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Zanu-PF's dictatorship rule will end soon.

19 Aug 2021 at 07:54hrs | Views
Zambian young people have shown Zimbabweans that going to vote in numbers will see to a change in corrupt political rule.

The results from Zambia not only show that voting matters but also that dictators will fall. The results are a victory to democracy; regardless that the opponent has guns; the victory of the people will always prevail.

Political analyst Pedzisayi Ruhanya said, "Change takes place in a society because people make steps to collectively address the ills of that society not just a single political, social formation or any individual. To make Zimbabwean politicians accountable, the citizens must own their struggles, their destinies."

Zimbabwean young people should register to vote if they want to end over three decades of Zanu-PF oppressive rule and plunder of resources.

In 2008 Morgan Tsvangirayi did what was thought to be impossible and won the elections against Robert Mugabe and now Zambia has given hope to many Zimbabweans as we now believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Violence is condoned across the globe, but the uprising in Swaziland against corrupt governance, all point  to the fact that; dictators will fall one day.

The abductions, torture and incarceration of young activists by the Emmerson Mnangagwa led Zanu-PF is a way to intimidate Zimbabweans from joining forces and uniting with one voice against his party's oppressive rule.

Edgar Lungu's presidential election lose in Zambia has proven that no political party is invincible. Zanu-PF rule will come to pass. The will of Zimbabweans will prevail one day; an end to oppression and dictatorship rule is in the horizon.

MDC Alliance leader, Advocate Nelson Chamisa said that the victory of Hakainde Hichilema in the Zambia elections heralded hope for Zimbabwe.

"We are next. Our turn as Zimbabwe is coming. We won't disappoint! God is faithful."

Chamisa implored Zimbabweans to draw inspiration from Zambia.

MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson said; "They have been corrupted by stolen mandate and power hence they think Zimbabwe is their personal property."

Zanu-PF has been accused of using violence to intimidate opposition members and activists for far too long. Young politicians like Joana Mamombe were incarcerated and languished in prison.

Makomborero Haruzivishe is still locked behind bars for demanding a better Zimbabwe.

Every Zimbabwean should have a right to democratically and constitutionally express their outrage. There is freedom of speech in a democracy; but when such provisions are squashed and activists are incarcerated, it then seizes to be a democracy.

"Activist Sandra Bvungidzire said, "Zimbabwe is not a democracy under Zanu-PF, they talk of human rights but that is only on paper, In reality they do not respect or uphold any human rights."

The commitment and voter turnout of young people in Zambia made it hard for the government to rig the elections. If Zambian youth can do it; us Zimbabweans can also do it."

Zanu-PF has been using these unconventional repressive means to silence political opponents and activists.

MDC Alliance Namibia said this on their Twitter account, "There comes a time in a generation wen the people must have to act decisively together to break the chains and the time is now. The struggle is bigger than anyone or any political organisation. It's a struggle for Zimbabwe for all."

Source - Prince Njagu
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