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Mnangagwa's government is demonic possessed

03 Aug 2021 at 20:31hrs | Views
How on earth can a God fearing government prioritize on minor things while citizens are dying.

My heart bleeds when I see and hear a fellow citizen crying aloud, dying in a dilapidated so called Mutare General Hospital.

This fellow citizen was tested positive to Covid 19. While on death bed, he said , "Goodbye guys, I am dying. It's now about 30 minutes when oxygen was disconnected and there is no one to attend him."

Sad, the person died but the government is spending too much on luxury cars for the so called 'POLAD' which consists of politicians who were defeated and are now assembling to legitimize an illegitimate government.

The current government of Zimbabwe clearly shows that it is illegitimate just through the way it handles the affairs of the Country.

The government beat up people,  arrest people, abduct and kill people who raise voices against corruption and mal administration. This clearly shows that the current government is on power by force. It was there by the will of people, will of people was going to  be respected.

Last month, the government announced lockdown for public gatherings. However, it allowed more than 50 000 Marange Apostolic sect to do its annual Pentecost. Allowing thousands of Marange Apostles to gather showed that Zanu pf led government did not even care about people, but votes come 2023.

Now people in Marange are dying of Covid 19, the government just don't care, all it needs are votes, power, so that it continues to suppress people.

A lot is happening, showing that the government is failing, it doesn't care and its demonic possesed.

Source - Fanuel Chinowaita
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