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Allow the diaspora vote

01 Sep 2021 at 19:31hrs | Views
This new dispensation must live by its promises and allow the people in the diaspora to exercise their democratic right by voting a government of their choice.

The ruling party has failed to change the lives of the ordinary Zimbabweans since the stunning fall from power of the country's most strong man former leader Robert Mugabe.

People thought the arrival of President Emmerson Mnangagwa was going to usher in a better and sound government but nothing has changed. The drum beat continues to be the same.

Most Zimbabweans in the diaspora are sick and tired of living outside the country and are yearning for change. A number of them are living under squalid conditions. Life in the diaspora is not all that smoothy and rosy.

People want to come back home and contribute in developing their nation but are being hindered by the ever rising cost of living, unstable economic environment, erratic power supply. The financial muscle within the diaspora can make a difference in the Zimbabwean political discourse only if they are allowed to have a say in the day to day of running the government.

The diaspora is very hungry for change and want the country to do better. Criticising the leadership does not amount to self hate.
Zimbabweans in the diaspora have proved to be a force to reckon with. They want to be part and parcel of  this historical change.

Zimbabwe needs a robust contigent plan to roll out its major economic projects with the help of its citizens scattered all over the globe.

The government must create a conducive environment for such things to happen. Unfortunately most diasporians are labeled traitors and puppets of the West. The government must allow the voice of the diaspora to be heard and not not  denying them the chance to vote.

Some people are home sick and are always living in fear of xenophobic attacks, police who continue harrassing foreign nationals because they are living illegally.

People in the diaspora have acquired so many skills and gained so much knowledge that can be used back home in developing the nation.

South Africa, Mozambique,  Botswana just to mention a few allow their citizens in the diaspora to vote and why does Zimbabwe fail to offer the same service?

The failure of Mnangagwa's regime to bring back a once vibrant economy has left everybody asking why he engineered a coup to oust his former master.

The new dispensation has focused more on looting the public funds and celebrating on mediocrity like resurfacing of roads and comisssioning of village bridges.

This government has failed to deliver on its promises. The Zanu-PF government is running us deep into the economic quagmire.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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