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Zanu-PF does not deserve our votes

14 Aug 2021 at 07:23hrs | Views
TIME and again I have been questioning Zanu-PF's 2018 election manifesto on education, health and housing. It left me with so many doubts about the ruling party's capability to fulfil the highly exaggerated electoral promises.

Since we are only less than 24 months away from the 2023 elections, can Zanu-PF be reminded that before they can even think of going back to the people they must fulfil their 2018 promises first which include:
- Building 2 000 schools by 2023 ;

- Rehabilitating and establishing at least one vocational training centre per administrative district;

- Ensuring that Treasury allocates at least 15% of the budget to healthcare in line with the Abuja Declaration;

- Establishing at least one new hospital per administrative district by 2023;

- Delivering at least 1,5 million affordable housing to the people in the next five years in collaboration with the private sector;

- Desisting from demolishing property unless settled on land designated for schools, clinics or roads.

As the situation stands, 2023 is just 18 months away. Can the powers-that-be point at one area where they have made progress so far.

Lies have short legs and don't buy votes.

However, I have very pertinent questions which Zanu-PF must answer.

I have always wondered why Zanu-PF invests so much into election campaign with cars, regalia, rallies, busing of people in order to win an election, but immediately after winning they start blaming sanctions?

- Does Zanu-PF make those election promises not knowing there are sanctions?

- Does Zanu-PF only realise that there are sanctions only after winning?

- Do sanctions only come to effect only when residents want service delivery?

Why waste all those resources to win an election which they know they will be made to fail because of sanctions which we all know are targeted at the Zanu-PF fat cats?

Source - newsday
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