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Who knows the Brain Fruit?

01 Oct 2021 at 16:25hrs | Views
Wild fruits are both exotic, tasty and in most cases packed with micro-nutrients and medicinal properties. Since they are not commercially grown, organic food is the most recommended for good health, fecundity and longevity.

Nhengeni, loquats, matohwe, tsubvu etc are considered top of the range for vitility and a six pack body.

One other unique and delicious wild fruit is 'Damba', a.k.a wild oranges or 'brain fruit'. Monikered brain fruit on account of the inside appearance when ripe and cut open. It is quite healthy, benefits include, among others,  vitamin C, vitamin B12 and many more. Commercially grown citrus fruits have miniscule benefits because the perceived micronutrients are heavily compromised by the pesticide and herbicide sprays for profit maximization. It won't be simple to locate a citrus fruit with same'weighting'as the Damba.

At the forefront of misinformation and disinformation, commercial fruit farmers discredit wild fruits calling them diseased and infested with this and that but if truth be told, wild fruits are the 'Makuruwani' or big macoy. Age does not cause the vast majority of functional decline, inactivity and poor eating habits does. We are what we eat.

Never cut down wild fruit trees, our ancestry lived longer because of wild fruits. In the olden days, a youth who cut down fruit trees was heavily chastised and rebuked by the village elders, custodians of culture and traditions. Is it the same today, culture giving way at the seams because of avarice and insatiable desire to profiteer. God forbid.

Even in the house of God, some church elders are eyeing the collection plate with ulterior motives. Who shall guard the guard? Children of God, keep watching. Jesus is coming back soon.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Chinehasha.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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