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London government of BoJo says no opposition party in Zimbabwe

19 Aug 2021 at 07:53hrs | Views
It is with great shock and despair to hear about President Mnangagwa's trip to meet BoJo in London the coming days or weeks! Indeed, there are no permanent friends in politics but only permanent interests. The UK knew exactly what they were doing to exit from the EU and then amend fresh relationships with its former colonies. For about 30 years UK supported the MDC with the hope of a regime change and openly bankrolled Morgen Tsvangirai with necessary assistance to bring down Mugabe's Zanu regime. The UK government has now realized late that the opposition MDC was a joke of the century.

Mnangagwa's visit to UK, if it is true, is a big blow to Chamisa and his MDC-Alliance party.  Chamisa woes are getting worse by the day: having been decimated by Zanu as an effective opposition party, Chamisa has not been able to rise to the challenges of a politically astute and effective opposition leader is supposed to do. Nelson Chamisa lacks what constitutes revolutionary leadership, he is more of a preacher than an effective opposition politician. His profession in law leaves a lot to be desired. Chamisa is not even able to articulate the legal processes to the advantage of the MDC-Alliance party, constitutionally or otherwise. There are more than a dozen lawyers in his MDC-Alliance party. Why and how are they failing?

The winning of the opposition party in Zambia and the visit to London of Mnangagwa is pure coincidence. For Chamisa to harness the Zambian opposition victory as a replication of his winning the coming 2023 harmonized elections should never be taken seriously nor is it something to laugh at. In a nutshell it is sad to hear Chamisa gloating on winning the 2023 coming elections. Firstly, Chamisa does not know, or has he ever understood the monster Zanu he is fighting. You cannot fight Zanu-PF cocooned in a posh suburb of Highlands or Borrowdale Brook. We have said it again and again that Chamisa is too posh to fight Zanu regime successfully.  

So many points cancel MDC-Alliance as an effective opposition. MDC-Alliance has failed to run councils in all towns and cities to the satisfaction of the residents. Corruption dealings in MDC-Alliance resembles that of Zanu-PF in government. Both Chamisa's MDC-Alliance and Zanu-PF are competing in corruption- who is more corrupt than the other. Chamisa's MDC top brass is deep into the politics of the stomach, so is Zanu-PF. The interests of both party divides converge in systemic corruption. Again, MDC-Alliance lacks an ideology to lean on hence they fall short of the aspirations of global international revolutionaries to bring about genuine change. With Chamisa's MDC-Alliance, chamuka inyama chete.

Chamisa is not a daring politician but fears for his life. He is prepared to send the youth on the line to be sacrificed for the freedom of this nation. If you read the President Hichilema's CV, you will be shocked to realize the vicissitudes of decades he had to endure to be where he is today. He never gave up hope: he led from the front. He sat in (unimagined by common sense) filthy prisons Lungu subjected him into; at one time he was made to sleep alongside fresh excrements. Our posh Chamisa cannot and will not subject himself that bit: his life of fear and his love of posh life: his three-piece tailor-made suits and his security details stand out more than an effective leader who demands change from Zanu for the betterment of the majority.

Chamisa's security details give Chamisa a false sense of self-importance. In Chamisa's mindset it is not about the people but about the Statehouse he yearns to occupy at all costs: he has gloated previously about walking to the statehouse trampling on the dead bodies of our youths that he hopes and prays will stage a revolution for him. It is sad to look at the way his party treat him as a demigod: part God: part human. He imitates a president before he is president. What about if he became one? Chamisa could be worse than Robert Mugabe. Dear readers, I will not be around to prove this but mark my words.

Hichilema and Chamisa are light years apart: Hichilema articulates his policy objectives to the satisfaction of the generality: his language is clear about what he wants to do if he came to power. On the other hand, Chamisa is dreaming about impossible infrastructures with no relevance to Zimbabwe development. To rub-in his nearness to Trump and he thinks voters will be impressed, is perfidious. He lied openly about the 15 billion dollars that Trump was going to give Chamisa government to build super bullet trains and Las Vegas for tourists. He realized early that Zimbabwean voters do not respond to ideas realistic enough to uplift their lives for the better. We are a swamp of gullible electorate.

Chronic lack of opposition leadership in Zimbabwe will pay the highest price. The population of Zimbabwe need to dig two graves soon: one for Zanu-PF, and the other for MDC-Alliance. (We are not talking about MDC-T in this instance: we don't kill a dead snake.) It should be emphasized that Zimbabwe is dangerously pregnant with a violent revolution considering the geo-political events currently taking place in the SADC region. The current political, social, and economic unrests in Eswatini, the insurgence war in Mozambique, the total carnage of poverty induced looting in South Africa will not leave Zimbabwe unscratched. What may take place in Zimbabwe is disastrous to comprehend: we do not have an effective leadership at hand to take over.

The unbearable economic turn-down will make people dare the streets. The lockdown due to the global pandemic left the general population poorer and destitute: worse than they were before. There is no Zanu government initiatives to uplift them from the dire straits of abject destitution. The children of Zanu elite continue to urinate on our faces are buying posh Rolls Royce cars that they show-off openly for us to envy them. How satanic can life still be? What have we become of mythical revolutionary parties that fought the war to rescue the very downtrodden of black populations: selling a mirage of Ku Gutsa ruzhinji yet, in fact it will never deviate from self-enrichment of its immediate, patronizing institutions and has become a version of corruption? Systemic corruption should be declared a crime against humanity.

Chamisa's admiration of Donald Trump exposes his neo-liberal aspect: but I am sure he does not realize this. Even in Europe people have realized the dangers of neo-liberalism and globalist economies that have ravaged the lives of poor communities. To give Chamisa a chance to take over from Mnangagwa, a Chamisa who exhibits features of neo-liberalism, is liberation deferred for another 40 years. Much as Mnangagwa is loyal to China, Chamisa is loyal to globalist capital whereby policy decisions will be imposed from outside: he is bereft of solid social and economic policies himself and his party.

Chamisa is powerfully selling the voice of the bible: the danger of a single story: Chamisa is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. His privileges have blinded him to poverty in our midst crying out for attention. Evidence of this statement is reflected in the affluent life he is living. He is cut off completely from the realities of poverty and destitution. He sarcastically takes a glimpse of what is poverty when he attends funerals, a circus he enjoys and limelight at his disposal.

Zimbabwe deserves a new republic, a new trajectory, a total shift from the current political impasse. The geopolitics in the SADC region constricts Zimbabwe to diffuse a bigger storm.  However, the tragedy is that we do not have an alternative leadership to Zanu-PF and MDC-Alliance parties. A revolution can renew itself but to see MDC-Alliance as a replacement to Zanu 41 years of misrule, is a lost cause that will be regrettable for the next 40 years. MDC-Alliance even without the interference of Zanu are cults and demigods who are in a constant state of decline. MDC-Alliance of Chamisa is no longer the solution.

It irritates the MDC-Alliance if one speaks the truth about them. I do not want to imagine the insults that will be generated by this article. It equally irritates some Ndebele misogynists for penning any article written by Nomazulu Thata. (Ghosts of negative ethnicity) I will never stop my activism because of fear of public lynching: "chimuchembere cheku Germany". The penny has finally dropped. The powerful message is trickling through. Chirimumu sakasaka chinozvizwira. I have no shortages of enemies in tribal, political and class divides. Activism is what it is all about to speak and write the painful truth as we see it. 

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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