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Mugabe's remains could be exhumed by family, and sent to Britain for a safer burial

28 Sep 2021 at 22:06hrs | Views
If the Government of Zimbabwe does not want to be humiliated, they should leave Mugabe's remains where family chose to bury him. 

There would be indelible humiliation if Grace Mugabe   decided to ask the British Government to take her husband's remains for a safer burial place away from a Zanu Government's obscene interest.

Britain, as l know it, would never refuse such a request from Grace Mugabe. Britain is a very unique Nation of people who like to be perceived by the entire World as being pure, reasonable and kind people who lead and teach the World how to be perfect. 

They can come into your household, armed with a pack of lies and bags of money, grab your children and exhibit themselves as perfect people who hold custodianship to righteousness.

If there are problems in another part of the World, Britain likes to be seen as a top and civilised solver only if the kind of the problem can make news and pictures around the World and can later translate into a business.

Robert Mugabe was such a highly controversial figure at home and Internationally, and, if Grace asked Britain to exhume his body citing harm and tempering from the Government of Zimbabwe and its interest in body parts for rituals purposes, the British Airline would land in Harare to pick up those remains.

There is no one, in the African continent who left such an ambiguous legacy as Robert Mugabe, and that record could translate into business in entrepreneurial Britain. Even tourism would get a boost in London if Mugabe's  remains got buried there. 

If  that happened, Mugabe would become the only known posthumous asylum seeker in the World. That would make his burial site a magnet for tourists for the next 200 years and Britain would earn more than £70 Billion in revenue.

It is my advice to those who are keen to exhume Mugabe's remains, that the Mugabe family could seek for a British intervention which could backlash and produce humiliating, unintended results for Zimbabwean Government.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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