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Chamisa needs our support now

16 Oct 2021 at 21:26hrs | Views
I am not a member of MDC-Alliance. However, I will defend Chamisa with all my might. I consider Chamisa as my son and therefore he needs my support now.

Chamisa is savagely attached on his way to his village by hooligans who were fed with one day's meal: the Zanu police looked on as if they were seeing a movie: We read Zanu officials are attacked by the police and Mnangagwa reacts: He expels the top cop instantly: does it mean now its justice for Zanu PF and injustice for the opposition MDC? This action can only be found in a banana republic. Zanu is bankrupt morally and politically. It is now obvious to us they want to eliminate him: they fear the coming 2023 elections, Zanu wants Chamisa out of their way before 2023.

You cannot treat our children as if they are disposables. This message goes to Mnangagwa in person. You have failed dismally to rule this country. You do not have leadership qualities together with your deputy Chiwenga. The army and police you trust are gradually seeing the light. It won't be long you will be running for cover. You are so bankrupt no humanness? This boy Chamisa could be your son, why treat him like an animal? Is the fear to lose election so high to the extent of organizing hooligans to confront a young boy who could be your son by African standards. I cannot appeal for Ubuntu to Mnangagwa because he does not have.

As a matter of fact you never won those elections in 2018. You fear many eventualities that can happen in the coming elections. Shooting down innocent citizens will not reinstate you as president, come hell and sunshine. You know that 95% of the population are against you as leader of this nation. You are indeed a military junta. You can call a latrine by any name, but the contents will be the same: Sh*t: We have been subjected to this for 41 years. We are tired of Zanu and its corrupt regime. We wish you could leave as early as yesterday. We are fed-up the people want change.

The manner you treat Chamisa makes us believe we should now rally behind him so that he wins elections. The least I want is to have Chamisa murdered in the way Itai Dzamara was eliminated. You will not last long va Mnangagwa. You will leave the political arena in a much worse situation than your mentor Robert Mugabe. If you had a conscience, you would have left politics: your hands are full of blood. You have murdered thousands of citizens, you have been murdering since independence; deaths at your behest do not worry your conscience.

Hamunyare here to bring to book police who savagely beat Zanu PF officials, but you take no notice of how Chamisa was savagely treated by state-sponsored hooligans given a food for the day by Zanu to obstruct justice? It has always been the Zanu pf modus operandi to turn around and accuse MDC-Alliance for staging riots. You do not even respect the fact that this boy was going to his home village. Are you saying Nelson Chamisa has no right to visit his village Chirumanzu? It is not dawning on us now to realize that we are at the mercy of a cruel regime; we are pained to realize that the monster is now devouring its own children.

Nelson Chamisa needs our support. We cannot sit and watch: our Itai Dzamara is not with us today. We cannot have it; continue to be eliminating our children, we shall talk and tell it that our government is cruel to citizens: a government full of thugs, murderous and criminals who have blood on their hands. I am not writing this article to shock you va Mnangagwa: you are beyond every dirt one can think of. We are writing this so that the UN official coming will read them and inform him/herself about an unscrupulous leadership that feeds on the blood of its citizens.

We say shame and disgrace to those who were given a day's meal to cause chaos and destruction at Chamisa's entourage. Looking at the hooligans that destroyed Chamisa's car, they were poorly dressed and showing signs of malnutrition. They are used by Zanu pf to cause chaos threatening innocent lives of those who were with Chamisa. We citizens must stop being used by politicians in this manner. Let us use our brains and not the stomach. It will not take us anywhere to be given a bottle of beer to cause chaos. Are we not educated enough to say no: we want a good functional government and not criminal and thuggery intentions?

There is poverty smelling both in rural and cities caused by a failed government of Zanu pf and people should have realized long back who is the enemy. There are no sanctions for the poor but for the elite who want to borrow money and loot all of it afterwards. We have a very irresponsible government that will leave generations in dire poverty and debt. Sanctions are good because we are currently not accruing debt: citizens should understand this. We must demand the loot stashed in foreign banks. There are diamond revenues in billions in foreign banks and the government is doing nothing to improve basic services: our rights as citizens.

In Masvingo and many rural settings there is poverty smelling. It defeats the mind to see people being bamboozled by Zanu, given one bread to demonstrate: did the hooligans think about bread the next day? Is Zanu there for them to give bread the next day? We pride with Zimbabwe having the highest literacy in Africa. Please let us use our brains dear citizens.

At this hour of the struggle to remove Zanu, we must regroup. We want Zanu pf regime gone as early as yesterday. Let us remove them and we shall sort ourselves out when Zanu is no longer in power. Zanu knows, if they rigged elections in 2023, the people would revolt: The situation will be unstoppable; southern Africa is fragile. Zanu pf will not manage to get away with the plebiscite this time around. The people will not have it, already there is precedence in Eswatini and South Africa. The police and the army will be on the side of the people. They will never support Zanu, they are starving just like all of us. The winds of change are blowing across SADC and not even General Chiwenga will stop the will of the people. The bubble will burst. What happened to Mugabe will happen to Mnangagwa too and it will be painful.

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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