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Mnangagwa and Charamba are envious of Zambia's democracy

31 Aug 2021 at 07:13hrs | Views
The day you remove the name George (Charamba) in your birth certificate is the day you will be able to think wisely. Your first name gives you hallucinations. A spokesperson who does not even respect an elected president, a direct neighbour, reflects the mentality in the Zanu-PF party. You should admit one thing George; your party Zanu-PF and you, are running scared of eventualities that will play out in Zimbabwe not in the far future: Time is not on your side. The SADC region is defining itself. Politically you will be in the annals of history for playing the role of Joseph Goebbels for Zanu-PF. Personally, you will be worse off George when the revolution takes its course here in the Zimbabwean soil.

Who sold out Robert Mugabe? Is it not your boss Emmerson Mnangagwa? Mugabe, not even in his maddest senses did he think Mnangagwa would turn against him. We go further than Robert Mugabe: who sold out Solomon Mujuru? The nature of his death alone informs us about Zanu, how perfidious it can be even to its own.

Zanu-PF has history of genocide in Matabeleland and Midlands region; to be associated with a political party whose record is oozing with blood of genocidal activities should not make an intelligent George Charamba proud to be Zanu-PF member, a blind faithful civil servant of President Mnangagwa, our Joseph Goebbels no less.

Who murdered Herbert Chitepo in Zambia, who killed Dr. Edgar Madekurozwa in Zambia, how many citizens died in liberation camps in Mozambique, lynched cold blood for flimsy accusations, squaring up petty unfounded grievances whose gruesome deaths: were thrown into open fires to burn while others were frog-matched to witness the burning of their own?

Who killed Tongogara on his way back to Zimbabwe in 1979? Who arrested Wilfred Mhanda aka Dzino and the rest of them: Having voted for Robert Mugabe to become president of Zanu, Mugabe turns against them, sent them all to rot in Mozambican prisons on flimsy charges? Who is a sell-out there George Charamba?

This is the dirt, thuggery, criminal actions of your party that has been nurtured by the blood of its citizens for decades. We are 5 million citizens living outside Zimbabwe, living the life of refugees; yet our brothers and sisters: mother and fathers fought for freedom of this land so that all citizens are free.

Zimbabwe belongs to a few elite, and the rest are disposables of a cruel Zanu-PF regime. Your intellect escapes you to see how short-changed the nation has become. We cannot breathe because of Zanu, George Charamba.

Is it the English language proficiency you mastered; you are quick to display your knowledge of literature that blinds you from seeing the real issues bedevilling this nation – instead you are capable if insulting Hichilema, an elected President?

I pray Zambia and Zambians take great exceptions to this utterance by President Mnangagwa's spokesperson who because of cowardice hides, behind a pseudonym. I bet Mnangagwa shares Charamba's disposition.

In retrospect, it can be proven without doubt that Zanu sold out a genuine revolution long back before independence. When you live in the bubble you do not realize the mess, the pain, the failure of Zanu government in all aspects of our lives even those of us in the Diaspora.

It is scornful and downright insulting to utter the word "sell-out" to such a humble man of President Hichilema's persona. He has done no wrong to you and to Zimbabweans as a nation.

You Charamba and your boss Mnangagwa are evidently envious of Hakainde Hichilema's landslide victory. You and your boss can only dream of such a free and fair election victory.

Your boss cheated; we all know he rigged 2018 elections. Mnangagwa knows this and it is for this reason you have declared yourselves of winning 2023 coming elections already; Mnangagwa cannot win in a free and fair election; a fact Charamba knows better.

President Hakainde Hichilema's acumen and calibre is light years away from your boss Mnangagwa when it comes to decency and respect for humankind.

He is a dignified man. He managed to humiliate your friend Lungu at the BALLOT BOX; it did not reduce him to have been thrown in those filthy Zambian prisons, subjected to live with hard-core criminals: When the universe speaks: when his God spoke, HE spoke for him: he was exalted from prison to grace. And because of that you are so envious; it does not surprise anyone who knows Zanu and Mnangagwa especially.

You may have the powerful army and police on your side that give a false hope of power. It will not be long you will be running away for cover! We have such scenarios happening in the continent of Africa, it will happen in Zimbabwe too. You will be forced to seek cover in that Zambia under Hichilema you poke scorn on today. President Hichilema: because he respects the sanctity of life, will give you protection guaranteed.

President Hakainde Hichilema is a friend of Nelson Chamisa. Kukughubhe ngaphi George Charamba? You hide behind your pseudo name so as not to face the music. Cowards have loud mouths.

In your effort to please your boss Mnangagwa who was humiliated in Lusaka at the inauguration of President Hichilema, Mnangagwa realized yesterday what it means to win a clean election victory without rigging and the pride of standing before a joyful crowd cheering a clean victory; a far cry for your boss Mnangagwa inaugurated after rigging 2018 elections. As if it was not enough, he guns down innocent civilians' cold blood; is hell bent to rig once more the coming elections in 2023.

Is that not selling out the revolution, George Charamba? Zanu ndeyeropa you and your party said this long back! You are not even ashamed of your brutal killings and counter killings of innocent Zimbabwean civilians. How many Zimbabweans have died in the hands of your boss Mnangagwa?

Is that not selling out? How many people died during the coup of 2017? Who can give names of those who died in 2017 coup for fear of your boss Mnangagwa?

Both Mnangagwa and you have warned the nation about the 2023 elections. To comment about elections coming in 23 months means that the Zambian elections gave you a run for your money: you fear the coming elections. Your warnings are calculated to reprogram the nation into resigning to their fate: force-feed us with Zanu unfettered power and might in advance. Zimbabwe is dangerously cushioned by explosive events inside SADC. Zanu will not escape the inevitable looming in the air.

Change is coming for better and for worse. Zanu-PF cannot suppress, compress, subjugate a nation forever. Chimwe nechimwe chinenguva yacho!

Zanu-PF DICTATORSHIP will come to pass just like all of them dictators in Africa that thought IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE: Very soon the nation will be saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. That bubble you live in will burst.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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