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Violence in Masvingo makes Chamisa a hero

15 Oct 2021 at 17:41hrs | Views
The recent events in the Masvingo province against MDC-Alliance President Advocate Nelson Chamisa raised his bar graph very high. The MDC-A leader is in a meet the people whirlwind tour, meeting community and citizens leaders in the province which doubles also as his home province since he comes from Guru, in the former Victoria province.

Chamisa was attacked and had roads blocked by placard waving ZANU PF supporters, however, he managed to circumvent the chaos and continued with his scheduled meetings in Chivi, Ngundu and others places. This came at the expense of his car which was damaged and some members of entourage had to be hospitalized.

What the ruining party doesn't realise is that they are giving this"boy "so much credit that now he is very popular despite all the efforts to use the law to destroy his party. The officials in ZANU PF do not realise and fail to scheme against the leader of the country's largest opposition party despite recalls from Parliament and councils including grabbing party offices from the party, at the same time creating their own pliant, puppet.

Opposition. ZANU PF must use other methods to oppose Chamisa because of violence is seen all over Africa and the world over creating more friends for the opposition leader, as seen now Zimbabweans in the diaspora are raising funds to buy an all-terrain armoured car to safe him and his entourage. When leaders drive bulletproof cars it shows the country is not a safe place very soon well-wishers will deliver him with a car, making him a world-class African leader. sympathy will follow him where ever he goes and what he does.

The hired crowds do not see all this because they want food, beer and wads of the useless, valueless dollars which won't buy them anything helpful. People must grow up to learn not to be used by the ruling elite because the elite use their illegal gained monies to hired crowds who are usually the youth and women to brandish placards written about Western sanctions not realising that by blocking Chamisa they are inviting for more sanctions for undermining democracy.

These supporters must not use their poverty which is caused by the elite rulers to be used as tools to gain votes for fake revolutionary party.

The liberation of the country was a collective patriotic act bit now very few are claiming to be the custodians of the struggle for independence. The masses must learn to unite to liberate themselves instead of bandaging a wounded serpent.

ZANU PF keeps on shooting itself in the foot by being a violent, murderous, vote-rigging, incompetent corrupt party henceforth catapulting Nelson Chamisa to un precedent heights.

Phosiwe Ncube.

Source - Phosiwe Ncube
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