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Who remembers Ben Kofi?

14 Oct 2021 at 18:10hrs | Views
Fabisch, Sunday Chidzambwa, Peter Ndhlovu, Benjani and Konjera. Not forgetting the mercurial Francis Shonhai, Kaitano Tembo and Dumisan Mpofu the defence bulwark of our Warriors of the glorious past.

Does anyone remember the prophetic words of the unceremoniously kicked away Ben Kofi, he said, as if under a spell, that even a coach from Mars would not take our national soccer team anywhere on the winners path. What is it with our soccer pursuits, more so when it comes to the supposedly pride of the nation, our national soccer team? We live in hope, hope that is slowly changing to hopelessness. Individualism is consuming our soccer. Alleged dubious contracts, using expired players who must take aspirin at halftime and nepotistic selection of who must do what.

Zimboz love soccer but real soccer has left us. Who shall save our football, who shall bring back our soccer? Why not vote to select who should play for the national team on international assignments? There was a time when the nation literally lived football, dreamt football and 'ate' soccer. It was a glorious moment that most would gladly embrace relieving the era. Today our soccer is a miserable shadow of its former self. Mediocre players, overrated talent and some national players overwhelmed with inflated ego and pomposity.

Selection of coaches is a crystal ball affair, some recycled and promoted to the point of incompetence and great disappointment to the nation.

Whither Zimbabwe. Let's all go back to the drawing board and revisit our soccer. Well who can blame the Black Stars for pulling the carpet from under our feet? Even a Martian would pack his bags and call it quits. Curse, misfortune or mere incompetence? I shall not speak. Soccer is a beautiful game, Pele would correctly opine. Mask up. Do not relax. 

Source - NewZimbabwe
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