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Africa's future is being sold out even as we speak

10 Oct 2021 at 06:56hrs | Views
Even if one disagrees with their policies, one must recognise that European policies towards Africa and Asia were guided and designed by deep thinkers in their societies.

African leaders today pay no mind whatever to new research showing the intentions of our former colonisers and the approaching new colonialism of China. On the other hand, the new globalists, are ahead of us. They have adapted, speak new languages, and above all have assimilated blacks to speak on their behalf.

Thus Katherine R. Gerbner, in her Harvard doctoral thesis (20130, wrote the following.

"Missionaries argued that slave conversion would solidify planter power, make slaves more obedient and hardworking, and make slavery into a viable Protestant institution. They also encouraged the development of a race-based justification for slavery and sought to pass legislation that confirmed the legality of enslaving black Christians."

I was surprised by Sabelo Gatsheni's research on how colonialism corrupted African languages. Take for example the simple word "boy." Where it is referred to a black person it can have a dozen bad connotations, a servant, a lawless person, a man who refuses to man-up, or an ugly person. Likewise murungu can mean an employer, a man of honour (unlike mubhoyi) and a host of other honourable connotations.

We are being enslaved in broad daylight.

The colonial Africans, the worst being our present leadership, are deeply embedded in colonialism to the extent that they are completely unable to think for themselves. They have respect for any other race, other than their own.

The treatment of blacks by blacks in South Africa and perhaps in Zimbabwe is unspeakable.

This explains why their leaders seek foreign wisdom when their countries are teaming with men of knowledge. Nor are they able to understand that Europeans take the interests of their countries ahead of ours.

Tanzania's Julius Nyerere found himself between a rock and a hard place. "Do you want us to starve our children so that we pay you?" The answer is very simple. "Yes Sir. You pay us first, to hell with your paninis."

And yet, every six months, there are reports about World Bank Quarterly Report, Zimbabwe Country Rapporteur, and the list goes on and on. They forget that the World Bank has the interests of the US investors first and would care less for the wellbeing of Africans. Our dunderheads, full of self-contempt, still go to them begging for advice.

The story of Chinese exploitation of Africa is a crying shame. The looting of African resources by Chinese companies is not a secret. A manager from Marange told me that I need not bother with my journey to Marange. However, if I mentioned his name, he said: "I will personally come over and kill you myself." Being a lexicographer, I was rather amused by his overuse of pronouns, "I, personally, myself," all of them referring to one person.

It is more important for these leaders to please their Chinese "friends" than to secure the welfare of their countrymen.

Joshua Nkomo once said that some things come late in life. "In my life, I have never been treated with such contempt as I was by Robert Mugabe."


My attention was drawn to the issue of bribes. To put the matter kindly, it is surprising that while Africans have all the resources they need, gold, diamonds and silver, they say that they are bribed by white people.

The case of Mobutu Sese Seko is a case in point. In an exchange of gifts, Mobutu gave former US vice-president Richard Nixon a diamond worth US$32 million.

The Washington Post, June 1988, noted that while Mobutu visited Disney World, accompanied by his wives and 93 hangers-on, he owed the World Bank US$3.5 million. The cost of his Disney visit was US$2 million. Further, Mobutu's wealth was estimated at
US$5 billion. If Mobutu had that kind of wealth, who on earth could bribe him? With what?

Raymond Baker, of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in his commercial biography in 1999 reported that he bought a Syrian-owned Nigerian import company whose books showed a five-year loss. After working for one year, he paid all his debts and had a handsome surplus. The modus operandi was over pricing imports, selling the goods in Nigeria and paying off the "debts" in the US. Baker says one of the two most revered receptors of "flight money" in the world is the US.

Baker's argument is that while Nigeria and African countries are renowned for corrupt financial dealings, surely the haven of first choice for corrupt money is the US and Switzerland. These two are not on the corrupt barometer.

The burning issue in today's intellectual circles is that our leaders are really not ours by any means. They are chosen for us by the colonisers.

South Africa is the best example of that.

The ruling families, which own South Africa are the Oppenheimers (Anglo-American Mining), Ruperts (Remgro-Financial), and the  Hofmeyrs (Naspers — food services, global). Particularly farsighted, Sir Harry and his son Nick Oppenheimer always kept their doors open to African aspirations. These families, while keeping below the radar, strategically adopted Nelson Mandela while in prison. They also groomed Cyril Ramaphosa, the secretary general of the Confederation of Trade Unions and a young lawyer and Patrice Motsepe.

Motsepe's history is interesting. Graduating from law school about 1994, when Mandela was released from prison, he was groomed by Bowman Attorneys as their first black partner. By 2008 he was the wealthiest black in South Africa worth US$2,6 billion. Secret files have revealed that Ramaphosa was "sponsored" even when he was leader of the trade unions, and lastly when he ran for the presidency.

Their brief is to make sure that blacks behave and avoid the trajectory of Zimbabwe's land programme. How the less than three  million whites came to possess 74% of the land mass is not debatable.

If blacks behave, and some of them are clever, like Motsepe, they will be embraced and rewarded.  They, like Mandela and Ramaphosa will become the spokespersons of the new South Africa.

The white agenda in South Africa is very sinister. Parastatals, due to nepotism, such as in South Africa Airways, will be sold to white capital at a song.

However, in their benevolence, South Africa has set aside a small pension scheme of blacks over 60 years of age, something like ZR150 per month (US$15).

Poor blacks, as mentioned above earlier, the think tanks encourage religious zeal to mollify  the poor.

Lastly, here is another shocker. Black thinkers (yours included) have no room to exercise their calling in their homelands. Those at home are wise to keep their peace, or they will find themselves in some jailhouse, or disappear like Itai Dzamara.

    Ken Mufuka is a Zimbabwean patriot. He writes form the US. His controversial award-winning book: Matters of Conscience (2002) has been republished. His books are available at Innov8 Bookshops in Zimbabwe and at in the wider world

Source - The Standard
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