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Will Chamisa fire generals like what Hakainde Hichilem did?

30 Aug 2021 at 18:56hrs | Views
After Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema appointed new security forces commanders, including Lt.Gen Dennis Alibuzwi, Lt.Gen Godfrey Jere, Air Marshal Collins Barry and Oscar Nyoni, debate erupted on whether this wouldn't harden African military chiefs to block change in future.

After winning elections and swiftly  removing army commander William Sikazwe and others, Hichilema showed he wanted quick changes and reforms.

Some analysts say this was a good move as it showed he meant business, but others say it was too hasty and might have a negative impact.

Those supporting the quick change say that showed Hichilema means business and want to ensure things change fast.

They also say his predecessors also did the same so there was a precedent which did not trigger a negative reaction as it was to be expected anyway.

Others like Zimbabwean political scientist Jonathan Moyo say the move was ill-advised as it might have a negative impact on African politics in relation to the behaviour and role of the military in politics, especially during elections.

One week Zambian military and police chiefs are roundly praised for acting institutionally, to enable a seamless transfer of power, from @EdgarCLungu to  @HHichilema; the next week all the military and police chiefs are fired. Too reckless, too soon. The stuff of Banana Republics!

The above was Moyo's observation on Hichilema's appointment of new commanders of the police and the army, including the airforce.

So the question is: Will Hichilema's move encourage African military commanders to act professionally when they are in charge to avoid being removed by new leaders, or will it force them dig in and block change to keep their jobs after elections as has happened in Zimbabwe?

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