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Mnangagwa's ignorance on economics: Mthuli Ncube his best Boss ever

15 Oct 2021 at 17:45hrs | Views
Even Mnangagwa's law degree is questioned by many. If Mnangagwa had a slender idea how the economy works, they would never launder money to Chinese banks in billions of dollars. He would know that kissing goodbye billions of national revenues illicitly swindled out of the country means death to the economy. Finance Minister Mthuli put it marvellously clear to us that he has the best boss ever with Mnangagwa, an ignorant boss can only be the best one who lets him do what he wants in his finance portfolio. Mnangagwa has no knowledge about financial synergies, he does not understand anything. Even the currency expert Steve Hanke who lives thousand miles away from Zimbabwe realizes the ignorance and stupidity in a junta president.

Mthuli Ncube said the truth about his boss. However, Steve Hanke's statement implicates Ncube inadvertently. Mnangagwa needed Mthuli Ncube because he thought he had finance and banking knowledge in abundance. Mthuli Ncube was overly celebrated for what he is not: His CV is glorified with professional experience in best institutions of the world. Why is a qualified finance expert dismally failing to service a government with a 15 million population? Can Mthuli Ncube tell us what he was teaching in London School of Economic: the one who introduced a Zim dollar when he was given a finance post. Why has Zim dollar depreciated to about 95% within two years: busy bootlicking Mnangagwa for giving him space to mess up with an economy already messed up?

It would appear Tendai Biti did an expert job during his brief tenure as finance minister than Ncube. Biti, to his credit, a lawyer by profession turned around the failed economy in one year, reversing a mess that Giedion Gono made in 12 years as governor of the Reserve bank. Biti had at least poverty friendly policies, a brave man who openly challenged Mugabe that the diamond revenues were not reaching the national treasury.

Mthuli, in his boot licking frenzy fears to say to President Mnangagwa what Biti was able to do to President Mugabe. Mthuli Ncube, an academic Ncube fears but Ncube knows well that Mnangagwa is unable to see and locate grave mistakes he makes, does not understand synergies related to financial cash flows. Such a boss, in isiNdebele we say, impumputhe but he is very good in eliminating his foes, very cruel with murderous intents is his mind to those he perceives as dangerous to his throne. We want our son Itai Dzamara back dead or alive.

Hanke says, to punish businesses that used black market rates will mark the death of the Zimbabwe's economy. If Ncube is not careful, he will leave this country unceremoniously without a farewell party. It is the economy that will trigger what is already taking place in neighbouring South Africa and Eswatini. The police and army are already sounding bells of hunger and general discontentment. They see their superiors living large and the juniors are subjected to abject poverty the general populace is suffering from. The salaries of teachers and nurses are pittances, salaries that a domestic worker in South Africa gets in a month. Hokoyo Shem!

The billions of dollars that were swindled from the national revenues will never be recovered this is what a brave fiancé minister should tell his best boss Mnangagwa. African rulers do not learn, if at all they should have learnt from Mobutu Sese Seko. He swindled Congo an amount of 5 billion US dollars. This money today does not even belong to Mobutu's children but to Banks that got these money transaction and then after, they set up stringent banking rules and transactions to make it impossible from future governments to recover the looted revenues.

This is the point where we see the stupidity of an African. When we say Africans are stupid and ignorant, we are told we hate ourselves. To boot-lick stupidity is to be a true African. Eddy Cross realized how he can deal with African leaders to his benefit and profit. He wrote a book that praised Mnangagwa from everything wrong to be everything right, overlooking the genocide atrocities: fronted by Mnangagwa in Matabeleland where Eddy Cross lives. He is not different from Jonathan Moyo who served Mugabe as long his stomach was served, a Mugabe who murdered his father uBaba uMlevu. Many things do not add up to full total in our societies.

When Eddy Cross realized that MDC is a dead donkey, he jumped ship and is now singing Mnangagwa's praises. Eddy Cross openly says that he is up for his purse, his family. Cross is thinking ahead at 80 years; making money for his children and his grand and grand-great-children. Eddy Cross cares less about Africans, let alone the African future generations. It is looting time and he is taking advantage of ignorance and stupidity of Mnangagwa. Eddy Cross knows this how African leaders love praise!

 It is a joke to think a primitive General Chiwenga who failed every examination in the military can be part of a good functional government. He is also another one just like Grace Mugabe rumoured to have had his doctorate written for him. I will be excused if I said Mthuli Ncube is making hay while the sun shines. Mthuli Ncube knows this government can collapse anytime it is a question of when that will happen.
The junior army soldiers have suddenly realized the misery of life they live in; instead of the government addressing their pertinent demands, they are sent for correctional discipline in Victoria Falls. There is crudeness of life in our government. He junior olice are saying there is no salt in our food. Instead of taking their grievances seriously, they are suspended from duty; it is as if the ruling elite is saying: "can you please shut up, we are eating on your behalf". It confuses to realize how Africans known for their noble philosophy of Ubuntu can be insensitive to pain and sufferings of the masses they purport to govern. Ubuntu is wholly absent in African lives.

Those living in the bubble: you are warned about the winds of change. You will not suppress the will of the people forever. Our revolution will be violent. Pain and endurance has reached unacceptable proportions. No one in the ruling elite will be spared. We cannot go on as if we do not see how our revenues are misused by Mthuli Ncube uttering rubbish and praise singing a man who murdered his people in Matabeleland.

He should never think we admire his position: Mthuli Ncube sunk low to get a finance position. He is supposed to be ashamed to have preferred fame more than to reflect and remember people who were massacred cold blood during the geocide period by his best boss, Mnangagwa: how insensitive can he still be. An academic professor without a conscience to lean on. The collapse of the Zim dollar and the destruction of the economy under Mthuli will be his undoing and is responsible. Just like Mnangagwa, Mthuli Ncube will not be spared.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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