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Chamisa's Life is in danger

16 Oct 2021 at 17:31hrs | Views
About 200 ZANU-PF sponsored youth and women were baying for Chamisa and his team's blood on their way to meet the people of Masvingo community in chief Charumbira area yes 10/10/2021.

The same ZANU-PF yesterday, today and forever who preaches the gospel of tranquillity, peace and harmony when behind scenes it is treating its opposition leaders like chuff and ramble. The same ZANU-PF which thinks it's supernatural and equals itself to God has sent and mobilised its vicious dogs which barred Chamisa from reaching Chief Charumbira area . They stonned the motorcade with Chamisa and his team, women were chanting slogans and carrying placards denouncing Chamisa and blaming him for the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.

The hooligan turned and poverty stricken mob which only want nothing better than to please their savage masters. They went on to stone the motorcade,cars,and barricaded roads with burning logs, assaulted members of Chamisa's team leaving some hospitalized. The incident is not going down well in the Chamisa camp and ZANU might brace up by further violent attacks. The young and energetic are now seeking for instant justice in both camps. The much awaited dialogue between the two warring parties MDCA and ZANU-PF is null and void. Chamisa resorted to bush paths to reach Masvingo town to save his dear life.

An uprising is eminent anytime if ED does not address or treat his opponents with equal respect .Its high time ZANU pf  is stopped from spilling more blood as we head towards elections. Their plan to instill fear to voters will not work this time as the youth have learnt valuable lessons from next door in Zambia. It is high time for Zimbabweans to come together and castigate the state-sponsored violence and fight back peacefully or otherwise. ZANU should be shown the red card. Let's fight fire with fire. Wake up Zimbabweans. An injury to one is an injury to all.  They won't kill and it is better to die facing the enemy than cowering like cowards. ZANU is now a toothless dog whose bark is worse than his bite.

Chamisa was attacked again and chased by security agents in Triangle and Chiredzi on 13/10/2021. A silver Nissan Caravan AFG 9047and 3 Nissan 200s without numbers plates were used to chase him to Triangle via the sugar plantation to Chiredzi. He was circled by hooligans at a place he is temporarily taken refugee. Youth are currently being mobilised for security reinforcement and to rescue him as the people who are trailing Chamisa's convoy identified themselves as the state security and intelligence agents. As Zimbabweans we unreservedly and unequivocal condemning the barbaric attack on Chamisa's team in Masvingo, Triangle and Chiredzi. At 41 years of age, zimbabwe should have become a mature democracy. multy party democracy is guaranteed in the national constitution. Political maturity, tolerance, and soberness is a cardinal virtue for civilised countries and Zimbabwean must not be an exception. We certainly can never develop in a brutal anarchic and thuggery-riddled country of the Machiavellian and Hobbesian nature. Hopefully, ZANU would reign in its thugs and thuggish DNA in order to give the country a more humane face and protect our democracy and liberation legacy. All the energy wasted in violence and thuggery must be channelled towards sustainable development and improvement of the livelihoods of Zimbabweans in order to fulfill our liberation legacy.

Instead of being ashamed after being caught pants down in violent acts, ZANU has the audacity to say Chamisa stage-managed this for a publicity stunt and created this environment to attract audience from the UN envoy coming to assess the lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe.

As Zimbabweans, we reiterate our long held view that violence has no traction and our commitment to remove ZANU through the ballot box. No amount of force and brutality can stop an idea whose time has come. The winds of real change in Zimbabwe are irresistible and we urge our grassroot supporters to democratically budget for resistance to ZANU in order to complete the the change.

Democracy entails fair competition of political parties, levelling of political playing ground and service delivery as opposed to violence with state impunity.

Enough is enough
#Ngaende ED
#Kahambe uED

Nobukhosi Moyo is a human rights activist writing in her personal capacity.

Source - Nobukhosi Moyo
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