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Zimbabwe's political prostitutes

31 Jul 2021 at 18:56hrs | Views
The man who was behind Grace Mugabe's youth interface rallies where she was spewing vitriolic attacks against Mnangagwa has once again by hook or crook managed to get himself appointed to lead a fundraising committee for Mnangagwa's 2023 re-election bid.

Phillip Chiyangwa, an enigma unto himself, a narcissist ambitious, self-serving overzealous manipulator, whose priority is to save his skin, regardless of who or what gets hurt as he crawls out of trouble will use dead bodies as a ladder to get out of the very sewer he jumped into. This is his behavioral "modus operandi"

Why is President Mnangagwa entrusting his re-election bid to a morally decayed individual; someone who conned National Social Security Authority out of US$3.5 million of pensioner's money purchase land illegally in Chegutu?  A man who tops the Land Baron list? A man only concerned about his pockets! Someone who rode "indigenous horse" to death during Mugabe era and bulldozed himself into gaining lucrative government tenders by pushing his "Totem based "nephew hood" to Mugabe.

Some may look upon him as a philanthropist, because he says so, but it is quite difficult to find any living beneficiaries, except if self-confessed gold diggers and women of pleasure qualify as beneficiaries

What is alarming and perhaps a scary though, is that this con man's ambitions include the ultimate goal of becoming a president of Zimbabwe. While it is honorable for every citizen to wish to hold the highest office in their country, it should be unacceptable for anyone to do so for as many selfish reasons as demonstrated by worldwide authoritarian dictators, whose paths Chiyangwa seems to emulate.

Chiyangwa's behavioral past in politics, business, and relationships, has been nothing short of blatant prostitution, "Touches everything and ruins everything.", but takes no responsibilities.

Sure, he can be the president of Zimbabwe one day, but that day will be the day the very foundation of Zimbabwe ruins will crumble and even the house of stone will fall.

Clearly, he is a political prostitute and lacks the foundation to be a President of any country occupied by human beings, because he victimizes humans instead of uplifting them.

 His business model is demonstrative of "the slave master" model. He has ruined organizations one project at a time, whilst bailing himself out, like a bee gathering pollen from flower to flower, unfortunately, the only honey he makes is for himself, everyone else is stung to death by his poisonous vitriol. Mnangagwa was lucky. He was stung by ice cream only.

Contrary to his patently false claims, he has not established or supported even a rural clinic that provides basic health care services—nor did anything for the people of Zimbabwe.

Chiyangwa has been a grass hoper around the successful politicians of the day, hoping for that magical fame rub-off for him to be shortlisted as a qualified presidential candidate of Zimbabwe in future. Again, a remarkably honorable ambition, however, if our nation has regressed so far as to blindly get hoodwinked, and bamboozled by autocratic demagogues and con artists such as this, then all I can say is "Cry the Beloved Country"

Chiyangwa the former president of this and that and now the self-elected Life President of AAG (Affirmative Action Group 1996-2000) died, bankrupted by Chiyangwa now resurrected from the dead in 2021 under the life presidency of Chiyangwa. This man is now heading the 2023 re-election fund raising initiative for president Mnangagwa? Someone, pinch me, because telling me there are no permanent enemies in politics is a cliché' that does not hold water. Chiyangwa as mentioned above sees this as the path to his ultimate presidential ambition, but what does Mnangagwa see? What money or funds can Chiyangwa raise, which would be safe from his swindling kleptomaniac hands? Call me Stupid!

 This maniac, Chiyangwa, openly considers Mnangagwa government officials to be all brain-dead, and labels Zimbabweans as stupid per his 2016 speech, in Masvingo "Takangomirira…Muchingo mirira ani?" (2016) translated: You always waiting, who are you waiting for?

While I do not want to believe it, some have advanced the theory of National Deceptive Theory (NDT) that is; our Prominent Politicians, Mafia Business men, and strong-arm military generals are in cahoots, deceiving the entire nation, for the purposes of looting and enriching themselves by all means necessary.

Today I have lost my common sense, I therefore, question, simple things: Are there any simple answers? Who really is Chiyangwa? What and Who Is Our Government?  Did we even win the Chimurenga War? , Are we really Independent?  I don't know anymore, somebody, wake me up, because I hope I am dreaming!

Now we see the so-called G40 cadres coming back home one by one. Chipanga is back; Kasukuwere—a criminal wanted for serious crimes as we are told, came back to Zimbabwe; went to the magistrate's office and removed all the legal documents against him and flew back to South Africa through Robert Mugabe International airport. I have changed my mind, don't wake me up; let me continue to sleep; I am sure I will be having sweet dreams soon—there will be huge homecoming ceremony for Jonathan Moyo— and Chiyangwa will be laying down the red Carpet.

This would all be good, if all Zimbabweans would be welcome back home, in a similar fashion, regardless of political differences. What would be better still is if Zimbabweans started to treat each other fairly and honestly without playing political hide and seek, or attempting to make themselves life Presidents as a platform to commit crimes against unsuspecting citizens. Let's call a spade a spade, Chiyangwa is a conman and Mnangagwa has no business "kudziya moto wembavha." We struggle very hard to remove one cockroach from power and we can't afford for the next rat to come to do the same thing or worse.

Source - Sam Wezhira
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