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Zimbabwe no longer has friends but reduced to a pathetic needy country desperate for acceptance

27 Aug 2021 at 09:10hrs | Views
Indeed, in politics and geopolitics, it is said there are no permanent friends, or enemies, but permanent interests - nonetheless, there are countries, whose reputation on the world stage has been so damaged that, all they have become are desperate and needy.

Countries all around the globe, as much as they may not have permanent friends or enemies - but, motivated by their own national interests - however, still carry with them some measure of dignity and principles, which give them respectability, and founded on a strong foreign policy.

As such, even a country as the US (United States of America) may express profound displeasure at its own ally, Germany, due to its deal with Russia on the Nord 2 Stream gas pipeline - that will effectively make the west European nation dependant on this former communist powerhouse for its energy needs - a scenario that makes the Americans uncomfortable, since they feel that this will give the Russians power and influence to manipulate the other.

In spite of this disagreement, this little spat, however, will hardly significantly dent the two countries' (US and Germany) long-standing close relationship - since, this is a normal occurrence amongst allies.

No countries in the world ever agree with each other all the time - no matter how close.

In fact, no two people are always in agreement - and, some would even go as far as saying, no individual is always in agreement with his or her own mind.

As such, why would a country as Zimbabwe appear never to see anything wrong with what the Chinese, Russians, South Africans, or any other country (besides those that have imposed targeted sanctions on its leaders) do?

Yesterday, I was reading a news report alleging that the government of Zimbabwe had gone out of its way to distance itself from statements ostensibly made by defence minister, Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri, apparently accusing China of hiding the truth over the real origins of the Coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) that has led to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

It is further reported that, she even proceeded to accuse the Asian giant of having a hand in the virus's creation.

Of course, no one ever takes what Kashiri says, as she is notorious for uttering some of the most outrageous things - with her 'prophetic' rantings that, the same COVID-19 was unleashed by God to punish all those western nations that had imposed restrictive measures on her colleagues in government, still very fresh on most Zimbabweans' minds.

Nevertheless, what I found particularly disturbing was the Harare authorities' seemingly panicked and terrified rebuttal to her latest verbal deluge - which, I found more influenced by a fear of China, than normal international relations.

Why does the Zimbabwe administration always appear overly cautious and wary of offending other countries?

Is it not normal for countries (even very close allies) to disagree on some issues - even to hold one another accountable or answerable on particular matters of interest (as we have seen between the Americans and Germans, over the Nord 2 Stream gas pipeline)?

Therefore, considering that the entire world would want to know the exactly origins of this pandemic, that has unleashed devastating calamity all across the globe, why would Zimbabwe rush to defend China, without so much as carrying out its own investigations?

Besides, have we also not endured untold suffering at the hands of this virus, and lost our loved ones?

Yet, we have a government that would use such statement as, "we have a very close all-weather relationship with China, dating back to the liberation struggle", as an excuse for not questioning its dubious activities, which could have a profound negative impact on the whole of Zimbabwe.

The US also has a "close all-weather relationship" with Germany, but that did not stop the two countries disagreeing on the Russian gas pipeline.

So, what is different with Zimbabwe?

The answer to that is quite simple and straightforward - the ruling elite have destroyed the country to such an extent that it has been reduced to the level of desperation and neediness for friendship and acceptance.

We all know that, when one has reached such a level of complete lack of self-esteem, he or she can no longer speak up for him or herself, can never say "no" to anything (for fear of rejection), and becomes easily manipulable.

Is it then any wonder that the Chinese have practically taken over the country - and, do pretty much as they please, not only with arrogant impunity, but protection from the Zimbabwe regime?

That is precisely where Zimbabwe currently finds itself. A mere shell of its old self - that was once the pride of Africa, that could speak its mind without fear, and was respected as a continental leader.

Yet, today, it has become nothing more than a pathetic poodle to all and sundry.

That is exactly what happens when a leadership plunders, mismanages, and destroys an entire nation - leaving it with no respectability and dignity at all.

It becomes needy and desperate.

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Source - Tendai Ruben Mbofana
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