi and others remind us that there is more to come than what has already happened. Ramaphosa is not prepared to address the causes of the South African problem because he is captured not only by internal corporate capitalists but also by external global corporates who are major beneficiaries of the South African markets. It will not be possible to change the course of events to benefit the black majority in a short space of time but will continue to cure symptoms and not its root causes: Ramaphosa is captured.

Analysists in SA are saying it takes decades to change a revolution: the black electorate that has patiently waited for 27 years for some semblance of economic transformations feel they have been used and abused through the ballot box: no trickle-down economy took place: this is what Thabo Mbeki preached. Moeletsi Mbeki says the incarceration of Zumba was a trigger and never is the cause of the mayhem. Whoever thinks that Zuma was the cause of violence, looting, and killings must have his/her head examined. The evidence on the ground is that the Zuma incarceration was a golden opportunity for an explosion that was about to happen anywhere. Moeletsi Mbeki says this carnage also could have happened in a football conflicts equally.

On Zimbabwe perspective, the same scenario of demonstrations will take place and not so much looting. Unlike South Africa, Zimbabwe does not have a formidable alternative to Zanu PF. The opposition is very weak. Chamisa is sitting on the fence and hoping that the people will remove Zanu on his behalf, (to put it kindly he is cocooned in his home for fear of death) just in case there is a possible revolution he will rush to occupy the state house, Chamisa's uttermost dreams and aspirations and never about the common people out there. In South Africa, the presence of active intelligenzia could be the hope for its future. There is a chance to turn around the current situation for the better: it is possible in South Africa. It is not all lost with South Africa.

My appeal to the younger generation of Zimbabwe is to come forward and craft the future of this nation for your benefit and those of the future generations. You cannot expect more from what we have done for Zimbabwe. We are challenging you to take over from where we have failed and make it possible for your future and those of your children and the grandchildren. Shona adage says Chinokura chinokotama. energies to cope with regional transformations of this magnitude, we are found wanting; we have you to give the baton over to you to do better where we obviously failed.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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