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What is the plan B? Chamisa mistakes Zanu-PF with men and women from Ruwadzano

22 Aug 2021 at 18:48hrs | Views
Chamisa's MDC-Alliance mistakes Zanu-PF with men and women from Ruwadzano who stage religious competitions and graciously win or lose in God's name. I will repeat, Chamisa underestimates Zanu-PF. We expect from him to fight a monster, taking it by its horns: it has not dawned on him yet. Mnangagwa together with Charamba have spoken gloatingly that what happened in Zambian election win there is no such a repeat in Zimbabwe. What other message does Nelson Chamisa want to hear? Does Chamisa think he will win 2023 elections in Zimbabwe the same style President-elect Hichilema won a land-slide victory against PF party of Edgar Lungu? That will not happen in Zimbabwe even if we wanted.

If Chamisa continues to tell his electorate to go for vote registration in the hope of sweeping elections in 2023, then he should indeed wake up and brews beer to appease the ancestors for a terribly wrong dream. How many people, how many articles have been written alluding to the grand mistake of putting Zambian and Zimbabwean historicises at the same page or paralleled to political developments. Zambian and Zimbabwean societies are worlds apart. In the case of Zambia, it has no tribal element, unlike Zimbabwe, that determines who should be the President. Again, in Zambia there has been fundamental changes of governments since 1964. Zambia demonstrated to SADC that its army and the electoral institution are independent from the executive arm of the government: proudly exhibited and executed to the envy of many countries in Africa and beyond.

That is not the case in Zimbabwe. Chamisa needs to brew beer: a 7-day traditional brew in the hope of coming to his senses and realizes the monster Zanu-PF he is fighting. Zanu-PFis a ruthless party and government. They are criminal in nature and have just told Chamisa that it will not concede power in the event it loses 2023 elections. May we please know Chamisa's plan B? Going for elections without reforms already is a recipe for disaster. What happened in Zambia cannot be taken on board cold turkey to have a ping pong effect on 2023 coming elections. These are dreams of Alice in wonderland: The BBC journalist Sucker was dead right about Nelson Chamisa and his numerous political misdemeanours.

Yet the people are looking up to Chamisa to lead the country to victory from Zanu-PF. If the solutions are outside the box, then think out of the box (ballot). What are the other solutions can be implemented to bring about change from Zanu-PF dictatorship that gloats openly about their security forces they use to oppress the masses, so they continues to enjoy freedom on our behalf? The current situation in Zimbabwe is unenviable: there is a lot at stake politically, however, the absence of an opposition is our undoing. Chamisa has proven without doubt that his leadership is ineffective and inept: we have no opposition to speak about.

It is not that we do not have the people who can lead us to freedom: We have failed to identify leadership hopefuls in our midst. The dismissed NTA is slowly getting traction; it is to be the alternative to chaos that is looming in the air. Indeed the people will rise against the government of Mnangagwa. If he does not come to terms with this reality, then Mnangagwa must wake up from his slumber and brew a 7-day beer: (vaMnangagwa, mukai mubike doro because hondo yekupedzisira iri pama doorsteps enyu) The situation is unbearable; it is ripe for a revolution. The people shall not wait until they get a strong opposition leader who can assist in leading the way to victory. The people shall take over what belongs to them by right.

There are several reasons why the people of Zimbabwe will go for a revolution: the social and economic conditions are getting worse every day. The Covid 19 pandemic is prevalent there is no sign of it going away soon. People cannot be kept indoors for an unspecified time without any assistance from the government to complement their subsistence. There are no signs from the government that Zanu-PF wants to lift the general population from poverty and destitution: instead we hear about how extravagant they live at our expense: they loot broad day light without shame. They buy cars in countries supposed to be on sanctions with the Zanu-PF regime. We complain genuinely about poverty, we are bamboozled, are told it is the fault of sanctions on the government. Are we still to believe this stuff and nonsense?

The deaths and carnage on our roads that are unattended to; the robberies in towns and cities that is threatening law and order; the dilapidated infrastructure nature of our hospitals and clinics both in rural and urban areas, the poverty is widening every day; children are not going to school because of the Covid 19 pandemic; the rising number of Chinese nationals who have access to our resources: we have become slaves of Chinese foreigners who come to loot, giving us slave like salaries: how blatant stupid is Mnangagwa's government? The industry is in comatose: not in use but there is no electricity, load shedding is the order of the day; clean water and sanitation in most towns and cities is a pipe dream: Nobody seems to care about the sewage contaminated water people are subjected to use domestically in both towns and cities especially. The Zanu-PF government does not give a f*ck.

The Zimbabwean situation is dangerous, unable to fathom where the trigger to total collapse could come from. The number of soldiers and police who engage in robberies are prevalent. Nobody really knows how many guns and weapons of mass destruction are hidden away from the government. The army and police like all of us live in destitution hence often, carry out robberies using the guns they loot in barracks. Are the soldiers this time around going to shoot at our backs when the revolution takes its course? We are in the same poverty boat, suffering together with the soldiers and the police. Why shoot the general population because a fat pig general Chiwenga said so?

It is high time we told the soldiers in army barracks and the police that they should wake up from their slumber and smell the coffee: Mukai mubike doro. Just like us, you live in absolute destitution and yet you continue to protect the very people who make your lives unbearable and to ordinary citizens; this is not normal by any standard. You deserve better than that life of hand to mouth existence. Can you not see that you are cheated by the Zanu-PF elite? Why are you not asking pertinent questions about the social and economic situation affecting you and your families?

Do you see any bright future for yourselves and that of your children? Citizens in Eswatini are setting an example; they are saying the monarch cannot continue to urinate on people's faces as if they cannot think. We can make those demands too, demand what belongs to us by right: land, and natural resources. Gold, diamonds, platinum, lithium and all those natural resources are the nations treasure to be enjoyed by all and not only a few and their children who own brands of Rolls Royce cars that costs about a million each whereas our children go to bed hungry. How insensitive; how arrogant, how satanic can Zanu-PF and Mnangagwa's government still be?

When we go for a revolution, please do not shoot at us: that is the minimum we ask from you. Instead, join us together we can make the revolution a success. When the revolution day comes, we need the army on our side and the police too. We should tell the Zanu-PF government that enough is enough, we cannot take it anymore; Zanu-PF's time is long overdue and must go for good and be buried in the annuls of history as a party that cheated a noble revolution; diverted it to mean freedom for the less than 5% of the population. Let us show them the middle finger and tell them to let our people go.

If we had known before, that going to the struggle for independence means black minority elite shall dine on our behalf, so many lives would have been spared. Nobody would have gone to fight the liberation war meant for the few. We have been bamboozled right left and centre and reduced to saying the racist Ian Douglas Smith regime was better than Zanu-PF by very high margins. However, without losing too much hope, the people shall govern by force. We shall force Zanu-PF out of its power and glory. Our plan B is ourselves we shall remove Zanu-PF without any drop of blood. It has happened before in East Germany; the Berlin Wall; it can also happen in Zimbabwe.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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